Overview of the water pump "Typhoon": device, model range, customer reviews

Water pump "Typhoon" is designed and manufactured by Bosna LG (Ukraine). The manufacturer positions its pumps as unparalleled in depth and performance. The pump can be used for water supply of a private house from a well, a well or an open water source.

Typhoon has unique technical characteristics and built-in protection system.

Model range and specifications

Bosna LG company produces three brands of submersible electric pumps for clean cold water "Typhoon" in a cast iron housing. All water pumps of this series are designed to operate from a 220V electrical network. Water intake is lower, which requires hanging these pumps at a certain distance from the bottom.

A small diameter of 10 cm makes it possible to use all models in wells of sizes from 12 cm.All Bosna LG equipment is warranted for 12 months from the manufacturer. The pump includes a coupling for connecting to a hose or pipe.

Typhoon-1: maximum head - 16 m

Electric pump "Typhoon-1" modification BV-0.5-16-U5-M is a high-performance household unit with an immersion depth of up to 16 m. The performance of this pump with a maximum immersion depth is 35 l / min, and with a depth of 3 m - 50 l / min .

The pumping unit is capable of pumping water from a depth of up to 8 m. The equipment is equipped with an integrated overheating protection system and a two-channel water intake system for additional cooling of the case during operation.

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Vibrating Pump with Typhoon Logo
Vibrating Pump with Typhoon Logo
Fastening the submersible pump for the eyes
Fastening the submersible pump for the eyes
Borehole installation
Borehole installation
Device for the lower intake of water
Device for the lower intake of water
Connecting the pressure hose to the vibrator
Connecting the pressure hose to the vibrator
The outlet is located at the top of the unit.
The outlet is located at the top of the unit.
Fully prepared Typhoon
Fully prepared Typhoon
Maintainability - weighty priority of vibration pumps
Maintainability - weighty priority of vibration pumps

Typhoon-2: maximum head - 90 m

The BV-0.25-40-U5M modification pump is capable of transporting water over a distance of 90 m, which includes pumping out of the wellbore,moving along horizontal and vertical sections of the water supply system to the consumer. This can only be very expensive imported pumps. The performance of the electric pump depends on the distance between it and the production: 90-80 m - 8 l / min, 40 m - 15 l / min, 10 m - 30 l / min, 5 m - 40 l / min.

The pump is equipped with built-in thermal protection and a two-channel water intake system for better cooling. This pump is the base for the Typhoon pumping station manufactured by Bosna LG.

Pump "Typhoon"
Pumps "Typhoon" surpass similar water pumps in terms of immersion depth and performance several times due to a special patented constructive solution

Typhoon-3: automation unit and maximum pressure - 90 m

The electric pump BV-0.25-40-U5M with UZN (protective device against interference) is a unique equipment for domestic use in conditions of unstable power supply. The unit is equipped with a UZN automatics unit built into the power cord. UZN equalizes the voltage drops in the network in the range of 190-250V to the worker.

Voltage drops do not affect the performance of the pump, do not lead to its overheating and failure, which is especially important for summer residents, with an unstable power supply system.The pump starts up smoothly, it is of great importance, because Starting currents for pumps of this type are quite large. The maximum immersion depth is 90 m, while the pump capacity is 8 l / min.

All “Typhoon” pumps are designed for continuous operation without stopping and have an IPx8 level of waterproof performance.

Pump with UZN
"Typhoon-3" automatically shuts off when the voltage exceeds the maximum permissible values ​​and automatically turns on when the voltage in the electrical network is normalized.

Device and principle of operation

All modifications of the Typhoon water vibration pump include three main components:

  1. Vibration part.Consists of shock absorber, diaphragm, coupling, rod. At one end of the rod is an anchor, and on the other - the piston. There is a certain distance between the shock absorber and the diaphragm, both elements direct the stem during operation of the electric pump and ensure its tightness, preventing water from entering the part of the body where the electric drive is located.
  2. Water intake. It is a cavity, at the top of which there is a glass with openings for the intake of pumped water and a check valve that prevents the return flow and in cases when the pump is turned off.
  3. Electric drive part. Consists of a core, two coils and a suction discharge pipe. These parts are located in the body and are filled with a compound with fractions of quartz sand.

Compound captures the electromagnet and isolates the windings of the coils, protecting them from water penetration. Quartz sand increases heat removal from the motor-driven part. The core is a "P" -shaped figure of plates made of transformer steel. Enameled wire with a certain number of turns, insulated with a special lacquer coating, is wound on the core.

