Old New Year 2018

In our country, it is not customary to clean up the Christmas tree right after Christmas, because January is generous for the holidays, and Old New Year 2018 is ahead. 1st of January.

Old New Year 2018


Where did another New Year come from, and when is it celebrated?

Old New Year 2018

The Russians repeat the holiday after 13 days thanks to the calendar twists and turns. Gregory VIII, in the 16th century, being on the papal throne, introduced a new chronology. Following the spiritual guide, the countries of Europe were translated into the Gregorian calendar. The same was done here, but after the October revolution. During this time, people managed to get used to the old style (Julian calendar), where the New Year comes on the night of January 13-14, and continue, though with a smaller scale, to celebrate this date.

The old New Year "got accustomed" in the countries of the former USSR, as well as abroad:

  • Switzerland,
  • Greece,
  • Tunisia,
  • Morocco,
  • Montenegro,
  • Algeria
  • Serbia,
  • Romania.

Yes, each state has its own special traditions, but the tradition to congratulate friends is a generally accepted format, so be sure to send congratulations to your foreign friends,business partners.

The customs of celebration in Russia

Old New Year 2018

The eve of the Old New Year is also called Vasilyev by the evening, in honor of the associate of Christianity, Basil the Great, who patronizes pig breeders. On this day, the mistresses, trying to please the saint, laid hospitable tables, the obligatory dishes of which were:

  • buckwheat on pork broth;
  • Smoked Salad;
  • aspic;
  • ribs stuffed with buckwheat;
  • canape with pork lard and vegetables;
  • suckling pig, whole-baked in the oven.

The fish were not put on the table, it was believed that happiness would swim away from the house. To entertain guests, they made dumplings, the filling of which was not always edible, but then it was possible to predict the future.

Stuffing for fortune-telling on the Old New Year
An Apple Moving to a new apartment
Pic Joy
Parsley Good health
Sugar, caramel Fulfillment of desires
Coin Financial well-being
Ring First wedding
Raisins Successful career
Pepper Life changes
Beans Birth of children
Sunflower seeds Gossip
Cucumber Health improvement
Salt Quarrels, failures
Cherry Bone Joy associated with children
Cranberry Undivided love
Button New purchases

In the villages there was a funny tradition of stealing gates in the yards of unmarried girls. The host good was returned to its place only after the ransom was paid in cash or alcohol.

Often, the beginning of the festivities was marked by the singing of generous people (carollers) performing ritual tunes-wishes to the owners, in whose houses they looked. The next morning it was customary to go around the neighbors and relatives with the grain - “sow” in the corners. “Sown” seeds were carefully collected, mixed with spring seeds and stored until spring.

Old New Year 2018

Burning a bundle of straw “Didukhi”, on the one hand, was considered entertainment - young people jumped over a fire, competing in agility; on the other hand, the purpose of the ceremony was to dare evil spirits.

At the time of our great-great-great-grandparents, young women knew exactly how many higher powers would begin to rule the world and tried to make fortune for the upcoming events and find out the name (and possibly other signs) of the married man. To divination was truthful, adhered to the rules.

  1. The room was freed from domestic animals: cats, dogs. Otherwise, they could scare away those who want to get in touch and tell the secrets of the spirits.
  2. Started on January 13, waiting for the sunset.
  3. From evil spirits protection was given church candles. Only they were used in ceremonies, and not those that were sold in the store.

Old New Year allows you to return to the atmosphere of the New Year. Recall the traditions of ancestors, congratulate and bestow on those who have been forgotten, review spiritual films, make a wish and maybe, as it was dreamed on January 1, try again to start from scratch. Again.

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