Pencil case "Minion"

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Getting ready for school! Today we will show you how to make a very beautiful and fun writing stand in the shape of a popular cartoon character out of a tin can. The pencil “Mignon” will not leave your child indifferent, do not even doubt it.

pencil case minion

Most kids are crazy about minions. To make it more pleasant for your child to start the school year, make him a small homemade gift by September 1. Yes, this is not a new backpack or beautiful clothes, but just a clerical change, but what a nice one!

What do we need?

  • empty and clean can (take one from which the lid is removed and not cut off)
  • foamiran yellow, blue, black and gray
  • Super glue

pencil case minion

How to make a minion with your own hands?

The size of the blanks for the future pencil case depends on the size of the can. To determine the amount of required yellow foamiran (it will be the base), wrap a can with it, leave 5 cm above and below for the folds.

First, glue the yellow foamiran and tuck it in this way.

pencil case minion

From above, he, too, must be bend, because from the inside the bank should also be worked out with a finish.

On a yellow foamiran we glue a blue minion suit.

pencil case minion

Here is a stencil that will help you draw it.

pencil case minion

Here you see a pocket for overalls, glasses and eyes of a minion.

pencil case minion

Holes for the eyes can be done with a hole punch, draw a mouth with a felt-tip pen, and glue the eyes with a wooden skewer so as not to leave glue marks.

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