Pile foundation

Before choosing the type of foundation, experts recommend to carry out the calculation of the bearing capacity of the soil. This will allow you to clarify exactly at what depth lie the water. In that case, if the distance is not large enough, you can equip the pile foundation. It is also used in the event that the soil is not sufficiently dense.

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Separately, it is worth noting that at present there are several main types of piles:

Hammer type In this case, the piles can be made from materials such as metal or wood. In order to immerse a similar pile into the ground, you will need the help of specialized equipment. Bourne type It is worth having such piles only in the prepared ditch. At the same time, as a supplement, reinforcement is required, as well as a special solution.

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All this allows the foundation to withstand quite a serious load. Screw type. This option has recently enjoyed particular popularity. That's because you can immerse it in almost any soil. In addition, such piles are able to withstand a fairly high load. It is easy to work with them if there is a specialized technique available.

When developing foundations of a relatively small area, the price difference between different technologies becomes in fact tangible. Mounting tape or foundation on pillars in a small area can lead to the highest costs and simply does not justify the final result. For a standard house building, an inexpensive and truly excellent solution is ideal - a pile-screw foundation.

A foundation of this type is being created using specialized piles that are screwed into the ground. No more difficulties with the selection of a favorable construction site or requirements for the ground - the use of such technology will enable you to do without involving specialized equipment and long excavation of the pits.Further we will tell about the screw base for the house in more detail.

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