Orthodox Christmas 2018

Christmas is one of the revered festivals of all Christians. Over the years, the traditions and customs of Christianity and paganism mingled. At present it is difficult to understand the true essence of the January celebrations. It is also not clear why the date of the holiday is different in different countries. We will try to answer all these questions in this article.


history of the holiday

The name of the celebration indicates the reason for the celebration. According to the Christian religion, the Son of God was born at this time. This was announced by the brightest star in the sky. She pointed the way to the Magi, who discovered Jesus.

For a long time this holiday was not celebrated. Only after the entry of the Greeks into the Christian community began to talk about the celebration of the Epiphany and Christmas. At first they were celebrated together, but after years they decided to divide.

Judging by the scale of the celebration, many realize that the origin of the holiday has pagan roots. Indeed, according to the Bible, no one knows the exact date of birth of Christ.At the same time, before the introduction of Christianity, there were a lot of pagan holidays:

Ancient Rome: The birthday of the god Mirtha
Greece: Honoring the god Dionysus
Ancient Russia: "Winter brace"

After the introduction of Christianity, all the old holidays of the clergy tried to eliminate, but they continued to be celebrated. As a result, pagan customs are closely intertwined with Christian traditions.

When the Orthodox Christmas comes 2018

Speaking of Christmas, many are interested in the question of what date is more appropriate to celebrate this day. After all, it is no secret that in most countries it is celebrated in December, namely the twenty-fifth number.

Orthodox Christmas 2018

In this regard, it is worth remembering that before the revolution of 1917 and in our country it was also celebrated in this number. However, with the maintenance of the Gregorian calendar in 1918, this date has shifted. Thus, the logic of the alternation of holidays was disrupted. It turned out that at the height of Advent we celebrate the New Year, which is unthinkable without a rich festive table. Perhaps, sometime this inconsistency will be able to be corrected, but for now the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated according to the old Julian calendar, namely, on January 7th.This date is unchanged from year to year.

How to meet?

It is worth recalling that before this date, all Christians celebrate Christmas Eve, which completes the forty-day Filippovsky fast. Christmas Eve is also accompanied by a lean dinner. The most important dishes on it are sochy (a more familiar name is kutya). It consists of wheat and honey. Previously, the seeds were simply soaked in water, now they are boiled and various goodies are added.

The meal begins with the appearance of the first star. Usually put on the table twelve lenten dishes. They are made from mushrooms, vegetables and cereals. As a rule, these are borsch, mushroom soup, mushroom or potato dumplings, cabbage rolls with rice, pampushkas, lean pancakes, and also dried fruit pieces.

The tradition has been preserved to our time not to close the doors on Christmas Eve. However, to come on a visit on this day is not accepted.

According to Orthodox customs, after dinner you should go to church for all-night service. After its termination it is considered that the post is completed and Christmas has come.

What to cook on the table?

After coming from church, the moment of breaking the moment comes. In the village, there is a tradition to put straw on the table first (for a rich future harvest), then a tablecloth with a national ornament, then a dish with kutya is placed in the center and then other dishes.

Orthodox Christmas 2018. How to meet, what to cook on the table

Since the post was completed, the hostesses prepare the most delicious and favorite family dishes. Without fail, meat, poultry, fish, sausage, cheese cooked in a variety of ways should be on the table. It is also accepted to bake various pies with meat, vegetable and fruit fillings. From the drinks on the table there is uzvar, kvass, as well as intoxicating tinctures. In some countries, the Christmas tradition of cooking roast goose has been preserved. In Russia, there is no mandatory set of dishes, but this does not make the holiday table modest. According to a long tradition, it should be crammed with food.

Celebration traditions

During the holiday is not supposed to work. All wear festive clothes and devote this day to rest and parties. Holidays, which are called "Christmas time" lasts twelve days. These days it is also supposed to do good deeds.

During the Christmas holidays, everyone greet each other with the words: “Christ is born!”, And in response they hear: “Praise him!”. Christmas is considered a family holiday. At the big table there are all family members and relatives who are having fun, who can.

On a feast among the young, the rite of caroling is aliveDuring his time, boys and beauties dress up and go home to play funny shows while singing carols. In a sign of gratitude for the wishes of prosperity and health, the hosts give young people sweet gifts and money. Christmas-related divination among girls has also gained particular popularity.


Holidays for many years overgrown with many will:

  • It is believed that by Christmas it is necessary to return the occupied money and things;
  • To avoid mourning in the family, you should wear light clothes for the holidays;
  • Despite the fact that Christmas is a family holiday, the first guest should be kind;
  • Christmas Eve should begin with blowing off the souls of ancestors, so as not to harm them by chance;
  • It is not recommended to be late for Holy evening, otherwise you will come at the wrong time all year;
  • It is advised not to speak loudly and not to get up throughout the evening. Otherwise, you can scare away luck, as well as disturb ancestors who also come to visit;
  • At Christmas, you should forgive everyone and ask for forgiveness from those who were offended during the year;
  • Garbage after the holiday should not be thrown away, but be sure to burn. It protects against evil spirits;
  • On Christmas Eve there should be twelve lenten dishes, and at breaking fast - not less than twelve meager;
  • On Christmas Eve, you cannot start eating before the first star appears;
  • Christmas night is not for sleeping, otherwise you can sleep through your happiness;
  • For Christmas, a live fire is required in the house;
  • For the departed on the feast day, separate candles are lit;
  • If the weather is warm at Christmas, then spring will be cold;
  • If you want the next year to be satisfying, you need to fully feed your pets.

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