Orgasm - what is it? How to reach orgasm?

Sex has a positive effect on workthe body, rejuvenates and revitalizes, increases the elasticity of the skin, helps to lose weight and relieve nervous tension. In addition, lovemaking allows partners to get closer, to understand and feel each other better, but this is only possible when both partners get an orgasm. What it is? Orgasm is a complex psychophysiological process and represents a peak of sexual arousal.orgasm what is it

What is an orgasm

Many people, especially in their youth,think of such a word as "orgasm." What is it, how to achieve it and what needs to be known and done for this? Orgasm is translated from the ancient Greek language as "burning with passion", "pour".

In physiology, it is manifested by feelingsatisfaction and enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Each person describes this concept in his own way, for some, a quick orgasm - the spread of heat throughout the body, and for others - a change in the tension for a pleasant relaxation.

Orgasm is a complex process in whichinvolved not only the genitals, but also various erogenous zones, as well as the brain, which takes impulses and stimulates the production of certain hormones of pleasure.

During puberty, especially inboys, orgasm occurs in a dream and is accompanied by ejaculation. Such a process is called pollutions. Women can also achieve orgasm in a dream, especially with prolonged absence of sexual contacts.

Physiology of male orgasm

In society, the view that a mangets orgasm directly with ejaculation. However, it is not. Male orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes that can not accompany each other.

Thus, a man can reach a peak of pleasure without ejaculation, for example, with stimulation of the anus and prostate, and ejaculation can occur without being accompanied by orgasm.

In general, it is wrong to think that the onlyThe erogenous zone in men is the penis. In some cases, it may be less sensitive to caresses than other parts of the body (for example, chest, neck, buttocks, prostate).

The speed of reaching orgasm dependsdirectly from the period of abstinence. The longer it takes, the more likely it is to have a quick orgasm. Frequent sexual intercourse with an insufficient period of abstinence contributes to the difficulty of obtaining orgasm.clitoral orgasm

How to achieve orgasm in men

There are several stages that a man passes during sexual intercourse:

  • Excitation - characterized by increased heart rate, blood flow to the penis, stimulation of the nipples and an increase in testes in size.
  • Plateau - further increase in the size of the testicles and penis, the testicles rise, the glans penis may acquire a crimson color.
  • Orgasm is characterized by a strong increase in respiration,increased pressure, muscle spasm, consciousness at this moment is clouded. Sperm from the seminal vesicles, the prostate and the vas deferens accumulate at the base of the urethra and only after closing the sphincter of the bladder and rhythmic contractions of the prostate is ejected outwards.
  • Permission - at this stage men are oftenfall asleep. Breathing and heart rate slow down, the erection decreases, the scrotum relaxes, the testicles sink into place, the blood flow to the penis decreases, and the muscle contractions stop.

In a healthy man, it is from these stages andconsists orgasm. What does it give? He gets a strong pleasure quickly enough and in time is ready for a new sexual encounter. In a woman, the stages of excitation coincide with the masculine, but are manifested by other physiological and psychoemotional processes.

Physiology of female orgasm

Female orgasm began to be discussed much later. It is a complex process, influenced by many external and internal factors. Depending on the place of localization, there are several types of orgasm:

  • clitoral orgasm;
  • vaginal;
  • uterine;
  • mixed.

In addition to physiological orgasms, several pathological forms of achieving pleasure are also singled out. For example, with oral or anal sex, as well as when stimulating the orgasm

Classification of women to achieve orgasm

The complexity of female orgasm is confirmed by the following classification, according to which women can be:

  • Frigid (anorgasmic) with inability to reach the peak of pleasure;
  • monoorgasmic, when a woman can only get an orgasm once, regardless of the number of sexual contacts;
  • polyorgasmic - women are able to get several orgasms in a row;
  • multiorgasmic - when during one sexual contact a woman experiences several peaks of pleasure.

The presented classifications cause manydisputes both among professionals and in society. Most women who think they can not get multiple orgasms actually get it, but because of the inflated expectations they do not notice it.


Masturbation is a good practice in the presence of problems in sexual life. It is impossible to tell a man the right way, not knowing his preferences and his body's signals.

Sexologist Barbara Kisling suggested for practiceExercise "Culmination", which allows you to learn to relax and feel your body, and also get an orgasm with caresses. The first thing you need to learn is to calm down. For this, you can take a bath, listen to relaxing music and lie quietly in bed.

It is very important to breathe correctly - you need deepinhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breathing exercises are performed for several minutes. After this, you can proceed to leisurely and easy stroking your body. At this time, you need to closely monitor the reactions of your body, which areas are the most sensitive and where caresses bring a maximum of pleasant sensations.male orgasm

Then you can proceed directly tomasturbation. Do not rush, each organism is individual and requires a certain time to achieve satisfaction. After excitation it is important to stop and again perform breathing exercises.

Clitoral orgasm is achieved with a consistentrepetition of the respiratory blocks and independent caresses. To increase pleasure and prolong it, shortly before the onset of orgasm, you need to start breathing very quickly. Such exercises can be performed only in a good mood and do not make them a tedious duty.

How to reach orgasm

The biggest problem that reduces the qualityintimate life - this is stress. It is very important, crossing the threshold of the bedroom, leaving all the problems behind the door and just relaxing. You can achieve this only by completely trusting your partner, feeling his love, care and desire to give pleasure.

Improve the quality of sex will allow for openness intheir desires. Frank conversations and the exchange of erotic fantasies are very close. It is also important to remember the need for moisturizing. If there is not enough lubricant in the process of sexual intercourse, it is necessary to use the medicinal lubricants intended for moistening, which will bring orgasm closer.

What will it give? With sufficient moistening of the genital organs, pain and discomfort do not arise. Therefore, orgasm comes much faster.multiple orgasm

To reach the culmination of sexual arousalit is easiest in the next posture: the woman lies on her back, placing a small pillow under the buttocks, and the man is located on top. With this penetration, the penis acts on the front wall of the vagina, causing the girl a pleasant sensation and ensuring a rapid achievement of orgasm. However, it is necessary to move in such a position not quickly, so as not to damage the cervix.

How to strengthen male orgasm

Men are inherently more prone tospontaneous sex, but under the influence of external factors, sexual desire can disappear as quickly as it appeared. That is why a man, as well as a woman, needs a foreplay, a relaxing atmosphere and tender feelings towards the partner.

Since the most sensitive part of the male body- this is the head of the penis, then the most pleasant sensations of the partner can provide exactly with oral sex. Since only in this case there is a direct controlled effect on this to reach orgasm

To make the sensation during sex morestrong, a woman will need to perform certain exercises to strengthen intimate muscles. Women who have achieved mastery in the management of the muscles of the vagina, can give a man an unforgettable sense of pleasure, controlling the receipt of orgasm and the speed of this process.

How to strengthen orgasm to a woman

To strengthen the female orgasm is also very usefulwill perform a complex of exercises for intimate muscles. The denser the walls of the vagina grasp the penis, the more vivid feelings experienced by both partners.

Do not forget about the diversity in sex. Role games, toys from the sex shop and new poses will not only open up, but will also increase the desire and multiple orgasms. Often, women are embarrassed to talk about their erotic fantasies or desires and are afraid to send a man in the right direction, which, in turn, contributes to the lack of orgasm in women, the accumulation of grievances, the emergence of quarrels between partners and parting.orgasm with caresses

Knowing how to reach orgasm, and skilfully showing ityour partner, you can achieve better quality of intimate life. Do not be afraid to experiment and talk about sex frankly. Such conversations are able to translate relations into a new confidence level.

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