Pass psychological tests online for free

GUA personal number

Each person has their own individual gua number, which depends on the date of birth and gender. This number indicates your membership in the eastern or western group of people, as well as identifies your favorable and unfavorable directions. After calculation, you will read the description of your elemental personality, learn about your happy and unsuccessful directions, life aspects. This formula should be considered when arranging furniture and choosing interior items for your home.

Sexual compatibility by Feng Shui

One of the ways to determine the sexual compatibility of partners is based on the principle of interaction of the five elements. We are naturally more drawn to people whose elements in the cycle of generation are located on both sides of ours. And, most likely, we will have problems in relations with those who belong to elements adjacent to ours in the cycle of destruction. Learn all about your pair!

Feng Shui business compatibility

This calculator will show you compatibility with your business partners, employees or boss. You can check with whom you have the greatest chances to maintain a successful commercial relationship, become a partner in a company or just cooperate. Enter your date of birth, as well as the date of birth of the person with whom you want to check compatibility.

Test for color and development of aura

Man is a unique creature. In addition to the beautiful physical body, he also has the spiritual world. If everything is more or less clear with physiology, then the invisible spiritual component is a mystery. We all know to some extent the peculiarities of our character, our feelings. But to know them completely, probably, is unreal. And there is no need. Although new things are very interesting to discover. And now we offer you to open the door to your inner world and find out what color your aura is.

Psychological tests online

Psychological tests are designed to quickly and accurately determine all sorts of character traits, both yours and other people. These tests will help you much better to know yourself, to understand the source of any problems in your personal life or in communication with others, to deal with the complexes, to find a way out in a difficult situation.These tests have proven to be highly effective over the years in the development of psychological testing.

Personal biorhythms online

Biorhythms do not predict your future. They tell you when you are in great shape to make this future beautiful. The calculation of biorhythms in no way means that your life is divided into three periods, but being in harmony with your biorhythms, it will be easier for you to make your plans and, therefore, to achieve more. Knowledge of biorhythms is sometimes of great importance. For example, you have outlined an important and serious matter for yourself, having calculated the biorhythms, you can find out how emotionally, mentally and physically you will be ready for it.

Biorhythm Compatibility Online

Many people sometimes have problems in relationships with a partner, and you would like to know why this happens. In life, we often encounter the fact that people are either cute, or indifferent to us, or we treat them with antipathy from the very beginning. You want to know why you get along well with one person and you don’t find the necessary understanding with another? Try for example to check your compatibility with loved ones.Enter your date of birth and enter the date of birth of the person with whom you want to check your compatibility.

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