Opening of the season 2017 in Sheregesh

Nature in Siberia is amazing and diverse. No wonder it attracts crowds of tourists every year. Here you can admire the snow-capped mountain peaks, inhale the fresh frosty air, walk through the clean coniferous forests and meet good people.

This welcoming atmosphere has a positive effect on the human body. That is why many are waiting for the local resort to start functioning.Sheregesh.The opening of the 2017 season will be held in November and many fans of such a holiday are already looking forward to this moment.

The resort will update

The head of the Tashtagol district, Vladimir Makuta, said that the village of Sheregesh was soon waiting for a complete reincarnation. A master plan has already been developed, according to which new buildings will appear on the territory, allowing to spend holidays in these parts with even greater comfort. The new document lists the boundaries of land and water protection zones, which is a welcome to the integrated development of the territory.

Very soon, a bus station, recreation areas of various sizes, parks will be built in Sheregesh. In addition, in the town they intend to open a panto-hospital.

For the 2016-2017 winter season, a special skiing scheme is already provided, which owners of local trails and lifts must adhere to. In those places on the highway where there is a danger, it is planned to install warning signs that are noticeable during the descent. This year begins the construction of a two-level transition, allowing you to easily cross the towing tracks.

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The safety of the guests on the lifts will be ensured by the installed nets, which have all the necessary quality certificates and comply with all the necessary international safety standards. They intend to equip the traversing road with signal landmarks and cones, which will make it possible to separate it from the road.

With the opening of the ski season, valets will start working at the resort, who will be able to regulate the flow of transport and provide free travel for cars. In addition, after four years, the existing lifts want to be replaced with chair lifts for more comfortable movement. From the beginning of the season, there will be 2 lifts on the move, capable of accommodating up to 5 thousand people per hour, four hotel buildings for 278 rooms, parking for more than 3 thousand cars and two bath houses.

What offers tourists Sheregesh

At the disposal of tourists a variety of routes that differ in length and complexity. In total there are 15 of them with a total length of 23 kilometers. The main feature of the resort is a variety of descents. Here everyone will be able to choose for themselves the ideal route, depending on their professionalism.

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For example, beginner skiers prefer to ride on the track near the mountain Green. All the tracks that are in Sheregesh can be divided into four categories:

  • green - simple (for beginners);
  • blue - medium complexity;
  • red - difficult to pass;
  • blacks are very complex.

There are the shortest and longest tracks here. For example, the shortest is the one that lasts only 700 meters, and the longest stretches for 3900 meters. The average height difference reaches 300 meters, while its maximum level is 690 meters.

If for the first time you find yourself in such a place, then professional instructors will be at your disposal who will tell and show you how to ride and introduce you to the basic safety techniques.

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In order to fully immerse yourself in this extreme atmosphere, it is not necessary to take all the accessories with you.In Sheregesh there are rental outfits that can provide a complete set of things for any shape. In addition, organized mass rental of snow scooters.

For those who are tired after long descents and got hungry, there are small cafes near the tracks: Pula, Yurt, Susanin, Springboard, Finish. The hosts offer visitors fragrant dishes that can satisfy even a strong hunger. You can have dinner at the window and admire the snowy mountain peaks. Food prices will fully satisfy the needs of middle-class Russians.

Periodically there are arranged excursions on the snowy slopes on snow-scooters. Such a pastime will not only plunge you into the fairy tale of winter forests, but also give you an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

In addition to the tracks in the city, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes and other entertainment facilities. Any visitor will find the perfect way to spend their leisure time.

New Year's Eve

ski season in Sheregesh

People come to this region not only for skiing from the mountain. Many tourists prefer to break away from the bustle of the city and come to Sheregesh to celebrate the New Year. This is not surprising, because the city administration arranges a truly magnificent celebration on the occasion of this holiday.

The comprehensive New Year's program includes skiing, hotel accommodation, a New Year's feast, walks on snowboards, helicopter flights, horseback riding, visiting a local bath and sauna, fun contests and new acquaintances.

To all those who are interested in this type of holiday and wants to spend all their New Year holidays in these parts, we recommend booking rooms already. Since the beginning of winter to settle here is practically unreal. Therefore, it is better to prepare a sleigh in the winter, as the famous proverb says.

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