Oregano - beneficial properties and contraindications for women, men and children

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Today it will be a wonderful medicinal plant, oregano. Surely in your garden there is at least a small area where this plant grows. Or maybe you had to collect this grass in the forest.

Oregano on the meadow

Already in mid-summer, this plant is massively blooming, attracting not only insects with its fragrant smell.

Origanum or Oregano (lat. Oríganum vulgáre) is a species of perennial herbaceous plants from the genus Origanum of the family Lamiaceae.

It grows in Europe and the Mediterranean, in Russia almost everywhere except in the Far North. It grows in glades, forest edges, among shrubs, on dry open grassy places, on the slopes of hills.

Other Russian names are motherboard, ladanka, macerdusha, duchess, zenovka, matryoshka (from Wikipedia).

The most common, where used oregano - brewing fresh inflorescences, or dried plants in tea.

But this is not the only one where such an aromatic plant is used.

Oregano - medicinal properties and contraindications, composition

Tea - the traditional use of oregano. But, in addition, the herb is used in the composition of thoracic, diaphoretic and carminative preparations as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant in the event of catarrhal diseases or any other respiratory diseases.

Essential oil is made from oregano, which is used for toothache, and, for example, in Indian medicine, oil serves as a stimulating and strengthening agent. By the way, essential oil is good against harmful insects.

It helps with intestinal diseases, stomach cramps, gastritis, inflammation of the liver.

Oregano Harvesting

Of the other diseases from which oregano helps - jaundice, insomnia, whooping cough, and various nervous disorders. With scrofula, oregano leaves are added to the bath.

If it is correct to make the workpiece, then it can not only be stored for a long time, but also preserve its properties. All useful qualities depend on the composition of the elements contained in it. It contains the oily substance quarkarol, various plant hormones, thymol, vitamins and, as already mentioned, essential oil.

All these elements have beneficial effects - anti-inflammatory, antiglytic, antifungal, diuretic, antibacterial, choleretic and antispasmodic.

oregano flowers

In addition to internal ailments, oregano is used in the treatment of various skin irritations, psoriasis. Preparing a decoction, you can make compresses from rashes, acne, blackheads and boils.

Tea is used for the prevention of cancer.

Cosmetology, too, was not without oregano. This herb helps to improve the appearance of the skin, helps against cellulite.

Using teas, decoctions and tinctures can help with toothache. With colds, it is recommended to inhale a steep broth.


But, along with the benefits, like any other drug, has its own contraindications.

It is not recommended to take tea with oregano in case of gastric or duodenal ulcer. And in the presence of increased acidity, it is better to limit yourself to the use of this herb.

You can not use oregano in any form pregnant, and at any time. Men also need to be extremely careful in the use of tea, as this can lead to a decrease in potency.

Oregano - beneficial properties and contraindications for women, men and children

If you apply everything in moderation, then no consequences will be threatened. Also, the beneficial properties of oregano can affect men and women differently.

Oregano - the benefits and harm for women

What is the benefit of oregano for women, what does it affect?

First, it is the elimination of toxins and, accordingly, weight loss. Oregano causes a calming effect, helps with disorders of the stomach and intestines, enhances hair growth.

Mainly used dried grass. Someone collects it, someone gets in the pharmacy. This herb is used to brew tea. Moreover, it is desirable to add other medicinal herbs. For example, using herbal mixture, you can make tea monastic.

monastic tea

Monastic tea

Crushed root of elecampane, St. John's wort, oregano, one tablespoon, rosehip berries - 100 g. It all mixes up, filled with three liters of water. Put on the fire, bring to a boil. After that, the drink is infused for an hour. After a time, it can be used both cold and hot.

Oregano tea

If you like "pure" tea, then it is enough to throw a teaspoon of grass into a glass of boiling water.

Bath infusion

There is still a good way to use oregano to improve the tone. To do this, we brew 50 g of dry oregano with two liters of boiling water, pour it into a thermos. There broth insisted 3 hours. After that, it can be poured into a water bath. It is recommended to take such baths every two days for 20 minutes.

In addition to dry grass, oil from oregano is also used. Since this oil has bactericidal and antiviral properties, it is used in the treatment of infections, as well as for the removal of parasites and skin fungus.

oregano essential oil

By the way, this oil can not only be purchased at a pharmacy, but also be prepared by yourself. To do this, use fresh flowers. In the three-liter jar put 1.5 kg of raw materials, 2 tbsp. l salt, is poured to the top unrefined vegetable oil. The jar is closed with a lid, put on four weeks in direct sunlight. After this period, the oil is filtered, poured into smaller containers.

But, one way or another, it is necessary to use oregano as a medicine after consulting a doctor. Moreover, pregnant women use oregano is strictly prohibited. Although in gynecology, it is used quite widely.

The use of oregano in gynecology

One of the therapeutic properties that oregano has in gynecology is the normalization of the menstrual cycle, in addition, it relieves pain during menstruation, acting as a sedative and hypnotic.

If the menstrual cycle is disturbed, the following decoction is recommended. Takes 2 tsp. dry oregano and poured a glass of boiling water. After this, 15 minutes the infusion is heated in a water bath. Then the broth is cooled and drunk 1/3 cup three times a day.

decoction of oregano

Another decoction that will increase the tone, but during menstrual cycles, it is not recommended:

  • Clover - 1 tbsp. l
  • Oregano - 2 tbsp. l
  • Melissa - 2 tbsp. l
  • Nettle is white, flowers - 4 tbsp. l

All the ingredients are mixed, poured 0.5 liters of boiling water. Broth infused all night. It is applied cup before meals. It is worth noting that this broth has a very strong diuretic effect.

