New Year 2017 in Kostroma

By the New Year, all Russians are preparing in advance and very carefully, but in 90% of cases each festival looks like last year. If you want to get out of the "grooved rut" and fabulously celebrate the main winter celebration, a trip to Kostroma would be a great idea. What is special about this city? Beautiful nature, interesting sights, hospitable inhabitants and, of course, the abode of the Snow Maiden.

New Year 2017 in KostromaYou will celebrate in native Russian style, with street festivities, fun, round dances and songs. Both adults and children will have a great time here, because in this wonderful city there is entertainment for every taste.

How Kostroma is preparing for the holiday

The New Year in Kostroma is very much loved, and therefore they are preparing for it seriously. A Christmas tree is installed and decorated on the main square, buildings and monuments are lit with festive illuminations, and colorful garlands are hung on the trees. As a result, the city looks solemn and elegant, and the air feels the spirit of the coming triumph.

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Every year in Kostroma they hold various fun events: concerts, fairs, theatrical performances, competitions, etc.The organizers approach the creation of the festival responsibly, so every year the celebration of the New Year is becoming brighter and more interesting. In the park "On Nikitskaya" for residents and visitors of the city traditionally arrange snow slides, rides, skating rink.

Local restaurants, cafes, clubs and motels are also preparing for the holiday. Each institution prepares the original entertainment program, which will give visitors a great mood and positive charge for the whole year ahead.

How to celebrate New Year 2017 in Kostroma

Kostroma, though a small city, but it has everything for a fun New Year's celebration for every taste. Among the options for celebrating:

  • «Standard“- if you are planning to hold a celebration with friends, then a great idea would be a trip to the main square of the city. Here you will find fairs where you can buy interesting souvenirs and taste delicious pancakes, traditional entertainment with round dances and New Year's songs, a concert with performances of music and dance groups. The celebration will begin before dark and will last almost the whole night. The culmination of the celebration will be a grand salute, which with the onset of midnight will color the sky with thousands of bright lights.
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New Year's holidaysights of KostromaKostroma celebration of the new year 2017
  • Fairy- having tried Kostroma, it is impossible not to visit the Terem Snow Maidens, especially if you came to the city with children. The dwelling of Grandfather Frost's granddaughter is located on the bank of the Volga river among snowdrifts and high pines. Here guests can enjoy the fairytale stories of Kota Bayun, a tour of the Terem in the company of the Snow Maiden and Baba Yaga, delicious treats, gifts and a lot of impressions. Especially both adults and kids will like to visit the ice room, in which the walls, the ceiling, furniture and even the dishes are made of ice. For visitors created a whole festive program, so you will not be bored for a minute. Children will remember this trip for a long time, and adults will not remain indifferent.
  • «Bohemian»- if you want to celebrate the New Year in a festive atmosphere, then the ideal option would be a celebration in a restaurant. Choosing an institution to your liking, you will enjoy an exquisite dinner, live music, entertainment program and salute in honor of the Year of the Fire Rooster. This is a great way to spend New Year's Eve in a relaxed atmosphere, forgetting all your worries. If this method of marking seems a bit boring to you, then go on to the nightclub to continue the evening.Here you will dance plenty and get positive.
  • Country- in Kostroma, you can rent a small country cottage and meet the New Year 2017 among the beautiful nature. This celebration will suit everyone: a family with children, grandparents, a merry group of friends, a couple in love. In such a house it is easy to arrange a celebration in any format, for example, to organize an outdoor barbecue, a battle of snowballs, a competition for sculpting snowmen or diving into a snowdrift, round dances around the nearest Christmas tree. And you can rent a cottage with your own bath and spend the holiday in the steam room.

What else is interesting in the city

architecture of kostroma

Kostroma is included in the Golden Ring of Russia, which means that there are many monuments of history, beautiful architectural sites and temples. If you are interested in the cultural heritage of Russia, be sure to visit the Holy Trinity Monastery and the Church of the Resurrection in Debre, the Romanov Museum and the Fire Tower. If desired, in special agencies you can even book an individual tour of the most interesting places of the city.

Be sure to include a trip to a moose farm in the program of your stay in Kostroma.It was founded in 1963 and is still in operation. Today there live 40 moose, which are distinguished by their majestic beauty and friendly disposition. Do not forget to treat moose with a slice of black bread and take a photo as a keepsake. If you go to Kostroma with children, then visiting the elk farm will be a great surprise for the little fidget, and you yourself will have a great time here.

Kostroma is a beautiful old city where people honor traditions and love to receive guests. In it, every guest will feel at home and celebrate the New Year in an atmosphere of comfort and benevolence. In addition, it is a city of a good winter fairy tale, in which both adults and children will be happy to plunge into it.

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