NIKO in the 2017-2018 school year

NIKO (National Research on the Quality of Education) is an all-Russian program whose goal is to determine the quality of students' knowledge at different stages of education. Since 2014, at the initiative of Rosobrnadzor, verification work is annually held for students of grades 5-10. The section covers more than 1,000 schools and almost 100,000 students from different regions of the Russian Federation, which allows for obtaining a real picture of the quality of education in schools, gymnasiums and lyceums of the country.

In this article you will find answers to such questions:

Calendar NIKO 2018

Why do we need control cuts in schools?

The attitude to extraordinary test work for children and parents is ambiguous. Many believe that sections add extra stress to the lives of children. But, most educators and psychologists are unanimous in their opinion that the format of conducting NIKO, on the contrary, is an irreplaceable experience for secondary school students.

Control cuts are not conducted in graduation classes (9 and 11). The study involves schoolchildren who do not need to intensively prepare for exams or purposefully increase their level of knowledge in a particular subject.

NIKO results allow:

  • evaluate the quality of teaching certain subjects in specific schools and individual regions;
  • supervise the work of subject teachers;
  • demonstrate to parents the real level of knowledge of their children;
  • indicate to teachers and children themselves which topics should be given more attention;
  • to build a further strategy for the development of education, taking into account the real situation.

NIKO calendar

The program for the study of the quality of Russian education involves carrying out control sections in several stages:

Academic year







october 2015

computer science




april 2016


Social Studies




october 2016

foreign languages



April 2017

life safety fundamentals




october 2017





April 2018






October 2018




April 2019

Physical Culture


Thus, in the 2017-2018 year, it is planned to conduct NIKO in chemistry, biology, literature and the MHC.

In which schools will write NIKO

According to the rules of the project, regional coordinators choose 15 educational institutions in each region. Participation in the project is voluntary.If the school or gymnasium refuses to participate, the organizers simply perform the replacement by contacting other educational institutions in the region.

Important! All students will write parallels to the schools, regardless of the level of academic achievement.

If your school decides to take part in NIKO in 2017-2018, the administration will create a convenient schedule for testing without disrupting the educational process. No special training will be required for children, because all the questions and tasks are developed taking into account the standard school curriculum.

NIKO in grades 5-10

Who makes tasks for NIKO?

All tasks of diagnostic work are prepared by Rosobrnadzor employees and are based on system-activity and competence approaches.

During the development of KIM, the following rules were strictly followed:

  • Tasks were selected to meet the requirements of the current program in a particular subject.
  • All formulations are in textbooks.
  • Assignments are clear and accessible to students of a certain age group.

NIKO results and student average score

Many students and parents are concerned about the issuewill the NIKO assessment affect the overall performance in the 2017-2018 year and what will happen if the child is unable to write the medium on the date given for the writing of the study schedule?

We hurry to rejoice - the NIKO points and the corresponding grades are not put on school journals, which means they cannot influence the semester and annual grades. An exception may be the case when a child who passes a high score wants to receive a promotion as a good grade in a school magazine.

Of course, the results of NIKO cannot remain unnoticed. They influence the rating of the educational institution, as well as the individual rating of subject teachers.

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