OGE in biology in 2019

The biology exam in 2019 is included in the list of OGE disciplines that a student can take by choice. In the 2017-2018 academic year, biology, as one of the subjects of the State Attestation, was chosen by 30% of ninth-graders. In 2019, this percentage of those who donate will be even greater, because this subject is selected by graduates who wish to continue their education in medical colleges or specialized classes in the field of chemistry.

Many ninth-graders are sure that it is not at all difficult to hand over biology, because it is not physics or mathematics with their huge number of formulas and complex tasks. But do not underestimate the complexity of CIMs developed by specialists of the FIPI, because they are aimed at testing knowledge throughout the course of biology, and this is a fairly large amount of information.

OGE calendar of biology in 2019

the date of the

Like other exams that await students completing grade 9 in 2019, the OGE in biology will be held in three stages. Those who did not cope with the tests in the 2017-2018 academic year, as well as the graduates of 2019 who have a good reason for the transfer of the exam, will have the opportunity to pass the exam ahead of time.

The bulk of students in all regions of Russia will take biology on the main day, falling on the beginning of June.

An autumn session is two additional chances for those who are unable to properly prepare themselves and still manage not to pass the exam on the first attempt.

Early period

Main day

April 2019 *

Reserve day

May 2019 *

Main period

Main day

June 2019 *

Reserve days

June 2019 *

Autumn retake

1 retake

September 2019 *

2 retake

September 2019 *

* The 2019 OGE calendar is not yet approved.

Biology Exam Format

All graduates of the 9th grade (regardless of the geographical location and profile of the educational institution in which they study) in 2019 will receive a single set of examination tickets developed by FIPI at the OGE.

OGE on Change Biology, 2019 CIMs

Each biology ticket will include 32 diverse tasks. The structure of KIM will be as follows:



Job type



basic difficulty

short answer (figure)


increased complexity

multiple choice

(3 of 6 replies)


increased complexity



increased complexity

establish the sequence of biological processes



increased complexity

work with text


high complexity

statistical data analysis (table)


high complexity

solution of applied problems




The duration of the OGE in biology in 2019 will be 3 hours (180 minutes).

1 part - test

Answers to the tests of the first unit must be entered in a special form, which will later be checked electronically. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules for filling out the OGE in advance, which will help to avoid the very undesirable consequences of improperly responding to the test part of the work.

OGE 2019 biology tests

Part 2 - with detailed answers

The second part of the OGE is questions that require a detailed answer and a full description of the course of the decision. In tasks where you need to submit a complete mathematical calculation, you should not be lazy to paint. Here, even the correct, but not confirmed by the argument and formulas, the answer will not be counted.

The overall distribution of tasks by level will be as follows:

  • baseline - 48%;
  • increased complexity - 35%;
  • high complexity - 17%.

Please note that in the course of performing work on biology it is prohibited to use any sources of information, be it tables or electronic gadgets.Even a smart watch can be the reason for the cancellation of the result; therefore, it is better to prudently leave all devices that may cause observers to be at home.

What not to take on the OGE in 2019

The test part of the work, as in the EGE in 2019, will be digitized and verified electronically. That is why it is so important to follow all the rules for filling out the answer form. Experts - biology teachers with high qualifications and extensive experience - are attracted to the verification of the second part.

Coding serves as an effective defense, and during the course of verification, the expert cannot know whose work is in his hands. Each work of the OGE is checked twice. Experts, independently of each other, put up balls, focusing on a unified verification system developed by FIPI.

Task level

Number of tasks

Maximum score













Ideally, points awarded by two different experts should be the same. But there are other situations. If something in the work of the examinee was interpreted ambiguously by experts, and the estimates differ significantly, a third test is performed, to which another specialist is attracted. The third independent opinion is considered decisive.

Translation of test points scored by a graduate in the performance of the OGE in biology, in 2019, is translated into an assessment according to the compliance table recommended by the FIPI:


Test score









Also in 2019, each region of the Russian Federation has the right to independently set thresholds for evaluations of the OGE, having made the appropriate decision in the prescribed manner.

According to official documents, in 2019, a graduate can pass an OGE in biology enough to score 13 primary points, for which it is enough to correctly answer the first 13 tests, which is not a particular problem for most.

It is much more difficult to get the top five in the biology exam, and in fact, graduates who dream of entering medical colleges or classes with a specialized study of chemistry and biology strive for such a result. Passing threshold for these guys will be cherished33 points, for the recruitment of which it will be necessary to solve not only simple tests, but also tasks of increased complexity.

Preparation for the OGE: expert advice

The secret to successfully passing the OGE in biology for the graduates of 2019 is simple - a thorough preparation for the exam!

The course material, although it has a large amount of information, is easily perceived and remembered, which will allow you to prepare for the OGE without any particular difficulty, if you have been studying biology during all the years of schooling.

The exam includes such blocks from FC GOS:

  1. Biology as a science.
  2. Signs of living organisms.
  3. The system, diversity and evolution of nature.
  4. Man and his health.
  5. The relationship of organisms and the environment.

Preparing for the OGE in 2019 in biology

There are two ways that a ninth-grader can go during the preparation:

  1. Read the theory, review all textbooks and materials containing basic information on topics.
  2. To begin to work out tests and to tighten up knowledge precisely in those areas where their shortage will be felt.

You can find a lot of online tests on the network that are close in structure to exam tickets, but it’s best to carefully work out all the OGE versions of 2017 and 2018, and then proceed to solving the biology demo for 2019 graduates.

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