New Year 2019 in St. Petersburg

The charm of St. Petersburg is known far beyond the borders of Russia. The city is beautiful, unusual and popular with tourists. In winter, the flow of guests only increases - the Russians and tourists from Europe appreciated the charm of winter Peter. The new year 2019 in St. Petersburg promises to be a bright and bright holiday, although for inexperienced travelers it can prepare surprises.

The choice of housing for short stays

St. Petersburg has long been accustomed to the influx of guests. The last decade, the city traditionally falls into the 20 most popular tourist cities in Europe. For tourists, the doors of 260 hotels are open here. In addition, there are private apartments, cottages for rent, hostels and suburban chalets.

It is important to remember that despite all the abundance of hotels in St. Petersburg, there is a high probability of not finding a decent place to stay. This is due to the great popularity of New Year's Peter among Russian and foreign tourists. It’s better to book 3 or even 4 months before the New Year.

You must understand that the New Year's influx of tourists into the city is unusually high. This leads to a completely natural increase in the cost of rental housing. Timely booking allows you not only to guarantee the availability of rooms for the New Year, but also slightly reduce the cost of living in the city during the holidays.

The fastest rooms disappear in such hotels:

  • Moscow;
  • Russia;
  • Pulkovskaya;
  • Baltic;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Grand Hotel Europe.

You can stay in remote recreation centers of the Leningrad region, and in St. Petersburg come to the very meeting of the New Year 2019. Dozens of camp sites and resorts offer their services on holidays. Such as the Aurora Club, Vuoksa-Virta and Kot Matroskin are already well known far beyond the region. Lovers of active recreation suitable cottage village Korobitsyno near the ski resorts.

If in time to do the search, then find a home is not difficult. At the same time, it is necessary to plan the New Year’s dinner itself. Many recreation centers and hotels offer their services for a festive banquet, although it is possible to spend New Year's Eve differently.

Different ways to celebrate New Year in St. Petersburg

Every year, more and more people prefer to spend a festive night on the street. In the New Year, hundreds of adults are as happy as children and kindly congratulate everyone around them. Street festive programs start 1.5-2 hours before midnight. One of the favorite places for New Year's Eve is Palace Square.

The magnificence of Palace Square and outside the holidays is striking in its beauty. On New Year's Eve this place turns into a colorful postcard. It is a bit crowded and noisy, but at the same time very fun. Citizens and tourists gladly come here to celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Also New Year 2019 in St. Petersburg can be found:

  1. On the Haymarket Square.
  2. On Nevsky Prospect.
  3. Near the Gostiny Dvor.
  4. On the Moscow Square.
  5. On Malaya Konyushennaya Street.

Another interesting way to celebrate the winter holiday is to travel by ferry. True romantics can meet the New Year while sailing on Lake Ladoga and the Baltic Sea. This holiday is unusual, but also includes traditional things - a banquet, a concert program and fireworks.

It is possible not to be limited only to New Year's Eve - some operators offer the continuation of the cruise with the location of Finland and the Baltic countries. Such a meeting of the New Year allows you to visit several countries within 3 days and feel like a real conqueror of the seas.

Caution! When choosing a New Year on the water, you need to know for sure about the absence of "seasickness". Even a slight nausea from motion sickness can ruin the most magnificent holiday.

Those who love the sea from afar, it is better to stay on land, choosing one of the restaurants of the city for the festive night. On New Year's Eve hundreds of entertainment facilities and cafes work. You can meet the offensive of the next year in a cozy bar or a noisy club - there is a place in St. Petersburg to taste and wallet for any tourist.

Christmas and cultural entertainment

During this period, the most traditional ways of spending leisure time are visiting fairs and New Year's shows. Commercial and free ice rinks, ice slides and ski resorts are also available. Many people do not need to look for entertainment - New Year's Peter is so beautifulthat most tourists spend hours watching the splendor of the city.

Also, vacationers can choose one of the many excursions with a professional guide. This will allow not only to enjoy the beauty of the city, but also to learn interesting facts about St. Petersburg, its history and architecture.

You can visit the theaters and museums of the city - there are an incredible number of them. A rare city in the world boasts a number of museums in excess of 2 hundred. The same applies to theaters - there are 70 of them in St. Petersburg. If you add cultural houses, exhibitions, concert venues and cinema halls to them, then it becomes clear that there is no time to be bored in this city.

In general, the city itself is a museum. There are so many attractions in it that the New Year holidays are not enough to explore it. It is better to make an approximate program of visits to interesting places.

Great sights of the city

Only for city dwellers are St. Petersburg's drawbridges commonplace. For Russian and foreign tourists, they represent a kind of wonder. Only the bridges in this city are worthy of attention, although there is something else worth seeing.

The city amazes with the number of cultural heritage sites - there are more than 8 thousand of them. Half of them belong to the federal objects. A number of buildings in St. Petersburg are included in the list of World Heritage sites and are under the protection of UNESCO. For over 10 years, the city has been working on a strategy to preserve the Petersburg cultural heritage.

Tourists are happy to explore such places of the city:

  1. Admiralty.
  2. Nevsky Prospect.
  3. Smolny Institute.
  4. Street Architect Rossi.
  5. St. Isaac's Square.
  6. Peter-Pavel's Fortress.
  7. Alexander Nevsky Monastery.
  8. Arrow Vasilyevsky Island.
  9. Winter Palace on Palace Square.
  10. Monument to Peter I on Senate Square.

This is only a small part of historical sites. Here you can also include numerous monasteries, cathedrals, churches and temples of the city. Religious associations own more than two hundred buildings, some of which belong to monuments of architecture at the federal level. Of these, 12 cathedrals, 5 monasteries, many temples and churches, the Cathedral Mosque, the Choral Synagogue, the Buddhist datsan and a number of other buildings.

Believers should know that the relics of the three saints are located in St. Petersburg. They belong to Xenia of Petersburg, Alexander Nevsky and John of Kronstadt.

The cultural, historical and religious heritage of the city is unusually wide. It is not surprising that more and more tourists come to St. Petersburg every year. This city is beautiful and without a festive atmosphere, but on New Year's Eve it simply amazes with its aesthetics and significance.

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