Nvidia Geforce GTX 770: overview, specifications and reviews

When it comes to an inexpensive video device fromthe initial segment of High-End adapters, many experts recommend paying attention to the modification of Geforce GTX 770 from the famous manufacturer Nvidia. For several years of existence in the Russian market, this video adapter is the best-selling device in the category of affordable devices ($ 400). The review, characteristics and reviews of the owners presented in this article will help buyers decide whether it makes sense to purchase this device or not.

Geforce GTX 770

Clash of the Titans"

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 video adapter is built ongraphic core GK 104 and is positioned in the market as an intermediate version between the two top-end GTX 680 graphics cards of the previous generation and the flagship of the Nvidia Geforce Titan line. Comparing the three listed devices, the reader will discover their complete external similarity, or rather the same cooling system and physical dimensions.

As the tests show, which are confirmedreviews of experts, the novelty has enough high performance, which provides it with the superiority over the top-end device of the previous generation, model 680 GTX, however its price is 30% cheaper than it attracts all fans of dynamic games. There is information that the Geforce GTX 770 chip was introduced to the market as an alternative to an inexpensive solution from the AMD HD 7970.


Following the times, the Nvidia graphics cardGeforce GTX 770 has at its disposal the entire set of modern technologies that provide high-end class devices. True, the basic characteristics were slightly understated by the manufacturer, so as not to interfere with the stable income from sales of Geforce Titan - nothing personal, only business.

  1. The clock speed of the graphics core is 1046 MHz (in Boost 2.0 mode, the core runs at 1085 MHz). Physical cores CUDA 1536 pieces, 128 texture blocks.
  2. The memory is built on a modern GDDR5 bus andhas a capacity of 2 GB, but there are soldered sites for its expansion, which some manufacturers took advantage of, releasing products with 4 GB of RAM on board. The effective clock speed of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 memory is 7010 MHz, although it works on a 256-bit bus. Hence, a small bandwidth (224.4 GB / s), unlike the flagship Titan.
  3. As well as it is necessary to all devices of a game niche,the video adapter supports SLI mode, provides third-party programs access to CUDA processors, supports 3D games and at the hardware level understands the Blu-ray video stream.

Heating and cooling

It is generally accepted that the GK 104 chip, borrowedthe 680 GTX version is very energy-intensive - 230 watts. First, the power supply requirements are overestimated (600 W minimum), and additional connectors (6-pin and 8-pin) must be present. The second problem is a strong heating of the graphic core during operation, which in a few seconds without adequate cooling will quickly pass through the mark of 100 degrees Celsius.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770

In the laboratory Nvidia felt that with coolingGeforce GTX 770 will be able to handle only the system from the flagship Titan. The device has a turbofan located at the back of the video card, aluminum radiator grilles on the entire surface of the printed circuit board, which are hidden by a protective casing. With cooling, such a system copes with dignity, unless it is a question of overclocking clock frequencies.

Leader of sales

Appeared in the Russian market video adapter ASUSGeforce GTX 770 immediately attracted the attention of many buyers. Low cost has become the main criterion for many users before buying. The device has a proprietary DirectCU II cooling system, which the manufacturer installs on most of its video devices. The aluminum radiator covers the entire area of ​​the printed circuit board, and the copper tubes, penetrating the perimeter cooling system, boil down on the contact pad, which removes heat from the graphics core.

ASUS Geforce GTX 770

On the high propensity to overclockvideo adapter ASUS Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 is out of the question. As the review shows, the nominal frequency of the graphic core of 1059 MHz can not effectively lower the temperature of the graphics core (60 degrees Celsius). The factory installed a brand voltage controller, which should provide less heat, but in addition to increasing the power consumption (260 watts), the video adapter did not get warmer from it.

Decent hybrid

Quite another matter with a worthy coolingthe hybrid video adapter ASUS Geforce GTX 770 Poseidon. The manufacturer, using someone else's experience, tried to create an air-to-water cooling system, and he, according to numerous reviews of the owners, it turned out. A water block is installed on the circuit board, which closes not only the graphic core, but also memory chips with power elements. Using 50-centimeter tubes, the system communicates with the compressor, which is withdrawn separately and has an aluminum radiator with a huge fan.

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 770

The nominal core frequency of 1059 MHz, in fact, isalready unimportant for the potential for overclocking, which shows the Geforce GTX 770 graphics card (the price is within 40,000 rubles). Without any overheating and unnecessary noise, the graphics core works fine at 1200 MHz, and as users say, this is not the limit.

Player favorite

Product Gigabyte Geforce GTX 770 from one moreTaiwanese representative deserves attention of potential buyers. Having installed the proprietary cooling system Windforce III, the manufacturer tried to move competitors in the gaming niche, demonstrating the high potential of the graphics card in the overclocking of the graphics core. As the owners note in their reviews, the device works stably at a frequency of 1138 MHz (in Boost 2.0 is 1189 MHz). Not a bad result for an air-cooled system, but increasing frequencies in the future leads to a significant increase in the temperature of the graphics core.

