On VAZ-2114 cigarette lighter does not work: causes and methods of elimination

Cigarette lighter does not belong to those elements, whenfailure of which further operation of the machine is impossible. Its failure does not carry any threats to the engine or other parts of the car. However, without it, the car becomes less comfortable.

It's been a while since the cigarette lighterwas used for its intended purpose. Today, as a rule, it is not needed to set the cigarette on fire, but to provide power to various electronic and electrical devices: video recorders, navigators, audio and video players, vacuum cleaners, compressors, etc.

VAZ 2114 cigarette lighter not working

In this article we will consider the mainmalfunction, due to which the VAZ-2114 cigarette lighter does not work. In addition, we will understand their reasons and try to eliminate the breakdown on their own.

What is the cigarette lighter "Samara" fourteenth model

The design of the cigarette lighter in the VAZ-2114 is the same,as well as at other cars. It consists of a glass (nest) and an insert. A nest is a metal cylinder whose walls are connected to the "mass" of the car. It is also equipped with a central terminal connected to the "plus" of the onboard circuit.

The main element of the insert is nichromespiral. It is enclosed in a metal case with a plastic knob. The insert is inside the glass. In the off position, its housing is in contact only with the "mass". When the button is pressed, the insert penetrates into the glass, where one of the contacts of the spiral contacts its central terminal, closing the chain. It is held in the nest due to two special bimetallic "ears". The current passing inside the helix heats it red. Thanks to this, we, in fact, have the opportunity to light a cigarette.

Does not work radio cassette recorder and cigarette lighter VAZ 2114

The device turns off automatically. When the glass is heated to a certain temperature, the "ears" are released and the insert is released. At the same time, a characteristic click is heard notifying the driver that the device has turned off and is ready for use.

Car socket for electrical appliances

If you remove the insert from the socket, we get thea real car outlet at 12 V. Naturally, to be able to receive electricity from it, a special plug of a cylindrical shape is required. It is these plugs that are used to equip all the automotive electrical appliances listed above. Usually they have one central positive contact and two side ones (minus ones). Most plugs for the purpose of additional protection of electrical appliances against overloads are equipped with fuses that are located inside them.

What can happen with a cigarette lighter

If the cigarette lighter does not work in your VAZ-2114,The reasons for this can be only two: either the integrity of the nichrome spiral is violated, or there is no tension at the contacts of the glass. Identify the problem will help an ordinary car tester or multimeter, included in the voltmeter mode.

The cigarette lighter VAZ 2114 stopped working

Connect one probe to the positive terminalglass, and the second lead to its body. The voltmeter should indicate the battery voltage. In this case, you can simply replace the spiral insert, and the cigarette lighter will again work as a new one. But if there is no voltage on the contacts, you need to continue to look for the problem.

Cigar lighter VAZ-2114 does not work: reasons

Problems with the supply of electricity to the cigarette lighter output may result from:

  • fuse blowout (fuse-link) due to exceeding the value of consumer current;
  • malfunction of the device's backlight;
  • violation of contact in the connectors;
  • breakage of the wiring.

Where to look for a burnt out fuse

The cigarette lighter stopped working on VAZ-2114, andthere is no voltage on its contacts? Start the fault finding procedure by checking the fuse. To do this, you do not have to disassemble, and from the tools you only need a multimeter in the tester's mode or a homemade tester from a lamp and two wires. The natural question that arises in a situation when the cigarette lighter VAZ-2114 does not work: "What kind of fuse should be checked and where should I look for it?"

Why does not cigarette lighter work on VAZ 2114

In "Samarah" of the fourteenth model this elementprotection is located in the mounting block located in the engine compartment of the car. Open the hood, and in the far right corner (if you look at the windshield) you will see a black plastic box. This is the assembly unit of the car. The cigarette lighter fuse, depending on the modification of the car, can be designated as F4 or F7. It is designed for a maximum current of 30 A (in some modifications, its rating can be 20 A).

Fuse Diagnosis

To check the fuse, carefully remove it.it from the seat, connect its conclusions to the probes of the multimeter and "ring". If you use a homemade tester from a lamp and wires, attach the tested element to the rupture of one of the conductors. Connect the wires to the battery terminals. If the lamp lights up, or the tester beeps you with a beep, that the fuse is intact, the problem should be continued. Otherwise, simply replace the insert.

The cigarette lighter stopped working on VAZ 2114

Never install a fuse with anothercalculation current, and all the more so do not use a variety of "bugs". This will jeopardize the entire vehicle's onboard circuit. And from the standpoint of fire safety, this is unacceptable.

Why does the fuse blow?

Having determined that the VAZ-2114 cigarette lighter is notworks due to fuse blown, it is worth considering the cause of this malfunction, because with the normal operation of the on-board network, the fuse-link can serve for years. Its failure can be caused by a short circuit in the chains of the engine of the passenger compartment heater, the windscreen washer, the glove compartment lighting, the rear window heating relay. The fact is that the safety of all these circuits is answered by the same fuse, which ensures the safety of the cigarette lighter.

Another reason for the fuse blownbe carelessness or negligence of the car owner in the operation of additional electrical appliances. If you recently vacuumed the car interior or pumped the tires with a compressor, connecting the equipment to the "power outlet", and after that the VAZ-2114 cigarette lighter stopped working, you can be sure that these devices contributed to the failure of the fuse.

Does not work cigarette lighter VAZ 2114 what kind of fuse

When using such devices, it is necessary to take into account the amount of current consumed and not to allow it to be larger than the on-board network of the machine.

And here the radio tape recorder?

There are situations when the radio is not working andcigarette lighter VAZ-2114 at the same time. You say: what kind of connection can there be? That's right, it should not be. But some "electricians" or the car owners themselves connect the radio to the cigarette lighter contacts. This is much easier than laying the wires to the battery terminals. So it turns out that when the cigarette lighter fuse blows, the radio recorder ceases to work. In this case, it is better to contact a qualified autoelectrician to correct the situation.

Lighter for cigarette lighter

The reason for the fact that the VAZ-2114 cigarette lighter is notworks, there can be a banal burnout of a lamp of its illumination. The fact is that the circuit of the device is designed in such a way that the voltage goes first to it, and only then goes to the positive contact of the glass.

Cigar lighter VAZ 2114 does not work

In order to check the lamp, it is necessary to removethe so-called beard - the central console of the torpedo. It is easily dismantled after turning off four screws located on the sides (two on each side). When the console is removed, remove the lamp from the seat and "ring" the tester. If necessary, replace it and check the operation by turning the car's ignition and parking lights on. After replacing the lamp, test the cigarette lighter.

Why the cigarette lighter on the VAZ-2114 does not work: we are looking for a problem in the connectors and wiring

If all your efforts did not bring the desiredcheck the connectors and the integrity of the wiring. First of all, pay attention to how the "plus" wire and the "mass" wire to the device's glass are connected. Slide the protective insulation from the contacts and inspect the connections. If necessary, restore them. After that, check the contacts of the X1 pad on the mounting block. The cigarette lighter power leads are suitable for it. Unfasten it from the connector of the unit and inspect the contacts. If there are signs of oxidation on them, peel them and treat them with rust-proof liquid (such as WD-40). Next, you should ring the wires coming from the pads to the cigarette lighter. You can determine them by color. If you find a broken wire, replace it locally, and it's better to burn everything.

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