Petrov Post in 2018: What is the number of Petrovsky Post

The Russian Orthodox Church prescribes four “long,” that is, many days of fasting in a year: Lent, Petrov, Assumption, and Advent, in fact, one for each time of year. Our article is devoted to the summer post - Petrov or Apostolic. Want to know when Petrov fasting in 2018, why is it so named, what prescriptions exist for this fasting? About all this - below.

Petrovsky post in 2018: the beginning and the end

Petrov fast depends on the date of Easter - as well as many of the Great Ten holidays and fasting days. That’s why we ask ourselves every year with the same question - what number of Petrov posts in 2018. However, it differs from all other posts by a “floating” start date and a fixed end date. It begins on the first day of the week of all Saints, that is, the start date of the fast is different each time. But it ends every year on the same day - July 12th.
What is the number of Petrovsky post in 2018? Since Easter in 2018 falls on April 8, and the week of all Saints begins after the ninth Sunday after Bright Day, Petrov fasting will begin on June 4.Well, the end of it, as already mentioned, always falls on the same day.

In 2018, Petrov Post will begin on June 4 and end on July 12.

It is worth noting that July 12 is already possible to break the fast, that is, in fact, the last fast day - Wednesday July 11. It is easy to calculate the duration of the post - in 2018 it will last 38 days.

It is worth noting that every year the duration of the Petrovsky fast is different - its length depends on how early Easter is. By the way, the longest Petrov post is 42 days (full six weeks), and the shortest is eight days (a week plus one day).

Apostolic post

Petrov Post 2018 knowingly bears the second name of the Apostolic - it was created in memory of two apostles, the disciples of Christ, Peter and Paul. The basis of fasting lay the tradition that the apostles, preparing for preaching, preparing to tell the Gentiles the Word of God, limited themselves to food, striving for spiritual and carnal purity. The day of the end of the fast is also dedicated to the same saints - June 12, the Day of Peter and Paul. On this day, Peter’s toughness and Paul’s wisdom are famous.

Initially, in the period from III to XI centuries. Petrovsky and Assumption posts were a single unit.Such a long time of restriction in food was intended to serve as compensation for those who for some reason could not fast in Lent. That is, the believers actually had a choice - to keep a long fast before Easter or after it.

Around the XI century, a single long post was finally divided into two parts, slightly shifted in dates. The first was named the Apostolic Fast or Fast in honor of Peter and Paul, the second became the Assumption Fast. The role of the apostles in Christianity grew from century to century, and to the XV century. The post became one of the four most important periods in the Orthodox calendar.

Post Prescriptions

Fasting is not just a restriction on food. To perceive fasting days as a kind of diet that allows one to improve one’s health and put a figure in order means to violate the very idea of ​​fasting in Christianity.

Fasting is not only the refusal of meager food. First of all, this is the time of prayers, alms, the creation of good deeds, the time of turning thoughts to God. And only the fulfillment of all prescriptions will mean the observance of fasting, only this will give complete purification of the soul and body.

Petrov Post 2018 is not as strict and stern as the Great.Even ecclesiastical regulations speak of possible indulgences in the days of Petrovsky fasting — and such a deviation will not be considered a violation.
The first indulgence relate to the menu of the post. So, allowed the use of fish on Saturdays and Sundays; On the same days, you can drink wine - but as a supplement to the meal, and not for the purpose of alcoholic intoxication. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after Vespers, the use of fish and oil is prohibited, and dry food is recommended. Tuesday and Thursday are the times when hot dishes with vegetable oil are allowed for food, only meat and fish dishes are prohibited. The days of the memory of saints or temple holidays are specifically stipulated - on these days the prescriptions of Petrovsky fasting 2018 permit fish dishes, oil, and wine.

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