Prevention of varicose veins

Prevention of varicose veins in the legs

About 90% of women suffer from varicose veins. Moreover, this unpleasant disease manifests itself at any age. What is not surprising, because its causes are most often: genetic predisposition, unhealthy diet, hormonal fluctuations and a sedentary lifestyle.

Especially often in the beautiful half of humanity the disease makes itself felt during pregnancy. Because a woman noticeably gains weight, she begins to increase hormones in the body and there is a big load on the legs. Therefore, all future moms and not only recommended to carry out preventive measures that can reduce the painful symptoms and the rapid development of varicose veins.

Who needs varicose vein prevention?

Unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the legs, tingling and discomfort after a long walk, the first signs of varicose veins.

But the greatest danger is not the symptoms of the disease themselves,and its consequences. Indeed, during the development of deformities of the veins, the blood flow through them is disturbed. And as a result, blood clots can form. To prevent this and not to start only the disease that has begun, it is recommended that the following groups of people should regularly engage in the prevention of varicose veins:

  • during sedentary work or sedentary lifestyle;
  • women during pregnancy;
  • with the manifestation of the primary signs of varicose veins;
  • athletes leading a very active lifestyle;
  • people after injuries of limbs and sprains.

Proper nutrition

Preventing varicose veins in the legs with nutritionOne of the most important sources of microelements and vitamins is our diet. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels, doctors advise to use daily such products as:

  1. seafood;
  2. fresh olive oil;
  3. decoctions and juices from fruits and berries improves metabolism and have a large number of antioxidants and vitamin C;
  4. legumes. They are simply necessary to prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques in the vessels and to maintain the connective tissue tone;
  5. greens and various types of salad from fresh vegetables.All these products are rich in the necessary amount of vitamin to strengthen the walls of arteries and veins.

But the mere inclusion in the diet of these products is not enough for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins. In order not to aggravate the condition, it is also important to follow a diet and not to abuse too much fatty foods, high amounts of salt, smoked meats and spices, as well as to give up alcohol. Instead of a large consumption of meat, it is better to opt for salads from fresh vegetables and greens, fish, liver, and a side dish of beans, chickpeas or lentils. And such daily use drinks as coffee and tea are replaced by a compote of berries or rosehip or hawthorn. Thanks to this diet, the body is cleansed of numerous toxins and slags, as well as the formation of blood clots is prevented and the condition of the vessel walls is improved, and their elasticity is increased.

Physical exercises

what is varicose veinsStrong physical activity for people suffering from varicose veins is just as dangerous as its complete absence. Therefore, it is necessary in each individual case to select exercises for yourself so that they are not too heavy for the body and your legs, but at the same time, sports activities support the necessary physical activity.After all, in motion, our blood accelerates through the arteries and prevents stagnation. The best sports for maintaining healthy veins are:

  • Water aerobics. Its undoubted advantages are movements in the water. In the course of which the tone of the limbs is removed, and there is a light load on the muscles. Water gives us a feeling of weightlessness and allows you to completely remove the pain symptoms in the legs. After all, even lying on the bed can not achieve the same effect.
  • Walking. A leisurely walk in the park or walking through the stadium strengthens the leg muscles and prevents the vessels and veins from deforming and stretching.
  • Yoga. The absence of large loads and not sudden lifting of the legs, combined with general gymnastics and stretching, have a beneficial effect on the entire body and on the venous outflow of blood in particular.
  • Pilates. Smooth movements and breathing exercises are the main principles of such exercises. They relieve the legs and help improve circulation in the limbs.
  • Gymnastics for legs. Therapeutic and prophylactic types of exercise from varicose veins, there are so many. Simple exercises with lifting and swinging legs are easy to do, even at home.

Gymnastics from varicose veins


example of gymnastics with varicose veins

A few examples of a simple complex for home exercises are presented in the video.

These types of physical exertion are allowed even with the onset of varicose veins, but it is better to refuse long-distance running, step aerobics and weight lifting.

Drug treatment

treatment of varicose veins ointmentWhen the disease has moved to the second stage with severe external signs and internal discomfort in the legs, you should immediately consult a doctor. Phlebologists are engaged in a similar type of illness. They examine the patient for the severity of the disease, and, on this basis, prescribe medication drugs that can relieve painful symptoms. Most often it is:

  • Venotics (improve blood flow, reduce swelling and relieve pain).
  • Blood-thinning drugs (prevent the formation of blood clots due to blood thinning).
  • Painkillers and anti-inflammatory.

These drugs are prescribed in combination with ointments and gels that need to be applied locally on the affected areas of the legs with asterisks, broken capillaries and the places where pain syndromes are most pronounced.The most famous of them are hepparin ointment, troksevazin, leoton, etc. They are well remove the tone, swelling and struggle with the formation of blood clots.

Thus, if you start treating the disease at the time and do not start it, your legs will always remain beautiful and healthy. The main thing is not to forget about the methods of prevention, even if visually there are no signs of varicose veins. They are useful for everyone, especially for women.

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