Numerology of time. Value of numbers on hours

The human brain is designed so that it seeksa logical explanation for any event occurring around us. But when there is simply no such explanation, everyone begins to think about the "nonrandomness of chance". For example, many people, looking at the clock, see the values ​​that are of interest to them. It can be the same numbers or their mirror image. On the one hand, in the coincidence of numbers there is nothing surprising, but for our subconscious it is something more than just a numerology of time. Since ancient times, people have attributed to the clock many mystical meanings, and it is still believed that the subconscious mind thus tries to draw our attention, to convey an important message, to warn about the danger.


At least once in a lifetime, every person, fleetinglylooking at his watch, he could see coincidences. Not everyone pay attention to this. Some believe that such signs bring good luck, while others immediately begin to look for the interpretation of what they saw. But if one and the same meaning starts to follow a person, then this says about one thing - the higher forces are trying to convey an important message, and it is more serious to treat it.numerology of time

What does time mean

Each person has similar coincidencesto associate with anything, he himself consciously inscribes them within the framework of his worldview. For some, the numerology of time is more connected with psychology, for others it is the interference of mystical powers and magic. Everything depends on the person himself, on his views on life. An active study of this phenomenon is engaged in such a science as numerology. Throughout life, a person is confronted with figures, they accompany him constantly. Many values ​​of numbers are still heard by people for many years, for example, the number of the devil or the devil's dozen.

11 11 time


It is believed that some coincidences of numbers are carried inthey are not accidental. Numerology of time has long been engaged in the search for the meaning of numbers, and this applies to combinations of time values. With the help of this science, you can determine what exactly is trying to tell us the time.

The figure "one" is related to energy, so itsconstant repetition can mean that a person needs to engage in self-development, pay attention to his personality. But this is not the only meaning. If a person tries to achieve results in his work, then the repetition of a unit can talk about the need to become less self-centered and improve one's attitude towards people.

The figure "two" means confidence and stability inrelationships and feelings. Therefore, when a person often encounters repeated deuces on a watch, it means that his temperament is quite contradictory. There is a possibility that it is better to balance some traits of character. If this is done, a person can take a more rational look at the world, stop making decisions based on fleeting emotions. So if a person saw the time 21:21, then this can apply to a unit, and to a deuce, depending on what hour he sees next or seen before.

As for the triples, they are a bindera link between the past, the present and the future. Therefore, the numerology of time indicates that frequent occurrences of this number on the watch inform the person that it is time for him to seriously think about the future, it is possible that the prospects and opportunities that are waiting for him in the future are being determined right now.

Industriousness and health are reflected in the number of "four." Fives are associated with excitement and adventure, so they can warn of dangers. In principle, these are the main numbers that you should pay attention to.

time 21 21

The mystical manifestation of numbers

Explain such a phenomenon as a constant repeattime on the clock, from a practical point of view is almost impossible. According to many psychologists, this is just a human suspiciousness or an increased concentration on a case, because of what a biological clock that provokes a person to distract from him works. In any case, 11:11 is a time that attracts attention, like many other coinciding meanings. At the same time it has been repeatedly confirmed in practice that you can intuitively pay attention to images, including time on the clock, to connect with the subconscious. After all, it is precisely this one that tries to warn us or to protect us.

numerology of time 18 18

The most common time values

In general, people pay attention to repeated, pair and mirror numbers. Numerology on time on the clock can tell a lot, most importantly - just pay attention to the messages.

00:00 - Midnight has always been considered a hoax. It is during this period that people celebrate the New Year, it is believed that the desire, conceived at this time, will come true. Also, according to popular beliefs, it is at this time that all evil spirits manifest themselves. It is also believed that if a person at this time drew attention to the clock, then his old desire should soon be fulfilled.

01:11 - it is considered that if a person has noticed exactly this time, then he needs to carefully consider all incoming proposals, and they will definitely. Most likely, they will offer an explanatory case, which will bring profit and something good in life.

eleven:11 - a time of warning, it speaks about the possibility of falling under the influence of another, stronger person or about the possibility of becoming dependent on something. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the further life and not to allow this event, since it is unlikely to have a positive impact on you.

Time 21:21 says that a person is haunted by the ghosts of the past, perhaps soon there will be a meeting with an old acquaintance.

12:12 - is associated with success in love affairs. If a person looks at the clock at this time, it means that in his life there will be positive changes in the relationship. If you do not have a pair, then you will meet her soon.

13:13 - Time is also considered an important warning. A devil's dozen says that a person should be on guard - some of his surroundings or enemies intend to make his insidious step, and right now, the intrigue is already beginning.

Positive numerology of time 18:18 - happiness and joy, a person will have a great mood in the near future.

22:22 - a combination of so many couples says about a new acquaintance, in some interpretations it portends a resort romance in the near future.

00:07 - can also become a significant symbol, an association with spy games will be an excuse for your subconscious to report on surveillance and surveillance.

01:23 - means that now is a turning point in life, and it's just time to lay the foundation for future happiness.numerology by time on the clock


All these coincidences can carry a secret meaning, andcan simply be an accident. The most important adviser in this matter is intuition, it will be able to tell you whether it is worth paying attention to this or that event. In any case, even the most insignificant hint of the subconscious will help make the right choice, and this will have a positive impact on later life.

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