Opel will launch the 2017 electric model Ampera-e

Immediately it must be said thatOpel Ampera-e 2017- most likely, the novelty will be called so, is the only vehicle of the company from Rüsselsheim, set in motion from the charge of electricity.

In the European markets, the Opel Ampera electric vehicle, which acts as a midsize sedan, has been sold with great success for a long time. Compared to him, the new Ampera-e will be made in a different type of body, which will allow the electric machine to carry the proud name of a full-fledged urban hatchback.

As stated by the management team of Opel, the release of a fresh five-seater electric car Ampera-e is part of a project to implement 29 new cars by the end of the decade. The novelty will be completely electric version of its previous model - Ampera, which was published in 2011.

Information about the future implementation of the first electric car from Opel was announced at the German automotive symposium, which was traditionally held in Bochum. Merry Barra (chairman of the board) said:

“Opel and GM have never doubted that electric cars will occupy one of the main positions in the future transport system. Innovative technologies used in our new car are a major step towards the realization of our goals and aspirations. Our all-electric model will help strengthen Opel's reputation as a brand implementing advanced products that are available to a wide audience at the expense of its low cost. ”

Technical features of the novelty

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A fresh hatchback from Opel will receive an electric motor with a capacity of 203 hp. This engine was first demonstrated at the Detroit auto show, as the “heart” of the American Chevrolet Bolt EV. Due to the new power unit, the battery energy of which will be enough for more than 300 km, the car will accelerate in 7 seconds to 100 km / h.

This car will be equipped with a flat battery, which will be located under the floor of the cabin electric car. This solution allows to increase the space for five passengers and the luggage compartment. This technology has been modeled on a flat battery project developed by Volkswagen.

Most likely, this electric car will receive a variety of technologies and components from its colleague from America - Chevrolet Bolt, presented at the last not so long exhibition in Las Vegas.

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The electronic filling of the car will also provide the buyer with all the best that the company currently has - an advanced multimedia system, plug-in assistants and OnStar technologies, as well as functions for pairing with various gadgets and mobile devices.

Exterior and interior model

Serious changes in appearance should not be expected. Exterior will be upgraded slightly. What exactly will be completed revision is not yet known.

The interior of the car will increase in the amount of its free space. The front panel will change slightly in its design. It is known that a fresh multimedia system with a large touch screen will be installed in the Ampera-e. There is currently no other information about the car's interior.

Opel ampera-e 2017 price

Opel Ampera-e Competitiveness 2017

It is believed that the newly-made electric car after its debut on international markets will create serious competition to the most famous manufacturers of hybrid cars.

For example, one of the competitors of the brainchild from Opel - BMW i3 can get a serious defeat in this battle, as its cost, though not by a little, but still higher than the price of an electric car from Rüsselsheim.

As a comparison, the BMW i3 is offered for 35,000 EUR, while the Opel Ampera-e model will likely cost 33,000 EUR. Against the background of daily rising prices, it is obvious that the Opel electric car is a better deal for any buyer.

Opel Amp Electric Car

It must be said that with each passing day, more and more car enthusiasts are interested in electric vehicles. This can be explained by the fact that in addition to full compliance with all environmental regulations and standards, electric cars do not emit fuel products into the atmosphere. They are also very economical.

The manufacturer hopes that the new electric car will make Opel pay more attention and will also completely replace the current generation Ampera, which demand leaves much to be desired lately.

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