Nissan X-Trail 2019

As usual, it is difficult to obtain detailed information about new Nissan models from representatives of the legendary concern, which produces some of the most good, reliable, durable and, most importantly, relatively affordable products. The network contains rather fragmentary information based on spy photos and data of technical specialists - bloggers. For the concept of the engineering industry in Japan, this is a common phenomenon, as was the case with other new cars - off-road vehicles Pathfinder, Patrol. A fundamentally new concept electric car Leaf can only be assessed by photo. Consider the new X-Trail somewhat closer.


About the concept and management of Nissan

Every season, the Japanese improve, carry out technical and technological upgrades of parts, components, components, and this is quite an expected method of management in the Land of the Rising Sun:

  • Compliance with all international standards and style directions, a combination of dynamics with design classics;
  • Reliable technical support and the use of advanced technological methods - this is by no means all the difference between literally every new model;
  • In the new body with expressive forms, the format of the crossover has become significantly brighter, more significant and attractive to the consumer.

Nissan X-Trail 2019

At present, the world community has had the opportunity to see the results of the work of a team of engineers, designers, and managers of the Nissan concern on improving the model range of all-terrain vehicles.

New approaches

This category is one of the most popular in Russia and other neighboring countries. And it is quite justified, because the technical characteristics of this line fully comply with the requirements of operation in a difficult climate and difficulties of rugged terrain, and even complete lack of roads. The new X-Trail of the future season, among other things, is distinguished by its refined style, which is confirmed by the first photos of the interior and the exterior design of the presented car. The desire to increase speed performance and powerful technical support led to the fact that the Japanese presented a crossover that was as close as possible to the full-fledged off-road vehicles.A professional expert, a specialist in marketing, a professional driver and just a fan of Japanese SUVs first of all study the features of the exterior of the 2018 model year Nissan X-Trail. The ion is interesting enough.

External data

Nissan X-Trail 2019

The model today is fairly well known and appreciated by consumers. Over the past few years, the format of a mini-SUV, that is, a crossover, has become one of the most popular. The considerably modified exterior of the 2019 allowed us to obtain radically improved aerodynamic performance, which was shown by the test drive in various road and climatic conditions.

  1. The updated body format, featuring smoother, rounded geometric outlines than its predecessors, is designed to significantly expand the consumer segment, because so harmonious appearance will appeal to beautiful ladies and men, young and mature age;
  2. Judging by the reviews of experts, relief lines on the lateral surfaces look no less interesting, turning into the outlines of the bumper in the central part;
  3. Looks attractive increased grille,stylish and spectacular - polygonal lights of front optics optics with modern LED content that have grown in dimensions;

The model used a promising cooling system of the power unit, based on the air supply through the elements of a large-mesh grid and a massive body kit. Due to this, improved traffic safety indicators. Latest news for aesthetes. Significantly increased the number of mirrors and chrome design elements.

A few words about the salon

New 2018-2019 Nissan X-Trail model year

Excellent look interior design skin in combination with metal and modern plastic. The level of cost of finishing materials depends on a complete set and the price. But in any of the options, the kit includes:

  • Modern multimedia installation with a huge screen;
  • Functional comfort and safety;
  • Anatomical driver and passenger seats.

The novelty is getting closer to the premium segment in terms of trim.

About technical data

The buyer is offered a wide choice of options and, above all, these are the engines:

Diesel Volume 1, 6 l 130 l. from.
Petrol 2, 0 l 144 l. from.
Petrol 2, 5 l 171 l. from.

The release date of the model is the autumn of this year, the start of sales in Russia not earlier than the Christmas fairs of the season 2018 - 2019.

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