Planting raspberry spring seedlings.

If there is no raspberry cake at the dacha, then one day the question arises about when to plant raspberries - in spring or autumn? Experts disagree. Someone recommends that work be done in the fall so that the seedlings have time to take root. Their opponents remember the situation when the frosty weather is delayed, and the plants begin to give young shoots. In this case, many seedlings may die. However, if the planting of raspberries in spring with seedlings will be done with a closed root system and in the second half of May or even early summer, then your plantings will take root well and get stronger in the summer.

When to plant raspberry seedlings?

In areas where there is confidence in weather conditions, it is better to start planting raspberries in the spring. If it is decided to dwell on the springtime, then additional questions arise: “When to plant raspberries in spring? In what month?"

Successful is the time from mid-April to May. However, the weather should be wet. If a dry period is expected immediately after planting raspberry seedlings, then it is better not to buy it and postpone it until autumn.

An important condition is the moment of swelling of the kidneys.You must have time to plant raspberries before they bloom. Because at this time, seedlings will take root with great difficulty.

When planting raspberries in spring, according to the lunar calendar, 2017 are the best days for planting raspberries:

  • April 9, 10, 13, 14, 20;
  • May 7, 10, 11, 17-19.

when to plant raspberries

How to choose raspberry seedlings in spring?

  • Pay attention to how developed the root system. They should be big enough and strong.
  • Choose a one-year shoot, trimmed at a height of 35 cm plus or minus 5 cm.
  • The thickness of the stem should not be very large. The best value is 5 mm.
  • Pay attention to the number of matured surface stems. Well if they will be from 1 to 3.
  • Transporting raspberry seedlings is required in a damp cloth. If they are not planted immediately, it is recommended to prikopat them.

raspberry seedlings

Raspberry planting scheme

It is of two types: a bush and a ribbon. The first case involves the placement of seedlings at a great distance from each other. Each year, the sprouts, retreating far from the center, require permanent removal. Plus, you must annually cut the weak shoots. So that after four years in the bush should be about 10 stems.The distance between raspberry bushes is recommended to do at least one meter. The optimum will be an interval of 1.5 meters.

how to plant raspberries in the country

Belt method of planting or planting raspberries in a trench involves the arrangement of raspberries in rows. This scheme of planting raspberries in the spring is more acceptable in large areas. While the first, is used more often in a small country house. So it allows you to place several varieties and ensure that they do not mix.

The distance between the rows in the ribbon scheme is from 60 to 100 cm. The second number refers to remontant grades. Each row consists of individual saplings, the distance between which should not exceed 50 cm (preferably about 30 cm). Over time, the individual shoots are closed and form a solid line. There is a recommendation to have such rows from north to south. Then each sprout will receive the maximum amount of light.

planting raspberries in a trench

The ribbon method of planting raspberries in spring is divided into two subspecies: trench and pit. The latter is the most popular because it is more simple. Trenching involves a lot of time, but it gives much better results.

It is necessary to prepare trenches for planting raspberries three weeks before planting raspberries. Their depth should be about 45 cm and width about 50 cm.The bottom is supposed to lay out swollen manure. Its thickness should be 10 cm. Sprinkle it with superphosphate, then biohumus. And add a little ash, which will improve the taste of raspberry berries.

raspberry growing

How to plant raspberries in the country

On the day when the seedlings are planted in spring raspberries, it is necessary to dip their roots in a specially prepared solution. It consists of mullein and clay. It is recommended to add biologically active substances. An example of such a substance can serve as humates or root.

Then in the ground it is necessary to make the hole the size of the roots of raspberry seedlings. Well water the recess. Put a seedling into it and densely cover the roots with soil. It is recommended to slightly shake the seedling and compact the ground.

During planting, you need to carefully ensure that the root neck (the place where the stem of the seedling passes into the root) of the seedling is at ground level. If you fall asleep, the plant will be slow. When it remains very high above the ground, the basal buds dry out.

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