Orthodox poems for children

Orthodox poems for children and adults

The site "Mom can do everything!" Collected a selection of Orthodox poems for children. They will help the child to get acquainted with God, talk about Christian traditions and holidays. These poems are filled with good and faith.


Are you praying baby Pray dear!
Pray hotly you and many ...
A simple prayer will reach the throne.
- Ask for a merciful God!

For all who do not know hello and happiness,
It is difficult to whom life is dear
For those who are alien to human participation,
- Ask for a merciful God!

For those who huddle in cold basements,
Waiting for the peel dry at the threshold;
For all the poor, unfortunate, hungry
- Ask for a merciful God!

The throne will come to a simple prayer.
- Pray hotly you and a lot ...
Are you praying baby Pray dear
-Ask the Merciful God!

A.F. Panova-Verunina



I'm at my grandmother's garden
All the tracks go around.
Suddenly a trouble happened there -
Did the nest fall out of the nest?
I will put it back -
It will be pleasant to the nestling.

My sister and I are together
On Sunday, let's go to the temple.
I will pray in the temple
About father and mother.

And I will pray for dad
I bow to the ground:
“Help us, God!” -
And the Lord will help.


Baptism of the Lord - Epiphany

Jesus john
God's providence
In the ancient waters of the Jordan
Received Baptism.

Come down on Christ like a dove
The Holy Spirit from heaven
And the Father's voice was heard:
"This is my Son,

Beloved Son, Mine in Him
There is favor. ”
Therefore, today we call
Happy Epiphany.

author: Lyudmila Gromova

(From the cycle "The Seasons. Church Calendar")


Angel voice

Do not rush, wait, my dear,
Do not run into the yard to play.
Hear - someone teaches you
All the toys to pick up,
Wash the juice cup,
And water soon
Remove cars from windows
Plasticine tear off the door,
Cover the chair with a beautiful blanket,
Wipe dust off the piano ...

Well, now all for this
It is very expensive to watch!
Dad, mom, come through,
Sit and relax
Maybe you warm the soup?
This conscience taught
Work hard baby.
Mom praised her son,
Bloomed her soul.

Tikhonin Serg

Among other children playing
She resembles a frog.
Tucked into shorts thin shirt,
Rings reddish curls
Scattered, mouth long, teeth crooked,
Facial features are sharp and ugly.
Two boys, her peers,
Fathers bought a bicycle.
Today boys, taking their time for dinner,
Chase around the yard, forgetting about her,
She runs after them on the trail.
Someone else's joy is just like its own,
Tomit her and out of the heart is torn,
And the girl exults and laughs
Overcome by the happiness of being.
Neither the shadow of envy nor the intent of the evil
Still does not know this creature.
Everything in it is so immensely new to her
So all that is alive for others is dead!
And I do not want to think, watching
What will be the day when she is sobbing
Will see with horror that among friends
She's just a poor plain woman!
I want to believe that the heart is not a toy,
Break it barely possible suddenly!
I want to believe that this flame is pure,
Which burns in its depths,
All his pain alone sore.
And melt down the heaviest stone!
And let her features are not good
And nothing more than she deceive the imagination
Infant Grace of Soul
Already seen in any of its movement.
And if so, what is beauty
And why do people deify her?
The vessel is she, in which emptiness,
Or the fire flickering in the vessel?

Nikolay Zabolotsky

Orthodox poems for children of different ages


Today is the beginning of our salvation
Now is the day of good and good news,
It began with his release
From sin, suffering, eternal death.

The Virgin of Nazareth,
Blessed between wives,
Suddenly appeared, shining with a wondrous light,
Gabriel the Archangel with the words:

“Hail, Lord, with Thee, Virgin!
Virgin, Blessed Mary,
From you will be born the King of the universe -
God's Son, Savior to the whole world! ”

“I am a servant of the Lord,” answered, “
I will be according to your word,
From these words - the beginning of salvation
A mystery beyond the mind ...
* Today (glory) - today

author: Lyudmila Gromova

Palm Sunday

Before all spring
Life News
We will take with us.

In the temple under the sun gentle
The whole family is in a hurry:
The entrance of the Lord is celebrating
To Jerusalem.

We are “Hosanna in the highest!”
Let us sing to God
Fluffy twigs
How many are around here!

How wins banner
Hold them in their hands,
People praising
Lord of the ages!

author: Lyudmila Gromova

(From the cycle "The Seasons. Church calendar.")


At Tabor, on the threshold of suffering,
To pray on top,
God ascended with three disciples *
And he was transformed before them:

Reese shone with white light,
And the face is like the sun on a bright afternoon,
So Christ revealed the glory of glory.
Those who will see the Cross of the Lord.

It was still on the mountain
Two holy men of the Old Testament:
Jesus with Elijah and Moses
He spoke about the sufferings of the Cross.

“It's good to be here! - Peter exclaimed
Boldly. “Let's make three bowls!” **
Only the vaults of the cloud closed
Light Required Prism.

“This My Son is the Beloved, in Whom
There is my favor, -
The voice from the cloud as if thunder
He amazed everyone - listen to Him. ”

Fell down the disciples from fear
“Stand up,” Christ told them, “do not be afraid.”
Everything has disappeared. But remained in the hearts
The Light of the Love of the Lord is the Light of Tabor.

* With three disciples - with apostles Peter, James and John
** “Peter came to this, saying to Jesus: Lord! it is good for us to be here; if you want, we will make three bowls here: You are one and Moses is one, and one of Elijah ”(Matt.17: 4)

author: Lyudmila Gromova
(From the cycle of poems for children "The Seasons. Church Calendar")

Epiphany night

Dark spruce snow like fur,
We have gray frost,
Sparkled with frost, like diamonds,
Dozed off, leaning birch.

