Polymer clay pendant

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From this master class you will learn how to make a spectacular, but at the same time very simple pendant made of polymer clay with your own hands. Such decoration can be made literally in a few minutes. At the same time, it will turn out so beautiful and original that it will not yield to the current purchased versions.

clay pendants

From afar, this cute polymer clay craft will look like an old silver pendant with beautiful semi-precious stones. In fact, this will be only an optical illusion - the pendant consists of only one material.

The technique of making a pendant with your own hands is quite simple, and therefore this master class will suit those who have never worked with polymer clay before. However, experienced craftsmen can learn something for themselves. The technique used in this lesson is useful for making other decorations. This interesting volume pattern can be added to bracelets, rings and even interior objects.

What do we need?

  • primary polymer clay
  • contrasting clay
  • shaybochka
  • drawing knife or thick needle
  • lace
  • acrylic paints

How to make a pendant?

First you need to take the polymer clay of the primary color, roll it into a ball, and then roll it into a layer with a width of no more than half a centimeter. Cut a circle with a glass or a cup. In the center with a knife or needle draw concentric circles at a distance from each other.

Next, take a clip and unbend it so that the widest part remains working. With a paperclip we make something like petals on a circle. Above we are passing another layer. Add a pattern with a needle, as shown in the photo.

polymer clay crafts

With the help of a special knife or an empty ballpoint pen, we will make a pendant in the future. Some of them we leave hollow, and some - in place. Add another layer of the picture.

We take the clay of a contrasting color, roll it into a thin layer and with the help of a washer cut out several equal parts. Each of them need to roll into a small ball.

work with polymer clay

Balls we insert into those circles, which were previously prepared on the basis of our crafts from polymer clay. Do not forget to make a solid hole on the workpiece, so that later you can push the cord into it.

We paint the pendant with acrylic paint, avoiding color blotches.This needs to be done now, since we will carry the pendant on the reverse side, and the paint will beautifully spread to it from the inside — it will age it artificially.

polymer clay crafts

Next we send the pendant to bake. Keep as much as indicated in the instructions for your polymer clay. It is difficult to say the exact time, since clay from different manufacturers bakes differently. Bake painted side up.


Our pendant is ready! We can varnish it or leave it as it is. It remains only to place the pendant on the lace and add some nice beads to make the pendant look even more beautiful. By the way, it makes sense to roll beads made of polymer clay of the same color as the blotches on the pendant.

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