Pregnancy calendar in the years 2018-2019

You are dreaming about a child - the pregnancy calendar will help you plan your conception in 2018-2019, and choose the most favorable period so that a boy or girl is born.

For many centuries, women perceived pregnancy as a gift from above, without trying to influence the course of events in any way. But many centuries ago, scientists wondered what affected the sex of a future baby and whether it was possible to predict the birth of a couple of boys or girls. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular systems for predicting the sex of the future child.

How to determine the sex of the future baby in the 2018-2019 year

Chinese conception calendar

This method of forecasting was developed by Chinese sages more than 200 years ago specifically for the imperial family. As in many other countries, the question of the birth of an heir in the family of the ruling emperor was incredibly important, so they approached the conception of a future ruler in China very seriously, calculating favorable days that promise a male child and unfavorable, in which a couple could conceive a girl with high probability.Of course, today all days are good for future parents, because someone dreams of a little restless, and someone about a little princess.

An interesting fact is that to determine the sex of the future, crumbs used a table that took into account only the age of the woman and the month of conception of the baby. Nevertheless, many couples claim that the Chinese pregnancy calendar is working and is quite relevant for 2018-2019.

Chinese conception calendar

Important! Consider that the table shows the month of conception, and not the birth of a child, because in China, the age of a person is counted exactly from the moment of his conception.

It is worth noting that today the Chinese are prohibited by law to determine the sex of the unborn child and many families actually use the conception calendar for family planning.

Folk family planning methods

Attention! This calendar will not help to plan pregnancy for couples, if a woman before 2019 was given a blood transfusion, as well as to those who have had a disease (including the hematopoietic system) or surgical interventions.

It is also difficult to predict the sex of babies whose conception occurred in the first and last days of the month.

Japanese pregnancy calendar

The problem of the conception of the heir has long been acute in Japanese families. Successful and rich people really wanted to know in advance who would be born in the family, a boy or a girl, and for this they developed their own calendar of pregnancy, which had survived until 2018-2019.

Unlike the Chinese method, the Japanese determine the sex of the baby, taking into account the date of birth of each of the partners. The calculation system is more complex and based on the use of two interrelated tables.

Step 1

Knowing the month of birth of a man and a woman, determine the number standing at the intersection of the corresponding column and row in table No. 1.

Japanese baby gender calendar

Step 2

In Table 2, select the row with the same number and move along it until it intersects with the month of conception of the baby. If you get a blue-colored cell at the intersection, there will be a boy; if pink, there will be a girl!

Japanese calendar gender child in 2019

If you already have a child, we suggest that you check the accuracy of this method and take part in our anonymous survey. Let's see if the ancient methods are not wrong. This will help young couples make a decision. Should we hope for the Eastern calendar of pregnancy in 2019 in the hope of “ordering” that a boy or girl would be born?

Lunar Conception Calendar

Not only the gender of the baby, but his future character can be predicted even before the moment of birth. So, astrologers claim that the temperament of a person and his personal qualities are affected. In what phase was the moon at the time of its conception.

Phase of the moonCharacter
Full moon Overly emotional, aggressive, touchy.
New moon Vulnerable and defenseless, with weak will.
Waxing Crescent Able to empathize, but possessing a keen sense of justice.
Waning moon Bright, talented, but not having the flexibility to resolve conflict issues.

The lunar calendar conception for 2018-2019 year

According to the Ba Zi natal chart, children born in 2018 will receive fate depending on the month of conception and birth:

March 2018 December 2018 Difficult fate, if not in time to send in the right direction.
April 2018 January 2019 There may be difficulties in communicating with relatives.
May 2018 February 2019 Kind, friendly and sentimental, but their destiny is to live away from home.
June 2018 March 2019 In a natural pregnancy, success (possibly a high post). IVF is not recommended.
July 2018 April 2019 With natural pregnancy - pain. IVF is not recommended.
August 2018 May 2019 Active and restless.
September 2018 June 2019 Capable, will learn well and will be able to succeed in life.
October 2018 July 2019 Talented, but closed and too shy.
November 2018 August 2019 Obedient, living in harmony with the family. But in childhood they will need more attention, because they can get into difficult situations.
December 2018 September 2019 Strong, independent, able with perseverance to achieve the goal.
January 2019 October 2019 Independent and smart, capable of learning and knowing what they want from life.

Science opinion

Doctors of Russian and European do not see anything wrong with the fact that future parents use the pregnancy calendar when conceiving a baby in 2018-2019. But. only if the issue of the sex of the child is not related to health and genetic diseases. In those rare cases when there is a risk of having a baby with a certain pathology, it is unacceptable to play such a roulette, because the effectiveness of these methods has not been proved by modern science.

How to predict the sex of the child

Unfortunately, today there is no 100% effective, safe and painless method for predicting the sex of a future baby.Create "by request" boy or girl, can only in the process of artificial insemination.

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