The principle of operation is based on alternating current, which is converted into mechanical vibrations transmitted to the piston and anchor with the help of a shock absorber. Water enters the inside of the pump through the water intake openings and ends up in the chamber where the piston and valves are located.

The piston under the influence of vibrations begins to make reciprocating motion, creating a water hammer in a glass with holes. The valves close the holes and the water is in the chamber, from where it is released under pressure through a two-channel system into the outlet pressure port.

Scheme pump "Typhoon"
The design and materials of the stem and bushings, ensuring the alignment of the stroke of both elements, are patented by the manufacturer, this explains the high technical characteristics of the pump

Preparation of the pump to work

To enter the "Typhoon" electric pumps in operation it is necessary:

  1. Connect the hose to the outlet pressure port using the included coupling. To do this, screw the coupling half tightly onto the threads of the nozzle, and then install the tube section inside the hose. Put the coupling half, sleeve and rubber ring on the end of the hose, and then insert the hose until it stops. Instead of a hose, you can use plastic pipes measuring 3/4 ″.
  2. Connection of the pump "Typhoon" with the water supply system is carried out only through a flexible reinforced hose. The diameter of the hose must match the size of the pipes. It is not allowed to use a reinforced hose of smaller diameter to enhance the head, since This will create a significant load on the pump.
  3. A nylon cord must be threaded into the existing lugs (attachments) of the pump to hang the unit. It is best to place the knot that will fasten the cord at a distance of at least 10-15 cm from the openings of the suction cup to prevent the cord from getting into the pump.
  4. The length of the power supply cable at the "Typhoon" pumps is a maximum of 10 m. If this length is not enough, you need to use a waterproof extension cable. It is forbidden to build up an electrical cable yourself!
  5. Secure the electrical cable, hose and nylon cord together using clamps or regular electrical tape every 1-1.5 m.
  6. Lower the pump into the water so that the electric cable does not stretch too much and fix it on a holding device, for example, on a well crossbar. When installing the equipment in the well before lowering, rubber rings should be worn on the unit.

When attaching the pump, it is advisable to melt the ends of the cord. For hanging in the workings and sources of vibration modifications with the Typhoon logo, you can not use a steel cable. From the constant vibration, it will collapse.

Hose connection with pressure port
Fastening the hose to the discharge nozzle is possible with a clamp, but to ensure tightness, the manufacturer recommends doing it only with the help of the clutch supplied

Pump "Typhoon" should be suspended so that in the process of work it does not touch the walls and bottom. The distance from the water intake cup to the bottom must be at least 40 cm.

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Preparation of the vibratory ration for operation
Preparation of the vibratory ration for operation
Handwritten revision of the design of the vibration pump
Handwritten revision of the design of the vibration pump
Disassembly of the pump unit for repair inside
Disassembly of the pump unit for repair inside
Worn rubber vibrator piston
Worn rubber vibrator piston
Replacing a deformed piston washer
Replacing a deformed piston washer
Accompanying repair actions
Accompanying repair actions
Reassembly of parts of the pump cone Typhoon
Reassembly of parts of the pump cone Typhoon
The specifics of the installation of the housing cover vibration pump
The specifics of the installation of the housing cover vibration pump

Installation and operation of the pump

The electric pump "Typhoon" can be installed in an open reservoir, in a well of any type or well with a diameter of more than 12 cm.

Features of operation of "Typhoon" electric pumps:

  1. The equipment does not need lubrication and pre-pouring, it begins work on pumping liquid instantly after launch. It is not allowed to turn on the "Typhoon" series pumps into the network without first immersion in water!
  2. Electric pumps are intended for long continuous work, including in winter time. Lifting equipment to the surface is necessary only for maintenance or routine inspection.
  3. The pump is turned on / off only when using a plug or a bipolar switch.When the protection system is triggered, there is no need to restart the pump; when the parameters are normalized, the unit will start up in automatic mode.
  4. In the process, the body of the electric pump should not hit the walls of the well or the well. If this happens, it is necessary to raise the pump and re-install it so as to avoid impacts.
  5. When operating the electric pump in winter, it should be remembered that the depth of its immersion should be lower than the depth of soil freezing in the region. Given that the optimal level for the Typhoon units is 3 m from the water mirror, this pump can be used freely all year round.

"Typhoon-2" can work as part of a household pumping station, which is very convenient to use for irrigation and water supply of a private house.

Installation of the pump "Typhoon"
The “Typhoon” pump can be installed in an open pond (left), in a well or well (right), while operating in an open pond, the pump is first lowered into a plastic bucket.