There are recommendations for those women who can not get pregnant. They are encouraged to use a decoction of a mixture of oregano and knotweed. For this mixed 2 tbsp. l herbs and poured 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infused decoction all night. The next day, you can start the cycle.It lies in the fact that within 21 days it is necessary to apply a decoction, then take a break for 10 days. Then wait for the end of the menstrual cycle and again start drinking the broth for three days. In the evening it is necessary to put the banks in the lower abdomen.

collection of oregano

Banks are put on 20 minutes. Contraindications for this procedure are gynecological diseases and tumors, therefore, before you put the banks, you must consult a doctor.

There is another use of oregano in gynecology - this is douching. For this procedure, 2 tsp. oregano infusion poured a glass of warm water. The same tool helps with colpitis, vaginal itching.

The use of oregano in all its types is contraindicated in pregnant women.

What is useful and harmful oregano for men

As well as for women, oregano is contraindicated in men with allergies. Even if you do not have allergies, it may be that with its use this side effect is possible. And if you have a high acidity or an ulcer, then you cannot drink oregano at all.

In addition, if women can not care about the quantitative use of oregano, men should not abuse it, because this herb affects the potency.In the grass there are special hormones - estrogen, which reduces the level of testosterone. Therefore, excessive passion oregano can lead to impotence.

But do not despair, as they say, the use of moderately helps with gastritis, pain in the intestines.

Oregano - beneficial properties and contraindications for women, men and children

There is another good feature - it helps against alcoholism. But this is also all in moderation. In general, oregano is considered exclusively female grass, because its main properties are associated precisely with women's diseases.

For men, this herb is best suited for colds and severe coughing. As a remedy for the treatment of diseases of the prostate gland, oregano can be drunk with a small addition of coffee.

That's all the main healing properties for men. As you can see there are not many. But this is understandable, since this grass is more female.

Oregano - useful properties and contraindications for children

Since adults drink herbal tea, either in the course of treatment, or for the sake of prevention, the question arises whether it is possible to pour this tea at the same time to their children. If for women oregano is needed, for men it is applicable only to a limited extent, then it is contraindicated for children.This is primarily due to the fact that the children's body is still being formed, and oregano, as seen earlier, has specific properties aimed primarily at the state of the reproductive system. Therefore, frequent use of children can lead to violations of this system itself.

dry oregano

But this does not mean that children need to avoid such a medicinal plant. It can be applied externally. There are no contraindications and no consequences.

It is, first of all, about baths from broth at occurrence of an allergy or various skin diseases. Help such baths for nervous disorders, for insomnia. If a cold or headache has appeared, a simple compress and gargling can help, and for wounds and burns, lotions.

The only thing that is not suitable for a bath of oregano is for children who have enuresis. Also, external use is not recommended for children with weak hearts.

In general, soothing baths, especially for babies, are necessary.

bath broth for children

However, it is necessary to bathe in such baths after a year. Bath is done simply: 250 ml of infusion of oregano is added to 10 liters of water. If a child is older than 5 years, the volume of the infusion can be increased to 500 ml per 10 liters of water.

Allergy test can be done independently.With a decoction, we moisten a cotton swab, smear the skin between the thumb and index finger from the back of the hand. If after an hour there is no redness and no itching, then oregano baths are not contraindicated.

In order to make a lotion or a compress, it is necessary to prepare a concentrated decoction of oregano. We take 100 g of grass, pour 300 ml of boiled water, bring to a boil and keep on the fire for 15 minutes. Then leave for half an hour in a thermos. Next, filter the broth, cool, after which you can make compresses and lotions.

oregano compress

For children, compresses or lotions are placed in the temporal area or superciliary space with a cotton swab moistened with a decoction for 15 minutes. The procedure is done 4 times a day.

If children are given to drink oregano, it is best to do this in combination with other herbs. For example, during bronchitis, tea is prepared, which also includes linden flowers, Althea root, and dried raspberry berries. 300 ml of boiling water is poured onto 100 g of this mixture, infused for about 20 minutes. We prepare the drink as follows: pour 50 ml of broth, pour 150 ml of boiling water and give to drink 8 times a day.

Where is oregano used, except for traditional medicine

Long since oregano was used and applied in traditional medicine. It is used not only by itself, but also included in various fees, such as diaphoretic, thoracic and carminative.

These fees are widely used in traditional medicine. Thus, various drugs with herbs can be purchased at any pharmacy.

collection of oregano

But there is still the use of oregano, not related to treatment. This is cooking. One of the popular applications in this area is its use as a spice. She seasoned meat dishes, pates. It is added both to homemade sausages and to by-products fillings. And nothing about pickling marinades is out of the question. To get the mint flavor, it is added to the jar with salting some dried grass.

Oregano is also included in the composition of spice mixtures for adding to mushrooms, for example, champignons, mushrooms, as well as in sauces and mayonnaise. These seasonings usually go under the name "Oregano".

seasoning oregano

In any self-respecting kitchen uses a mixture of seasonings, which includes oregano, peppers: sweet and black, basil, rosemary, thyme and marjoram.

In Russian cuisine oregano is mainly used for making tea.

Moreover, it serves not only invigorating, but also a medicinal drink.This tea helps against colds, edema, relieves sore throat, helps fight stress.

How to make oregano tea

In order for the drink to have its beneficial effect, it must be properly prepared. Everything is done is simple. We take a porcelain teapot, pour 1 teaspoon of dry grass, pour a glass of boiling water. Five minutes, you need to insist drink, after which it is ready for use.

If desired, you can add sugar or honey to tea to combat insomnia. Well suited for the taste of cream.

And if you brew with cattle, thyme and ivan tea, this mixture will help to strengthen the body's immunity.

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