New Year in Finland 2019: tours and prices

A trip to New 2019 in Finland will give a chance to plunge into a winter fairy tale. Feeling the holiday atmosphere is easy in the vast snowy Lapland, visiting Santa, on the decorated streets of cities and resorts.

How to celebrate New Year in Finland

For winter fun: skiing, sledding, snowboarding, you should go to Ruka, Levi, Ylläs, Pooh. They will help to have fun and to spend time hiking to bowling, SPA center, karaoke, sauna, water park. For guests of hotel administration arrange banquets, ski competitions with prizes, barbecue.

The cost of vouchers from 30.12. 06. 01. starts from 770 €, including travel by bus from St. Petersburg, accommodation in a 6-bed cottage, ski pass, entertainment program, insurance. Festive dinner is charged separately (€ 80-135 per person). Beginners are offered to order a training package at a school of snubing and skis from € 150 for 5 days.

cottages in finland new year

For a big company, renting a cottage in Finland for the New 2019 will be an excellent solution. House for 8-10 people with sauna, fireplace, next to the ski slopes of Levi, Puh,Yllas offer from 2000 € per week for early booking. In more isolated and remote places, it is really possible to find an option for up to a thousand euros.

Popular cities to celebrate the New Year are Helsinki, Turku, Porvoo. The weather in late December here is wet and rainy. After lunch 24.12. shops, museums may not work until 27.12. In the capital, the main events are held at the Senate and Kansalaistori squares. Booking a table in a restaurant should be taken care of in advance. Many establishments close until midnight.

new year in finland 2019

Unusual ideas of New Year's adventures

A fabulous holiday on the New 2019 in Finland guarantees a trip to the village of Kakslauttanen. It is located 250 km south of the Arctic Circle. In late December, begins the season of the Northern Lights. In the complex Kakslauttanen built a needle with a roof, walls of thermal glass. You can watch the starry sky without leaving your room. Night at the hotel will cost 300-400 €.

Snow Village Lapland Hotels Snow Village opens the door in early December. On the territory of the ice built a restaurant, a maze, rooms for stay. The entrance ticket costs 17.5 € per adult, 10 € per child. The price of a comfortable cottage with a sauna, a jacuzzi for two for 3 nights, including New Year's Eve - 1830 €.In the snowy village of Levi and Yllas organize regular tours.

Lapland Hotels Snow Village

An ice camp with a sauna, a church, and a restaurant is built annually 30 km from Rovaniemi. Tour with dinner, excursion, transfer will cost 110 €. Operators offer other non-trivial entertainment:

  • swimming in the lake in thermal suits (€ 90);
  • rock climbing on the Korouom Waterfall (€ 135);
  • snowmobile night safaris (€ 125);
  • search for the Northern Lights by car (70 €) or by private jet (from 450 €);
  • Cruises on the Sampo icebreaker (€ 335 per adult, € 250 per child).

On a visit to Joulupukki

The most magical place for Christmas is the residence of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. Meeting with the owner of the village is free. Photo from Joulupukki costs € 30 (it is forbidden to take pictures with your equipment). The same amount will cost a ticket to Santa Park. Here are the lessons of calligraphy, the show of elves. In the village of Santa, democratic prices for reindeer sleigh rides (from € 12 a circle).

Family room for three people 3-4 months before the holidays can be found in Rovaniemi from € 650-750 for 3 nights (Santa’s Hotel Rudolf, Arctic three House Hotel). Up to 40% cheaper accommodation will cost if you stay in the nearby villages Vikajärvi, Sonka. Operators offer three-day bus tours to Finland to the resorts of Levi, Vuakatti for the New 2019 with an excursion to the village of Santa at a price of 350 €.

Arctic three House HotelArctic three House Hotel

Less known residences Joulupukki - in Kuhmo, Rauhalahti. In Tahko from 29.12. till 10.01. organize a trip to the forest hut of the Finnish Father Frost. The program (20-40 €) includes gatherings around the campfire, acquaintance with the dwarves, a trip back to the sleigh. Joulupukki cottage is built on the slope of Serena, near Helsinki. Events are held in the beginning of January, from 10 am to 2 pm or by reservation.

Near the resort Ruka receive guests Finnish Santa and his wife (70 €). Spouses give workshops on making buns and creating cards. The northern residence of the wizard is located near Saariselkä. The log building accommodates 250 people. Here you can stay overnight and dine at the same table with Santa for a fee.

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