Poems on World AIDS Day

Good day! AIDS is the newest, but the fastest-spreading, deadly disease of modern humanity. They spoke about acquired immunodeficiency syndrome only in the early 80s of the last century. A terrible, but still completely unknown diagnosis was made on June 5, 1985 in the USA. Seven years later, when the disease assumed truly awesome proportions, spreading across all countries and continents, they decided to talk about the terrible syndrome on a global scale.

All over the world on this day people talk about AIDS, about the threat that a global epidemic poses to the existence of mankind. You can remember and mourn those who have already died or are fatally sick, you can talk about the scale of the tragedy and that only the plague of the XX and now of the XXI century threatens the existence of humanity ...

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Congratulations on World AIDS Day in verse

Remember, people, about a terrible disease -
Living in this world is always more interesting!
Appreciate yourself, and all those who are near,
Do not hurt yourself and your relatives “projectile”.

Who needs help - save quickly
May this world become both kinder and lighter ...
You extend a hand of good: to each other,
Relatives and friends, do not hide from fright!

Today the world has declared war
Diseases of the one that horrifies everyone,
The one from which there is no medicine
Which wanders around the world.

We need unity, faith and good,
To defeat a terrible virus,
So that AIDS forever retreated,
Our planet to leave!

If you read these lines now suddenly,
Please, take care of yourself, my friend!
Let surprises our life is full
And she gives us different surprises,
But there is no doubt that you know in advance
What saved only God will save!
But evil does not sleep, as you know, and does not sleep,
And next to us, unfortunately, always AIDS!
I ask you, as you can, protect yourself
But do not let AIDS into the hands!

AIDS is not a sentence, but a test
To clear the rest of the mind:
In order not to get sick and not suffer,
It is often necessary to include the head!

But sick and innocent too,
No health is more expensive
We will continue to live with optimism,
To aids damn win!

Let us hope and believe
We try to trust our life to God
And we will ask the Lord for a miracle
To give the world a long time to live!

Let the day to combat the hated AIDS
Become a heart of compassion open.
Who is sick, only sympathy will be met,
They need it all more in the world.

Let him overcome this evil plague.
People may not be able to immediately.
In the best believe we still become
Together to fight forever we will not get tired!

Avoid as much as
Disorderly love
And decent communication
You set yourself
And then it will not be terrible
No terrible aids
Let your big conscience
On this day, sleep peacefully!

To fight aids
The whole world rises a wall
Today the tape is red
Joke we are with you.

Attention, care
Support those who are sick,
People are stronger than AIDS mows,
What each of the military.

Let him pass you by
Side trouble
Disappear on the planet
AIDS let forever

AIDS is the plague of the twenty-first century
Unfortunately, he does not spare the man!
Because we need to be careful
So that inadvertently your life does not ruin!

Be happy, people, night and day,
But I beg of you, always remember him,
I wish you with a smile to go the way of life
Not regretting not returning back!

AIDS is a disaster for people
We must fight it
After all, how many deaths from it,
As from ruthless war!

Please protect yourself
In order for you not to overcome HIV:
Drugs do not take
Do not do vile deeds!

Changing lovers is dangerous
Do not let HIV come to you!
Let your life be beautiful
Without tears and bitterness in fate!

The plague throughout the land went into revelry
And do not spare, sweeping away people on the way ...
And everyone who did not speak of her,
Today is a sad holiday celebrate!

World AIDS Day,
As a sign that everyone is in danger!
And if you do not want to become disabled,
Then stand for sex safety!

Promote the purity of coitus!
Be not subject to passionate temptations!
Then there will be no sad events.
And AIDS will not be so dangerous for you!

AIDS does not spare anyone
Who exposes his life to illness!
It can deprive you of everything in a moment!
And once the trouble has come, it will not disappear!

World AIDS Day we
Must mark out loud, inspired!
To save the healthy from the plague
And take charm from life without fail!

Beware of AIDS every day!
For life and health - you are responsible!
Let at the appointed hour will not be lazy
For dangerous sex only "NO" answer!

World HIV Day Poems

Trouble came and more every day
Take away trying the lives of our dwarfs,
It burns inside us with fire!
And the new victim yearns for sure!

World AIDS Day us
Appointed as a reason to wake up instantly!
Spite of a terrible disease and enemies
On the sides, look back seriously!

To save health, your life!
To tell all those who were wrong,
What AIDS does not sleep! He is back in the ranks!
And you do not get infected try!

It is a holiday today. Whole huge world
Celebrate AIDS Day scary!
No reason to start a crazy feast, -
Ministry of Health will not warn twice!

Health very cherish!
Try to keep it forever!
Keep your contraceptives with you!
Do not be careless about sex!

Watch out for fatal connections
And carefully choose a partner!
Then stay among the living!
And if not - then waiting for great sorrow!

AIDS does not spare anyone today
Who, in disorderly surrender,
Health not sparing its,
Without contraception with others enjoying

I forgot about security at all
And, the sentence now has doctors ...
We dedicate this holiday to
Who can not live without AIDS now!

World Day to combat dashing disease!
With the plague of the century - terrible AIDS now
Congratulate each other without embarrassment!
To wish not to become a plague prey!

There are millions of them in the world, on earth ...
All those with a terrible virus are vulnerable.
They are as we are,
But we are afraid of living with them!

The whole world is ready to say today
That AIDS Day is a reason
So that life, health, value your age,
To not become a life outcast!

Appreciate life every bright moment!
Be careful, be careful!
So that you a severe illness not overtook -
Make sex safe possible!

SMS Happy AIDS Day

World Aids Day Fight
I wish you pure love
Health rich to be you.
In the life of all the best. Congratulations!

World AIDS Day World
I wish you good health
Strong and strong was you
And was careful with love.
I wish hospital beds do not know
To be always alert,
Embrace you let grace
Throwing back the coquetry of embarrassment.

World AIDS Day Aids
How to note
So that the view then sports
All my life to have.

Red tape
To show the world
What good do we believe
And no need to retreat,

On this day to fight AIDS
We remind everyone - we will
With the most formidable, bold look
Get rid of the plague!

Avoid as much as
Disorderly love
And decent communication
You set yourself
And then it will not be terrible
No terrible aids
Let your big conscience
On this day, sleep peacefully!

Celebrate the world
Tapes are red for everyone
Intolerance is a sin.

Who understands the problem
She is heavy - he knows.
This day is a reminder
Avoid misunderstanding.

A drop of blood on the needle -
Many bodies already in the ground
He does not spare anyone
The horror called AIDS!
Nowhere and never
Do not touch you trouble:
In neat connections be
Forget about drugs!

It's time for us to fight AIDS
Ailment let this retreat,
And let the carriers of the disease
Other people do not infect
This day we will remind the world
What we need to protect health
Let everyone fight AIDS
We will solve this problem!

Worldwide Aids Day
I want to call you all
Against a terrible disease
Powerful wall stand up.

Lend hope hand
Those who fight for life.
Make a small gift -
You just smile to them.

World AIDS Day
Not just a day on the calendar,
Twitter is all about the disease,
AIDS is in the center and in the village.

We wish to pay attention
Be careful about everything
And if a close one is sick,
Take care of him.

World AIDS Day
May the joy of life bring,
And happy let happiness view
And never the other way around.
Love to you, bliss, miracle
And joy to the whole fate,
Health true dish
I wish you alone.

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