Polyurethane sealants. Their properties

Polyurethane sealant has a high strength and elasticity of the seam. The seam retains its properties for a long time. The basis of polyurethane provides such adhesives with good adhesion (ability to adhere) to various construction materials, including concrete, stone, ceramics, metal, plastic and even wood.

The seams made with polyurethane sealant withstand various mechanical effects, are resistant to moisture, alkalis and weak acids. Due to this, polyurethane sealants can be used to seal roofing joints, joint assemblies of virtually any composite construction, roofing joints, etc. Shelf life of sealants based on polyurethane is a year or more. However, already opened sealant packaging should be used immediately.

The method of using a sealant is simple: they must be applied to a clean, dry surface directly from the packaging or using a special gun.Do not forget to use protective equipment during work - gloves, respirator, etc. After complete drying, you can apply plaster and paint on the seam.

Properties of silicone sealants. Consider the properties of silicone sealants. Their main advantage is considered to be durability, silicone seams serve more than 40 years. The basis of silicone provides such sealants with good adhesion (sticking ability) to various materials, including glass, ceramics, metal, wood. Silicone sealants are used for both exterior and interior applications, since the silicone polymer, which is based on them, has good water-repellent properties, it is not afraid of the effects of precipitation and temperature changes. But it should be noted that the silicone seam after drying can not be painted or pour another layer of sealant. Not one material sticks to it. It saves the fact that the sealant can be purchased in various colors. Remove the dried sealant can be a special solution.

Silicone sealants are acid cured (acetic) or neutral. Acetic is cheaper because they oxidize the metal and are not suitable for all materials.Neutral sealants do not have this disadvantage and are freely applied on a wide variety of materials. Silicone-based sealants have a shelf life of a year or more.

Properties of acrylic sealant. The basis for acrylic sealant are, as the name implies, acrylic polymers. They have low cost and easy to use. Their main property is good adhesion (sticking ability) in relation to bases with a mineral base - to brick, plaster, concrete, wood. However, the seam as a result of inelasticity, therefore, should be applied acrylic sealant only in those places that will not be subjected to further deformation (window sills, walls, ceiling, floor, window frames and doorways). Acrylic sealants are two types.

Moisture-resistant sealants can be used for exterior work, as well as for repairs in the kitchen and bathroom. Non-water resistant sealants are used only in dry rooms. The method of using a sealant is simple: they must be applied to a clean, dry surface directly from the packaging or using a special gun.It is very convenient that the uncured sealant is easily washed off with water, and hardened easily cut off. 15 minutes after application, the acrylic primer forms a film. Finally it dries in a day. Hermetic seam does not soak in water, resistant to ultraviolet rays. After complete drying, it can be applied plaster and paint.

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