Pump stations "Typhoon"

Unlike conventional pumping stations, which consist of a hydroaccumulator, pressure switch,pressure gauge and various connecting fittings, the station "Typhoon" consists of a high-performance electric pump "Typhoon-2" and an electronic control unit that allows you to control the pump in automatic mode.

Water pump "Typhoon-2" is connected through the controller, resulting in a complete pumping station, capable of providing water to a private home.

Pump station "Typhoon" maintains a constant pressure in the water supply system, without changing the pressure and performance. The controller also ensures a smooth start-up of the pump, which reduces the risk of water hammer and pump overload. The device allows for multiple shutdown / shutdown of the pump, without reducing its service life.

The pump, which is part of the pumping station, is reliably protected from dry running, if the water in the water source runs out. The controller will automatically turn off the unit, and when the water level returns to normal, it will automatically turn on. When the voltage in the electrical network exceeds 250V, the pump also turns off automatically.

Connecting the controller is very simple: it is necessary to connect the plug of the cable of the Typhoon-2 pump to the outlet of the electric pump control unit and the tube transmitting the pressure to the pressure pipe from the pump to the water consumer. You can connect the controller yourself without the involvement of a specialist.

Centrifugal Water Pump Typhoon
Surface centrifugal pumps with the Typhoon logo are intended for the transportation of clean water and liquids of equal consistency, not including aggressive substances.

Adjustment units "Typhoon"

Like other vibration pumps, the Typhoons need to be adjusted in order for the equipment to work with the required parameters. Adjustment is the selection of the optimal distance between the anchor and the core, as well as between the valves and the working piston.

To set the working gap between the core and the anchor, it is necessary that the voltage in the electrical network be exactly 220V. This can be achieved using the power supply stabilizer. Low voltage reduces the performance and pressure characteristics of the vibration pump, and increased - leads to an excessive load.

On average, the gap between the core and the anchor for normal operation of the unit is 4.3-5 mm. If you have special tools, you can adjust this figure yourself, however, given the difficulty of disassembling and reassembling the motor-driven part of the pump, it is better to entrust this adjustment to the service center specialists.

On your own you can adjust the position of the washers on the rod, located between the anchor and the shock absorber. Washers are responsible for the performance characteristics of the electric pump, as well as its efficiency. Adding washers will give you better performance. It is important not to lock the washers too close to each other, because this will lead to the impact of the armature and the core.

Connection diagram of the pump "Typhoon"
In the process of connecting the submersible pump it is necessary to ensure that there are no leaks in the water supply system, since they can cause unstable water supply

The washers, which are under the piston, are responsible for the total pressure of the pump, by acting on the working piston. If you add the washers here, the piston will fit snugly and the pressure will increase, reducing the washers - reducing the pressure.Adjustment can achieve optimal performance of the electric pump "Typhoon", for example, to reduce the pressure, while increasing performance and efficiency.

Adjusting washers
It is recommended to adjust the “Typhoon” pumps if one of its parameters does not correspond to those indicated in the passport when they are not associated with voltage fluctuations in the power grid

Maintenance and safety regulations

Maintenance of the electric pump "Typhoon" includes a periodic inspection, which is carried out every 100 hours of operation. While the equipment is under warranty, it is forbidden to disassemble the pump. In the post-warranty period, you can do the replacement of worn parts with your own hands. The piston and the valve most often need it. To replace them, it is necessary to disassemble the pump in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Also, often the owner of the Typhoon series of pumps is faced with a blockage of the inlets on the glass. You can remove the blockage by cleaning the holes with a thin blunt tool. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the check valve.

Do not repair the power supply cable yourself! Also for the safe operation and uninterrupted operation of the pump, you must observe the following rules:

  • Do not allow the pump to operate without immersion;
  • do not raise / lower, inspect a running pump;
  • Power supply voltage should be as close as possible to 220V;
  • the temperature of the pumped water should not be higher than + 35 ° C;
  • The plug and servicing outlet must be in a place protected from moisture.

Before commissioning the "Typhoon" pumps, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions and follow its recommendations.

Inspection of the pump housing "Typhoon"
Periodically inspect the casing of the electric pump and assess the level of contamination of the openings of the inlet cup to prevent performance degradation due to clogging

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of the electric pump "Typhoon-2":

Overview of the electric pump "Typhoon-3" with UZN:

Electric pumps of Ukrainian production "Typhoon" are distinguished by high performance, and have no analogues in the depth of immersion. The ratio of cost and quality of these pumps is the most optimal.The equipment is perfect for those owners who are looking for an electric pump for year-round water supply to a private house from deep artesian wells or open water sources.

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