The manufacturer installed aluminum grillesall around the perimeter of the Geforce GTX 770 circuit board, providing temperature balancing with copper tubes, and from above put a casing with three huge fans. They create a flow of air sufficiently powerful for cooling, but here the dissipated heat is not discharged outside the enclosure, but remains inside the system unit. Here everything depends on the proper operation of the cooling system of the enclosure. If the power supply is installed at the top, overheating will be noticeable immediately.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 price

Homemade hybrid

The video card Gigabyte Geforce GTX 770 has attracted attentionmany overclockers who do not want to overpay money for the brand and want to have a reliable device at hand for their own experiments. As the owners assure in their reviews, a powerful cooling system of three coolers requires a little refinement, namely the installation of additional cooling in the form of an inexpensive water block on the graphics core, instead of one section of an aluminum grate and a base copper core. Arctic and Scythe brands offer decent water blocks for cooling video cards.

The main thing is to make the installation so thatonly water cooling removes heat from the graphics core, and the regular contact pad Geforce GTX 770 2Gb must be completely cut off. As for the technical characteristics after the upgrade, the performance gain is equal to the low noise of the entire system (1200 MHz becomes the nominal indicator of the core performance).

Race for memory

Product MSI Geforce GTX 770 4GB Gaming Editionwill attract buyers with a huge amount of RAM on board the device. In the laboratories of the company came to the conclusion that if there is a wiring on the printed circuit board under the memory chips, then it is necessary to take advantage of this. In addition, the manufacturer has modified the power system by installing its own voltage controller and solid state drives. As a result, the power dissipation of the video adapter decreased significantly, and the proprietary cooling system from the two coolers contributed to this additionally.

Geforce GTX 770 price

In the responses of the owners only positive emotions: 1180 MHz on the core and 7050 MHz on the memory bus can be considered a worthy result. But the further dispersal leads to the fact that coolers at high speeds begin to make strange sounds, reminiscent of howling wolves in the forest. It's up to the owner to decide what's more important: performance or silence in the system unit.


Attention buyers attracted the product GalaxyNvidia Geforce GTX 770, whose price is also in the range of 30,000 rubles. The manufacturer, which is known for Radeon video cards from AMD, suddenly released a video adapter for the competitor's chip. About the branded cooling system with three coolers and a copper core heat sink there are legends, so it only remains to sum up: active cooling 100% copes with the high temperature of the graphics core.

Pleases owners and the potential for overclocking. The GTX 770 chip works perfectly at a frequency of 1144 MHz, and there are prospects to increase performance further. Everything depends on the cooling inside the chassis of the system unit. Fans work very quietly and the prerequisites for inconvenience caused by the hum of coolers, there are none.

Interesting offer

The company decided to surprise everyone in the gaming marketZotac, releasing just three devices in different price categories. The Geforce GTX 770 video card under this brand differs not only in appearance, but also in the efficiency of the cooling system. Also, small improvements were paid to the circuit board itself, where the manufacturer replaced the controller responsible for power distribution. So, an inexpensive solution with two coolers 770 GTX AMP has a low potential for overclocking, however it guarantees the owner complete silence in operation.

Geforce GTX 770 2Gb

A system with three fans is offereduser at a price of 35,000 rubles. The price increase was provoked by the best overclocking potential (1100 MHz by the core) and 4 GB of RAM. A modification of the Extreme Edition is offered as a device for overclockers (1180 MHz). It is worth noting that the expensive modification has a powerful cooling system, which is installed on the GeForce Titan video adapter.

Explosion from the past

Forgotten in the market of video cards brand Inno3D returnedwith a rather interesting proposal. The product with hybrid air-water cooling Nvidia Geforce GTX 770, the price of which is within 35 thousand rubles, can attract customers. However, as the users note in their reviews, the appearance of the device and the lack of radiators on the power cells cause mistrust on the first acquaintance. A conventional water block with fifty-centimeter tubes communicates with an external cooler. Under the casing, in the area of ​​memory chips, there is a section of aluminum radiators, and a copper core adjoins the contact pad of the graphic core.

It puts everything in its placevideo adapter performance. The nominal frequencies claimed by Nvidia in the Inno3D laboratories did not increase, they entrusted this work to the owners of the video card. As you might expect, the savings on the heat sinks significantly affected the heating of the PCB, it's useless to disperse the system with a water block above 1100 MHz, since the device demonstrates unstable operation.


As expected, the novelty attracteda large number of buyers, because the main criterion for them is still the cost of the video card. For a Geforce GTX 770 based device, the price varies between 30-40 thousand rubles. If you calculate the coefficient between cost and performance, then in the High-End class, this video adapter will take the lead.

As for the choice in the market of affordableassortment, then the leaders of sales are three companies: ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI. All the rest prove their superiority over competitors with high productivity, and not at an affordable price.

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