Motionlessly frozen their branches,
And between them on the snowy bosom,
Accurately through the silver lace,
Full month looks from the sky.

High he rose above the forest,
In the bright light of its numbness,
And the shadows fancifully spread
On the snow under the branches of black.

Swept over the forest snowstorm bowls, -
Only winding tracks and tracks
Running between the pines and trees,
Between the birch trees to the old gatehouse.
Lulling the blizzard gray
Wild song of the forest is empty,
And he fell asleep, covered with blizzard,
All see-through, fixed and white.

Sleep mysteriously slender thickets,
Sleep, dressed in deep snow,
And meadows, and meadow, and ravines,
Where the streams once rustled.

Silence - even the branch does not crack!
And, perhaps, behind this ravine
Wolf sneaks through the snowdrifts
Careful and enticing step.

Silence, - and, perhaps, he is close ...
And I stand, full of anxiety,
And I look intensely at the thickets,
On the tracks and bushes along the road.

In distant thickets, where branches are like shadows
In the moonlight weave patterns,
Everything seems alive to me,
It's as if the animals are running through.

The light from the forest guard
Gently and shimmeringly,
Similarly, he lurked under the forest
And waiting for something in silence.

Brilliant radiant and bright,
That green, then blue playing,
In the east, at the throne of the Lord,
Quietly shine star, as if alive.

And above the forest, higher and higher
There is a month, - and in marvelous peace
Frosty midnight
And the crystal kingdom of the forest!

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin 1886 - 1901

Do not judge

Do not judge - then, that we are all human,
All are weak, weak, enmeshed with sin;
Our breasts are excited by passion,
In sin we are born and live.

Do not judge ... to be a judge
Ask your conscience, you yourself are better for them?
Oh brother, who is surely pure in soul,
That blessings to errors of others!

Do not judge ... because the word no return
See that, as the savior said, unequal,
You will see a needle in your brother's eye,
And you look through your log.

Do not judge - then, to face
You would not fall on that stone from above
Heavy stone of conviction,
By throwing you into a brother.

Do not judge! .. Do not people are evil soul
And the life of people is often evil;
First find out what their paths are.
She led to death.

Do not judge! Do you dare to vouch,
What are you addicted will not be passionate about?
Do not judge! You may make a mistake
Do not judge - you will not be convicted! ..
M.P. Rosenheim (1820-1887)

Orthodox poems for children of preschool age

I am my mother's good hands ...

I'm good mother's
Hands love.
She is my good
And a devoted friend!
In trouble consoles
Wonderful warmth.
And prays to god
With me before bedtime.
When I am ill,
She does not sleep at night
Words and caress
She wants to help me.
I need her
All in the world of medicine.
She is more important to me
All wealth taken!
When i come
Home from school
In our house is cozy
And cute such
We are a children's Bible
With mom together
We read, and after
We sing with her,
How Savior
Came to earth
How sinful and weak
He has found people
How did he hurt
On the Calvary Cross,
To give people peace
And peace in the fullness!
When I grow up
For several years,
Then with jesus
I will make a covenant!

© Lugovskaya N.N.

Guardian angel

The day is unsuccessful,
I sit and almost cry:
In the courtyard played football -
A goal was scored right in the eye,

In the morning to school was in a hurry -
I found myself in a muddy puddle ...
Ripped my dog ​​diary
Only scraps in the teeth brought ...

“You,” said Mom sternly, “
Hooligans very much:
Aunt Masha was rude,
Salt in her coffee put

Pulling the kitten's ears,
Offended his little sister,
And your Guardian, grieving,
Turned away from you.

All are given at Baptism
Angel of God for salvation,
Protect us from trouble
To guide and help.

Every moment the Guardian is with us
Only if we are sins
Push him away then
May trouble come to us.

I felt ashamed. Indisputable
I behaved unworthily.
- Forgive me, my keeper,
Life teach saint.
December. Church calendar
author: Lyudmila Gromova
Finally come
Winter days
Sledge we got,
Skis, yes skates.

Back on the sleigh
We will move down from the mountains,
Ice skating skate
And play snowballs.

Snow man
Blind in the yard
Winter fun -
Joy of the children!

A bird feeder
Let's do it soon
Waiting for a long time birdies
Help from people.

White snow is spinning,
Yes frost is cracking
Frost silver
In the twigs of birch trees.

In lush robes
All around, because now
Celebrate the introduction
In the temple of St. Mary.

author: Lyudmila Gromova
(From the cycle "The Seasons. Church Calendar")

Orthodox poems for children of primary school ageTake care, children, mom

Take care, children, mom.
Never grieve!
Even if it hurts you -
Answer them with love.

There is no better mother in the world:
Mom will always sleep,
Good mom will give advice
Mom's in difficulty will help.

Take care, children, mom,
Never grieve
Closer to be to heaven -
Mom happy to meet.

Mom's heart is a treasure
With her children like a fairy tale.
For girls and guys
Mom's hands are full of caress.

Take care, children, mom,
Never grieve
So that you do not cry,
All their secrets open.

So that you do not grow up evil
Every day and every hour
Your mothers are dear
God pray for you.

So that was not scary to you,
And disappeared into the house of the shadow,
You always in the evenings
Kneel with her.

To not part with it,
And always be happy
Mom must obey
Mommy must love.

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