New Volkswagen 2017-2018 year

New Volkswagen 2017-2018 year amaze with its diversity, functionality and excellent quality. The German concern is trying to restore the lost positions in the world market, so consumers expect a whole line of modernized models, on which the best engineers have worked.

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack - application for high permeability

Volkswagen Golf

The compact Golf hatchback has always been renowned for reliability, but due to the low ground clearance, the car could not demonstrate all its advantages off-road. The Alltrack modification is designed to correct this deficiency, and not only the ground clearance was increased to increase the terrain, but larger diameter discs were also installed. The creators introduced an advanced ESC system with a differential lock to the car, which made it possible to easily overcome height differences and climb steep heights. The interior of the Golf Alltrack is also a lot new, including:

  • LED lights;
  • adaptive climate control;
  • multimedia system with navigation.

Golf Altrek

On the machine will install 4 engine options (1 gasoline equivalent and 3 diesel) in volume from 1.6 to 2.0 liters.These units will be combined with a 6-speed automatic. In Russia, the Alltrack version will appear in the summer of 2017, and its estimated cost, depending on the configuration, will be approximately 630-850 thousand rubles.

How will the Jetta change after restyling?

Volkswagen Jetta 2018

One of the most recognizable Volkswagen models in 2017 will get a modified look that will become more aggressive.

Updated Jet was presented to the public at the first auto show in 2018, held in Detroit. The new exterior, stylish solutions for the salon, as well as significantly improved technical specifications promise the new product to be more popular in 2018 and 2019. In addition to a rich set of the most advanced options, including control of blind zones, monitoring of the driver and other assistants, facilitating parking and driving, the car will become more energetic and get improved handling.

Exterior of the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta

The front panel was completely replaced in the cabin, and wear-resistant plastic was used as the main finishing material, which does not creak or wear out over time. The line of power units remained the same: gasoline engines (atmospheric and turbo) with a volume from 1.2 to 2.0 liters are installed on the car.The updated Volkswagen Jetta is available for sale from February of this year at a price of 650-990 thousand rubles.

Read more about the new product in the article about the Volkswagen Jetta.

The sixth generation of the Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

The German concern is preparing to release another generation of the legendary Polo, which will appear in Russia at the end of 2017. This model will be created on the new platform MQB-A0 with the use of a less rigid suspension. The exterior of the car will become more stylish and aggressive, although there are no significant differences from its predecessor. In the cabin, the dashboard has become more informative, and on the center console in some trim levels mount multimedia touch system.

Volkswagen Polo

At the sixth generation Volkswagen Polo it is planned to install a line of gasoline and diesel engines from 1.5 to 2.0 liters. They will work either with a 5-stupa mechanics, or with automatic transmission. Estimated cost will be from 600 thousand to 1.1 million rubles, depending on the configuration.

Volkswagen Arteon - Passat CC changer

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon is a 5-door liftback, which will replace the Passat CC model in the summer of 2017. Externally, the novelty resembles its predecessor, but the key differences lie in the front optics with DRL sections, smoother body lines and a chrome insert on the rear bumper.All cabin elements have a convenient location, and there is more than enough space for all passengers. The capacity of the trunk is 563 liters, and this figure increases to 1,557 liters with the rear seats folded down.

The car is built on the MQB platform, providing for the transverse arrangement of the motor. The lineup of power units includes three gasoline engines of 1.5 and 2.0 liters., As well as one 2.0-liter diesel equivalent. The 1.5-liter engine is equipped with only 6-stroke mechanics, while the rest of the engines can be equipped with robotic gearboxes.

Volkswagen Arteon

In the CIS countries, Volkswagen Arteon will begin selling only in the fall of 2017, and the cost of new items will start from 2.1 million rubles.

Volkswagen Phaeton - premium sedan

Volkswagen Fideon

The updated version of Phaeton (Phideon for the US market) promises to be the epitome of luxury, sophistication, unsurpassed style. The use of the MLB platform has made it possible not only to improve the car’s handling, but also to reduce its mass. Smooth clear lines of the body give solidity to the model, and the best brands of the world will envy the technical equipment of the cabin (which only front seats with heating, massage and ventilation options cost).

The following motors will be installed on Phaeton:

  • petrol V6 volume of 3.6 liters (281 "horse");
  • petrol V8 of 4, 2 l (340 "horses");
  • petrol V12 volume of 6.0 liters (450 "horses");
  • diesel equivalent volume of 3.0 liters (240 "horses").

Volkswagen FideonUp to 100 km / h with the most powerful motor, the car accelerates in less than 6 seconds. In Russia, the start of sales of the model is scheduled for spring 2018, and the estimated cost of the new item in the basic configuration starts from 4.5 million rubles.

Volkswagen Teramont - off-road "giant"

Among the new models from the Volkswagen 2017-2018 model range is the Teramont SUV. He has already been presented to the public at car dealerships in China and the USA, and in dealerships he will appear in the summer of 2017. The appearance of the car is solid, which is not surprising, because only the length of this “giant” is more than 5 meters (5040 mm). Various options for interior layout are available to the consumer, with three rows of seats easily accommodated in the cabin.Volkswagen Teramont

As for the line of power units, then the car will install one of three gasoline engines:

  • 2.0-liter capacity of 186 "horses";
  • 2.0-liter with a turbine (220 hp.);
  • The 3.6-liter (280 hp.).

The least powerful engine will only be equipped with front-wheel drive, while on the more powerful versions a 4x4 connection option will be available. All motors will be combined either with 7-step robots, or with an 8-range automatic. The estimated price of Volkswagen Teramont. Will be from 3.4 to 4.9 million.rubles, depending on the configuration.

Volkswagen Teramont

Volkswagen Touareg third generation

Volkswagen Touareg

The official premiere of the third generation of the legendary premium crossover Touareg is scheduled for April 2017 in Shanghai. Designers awarded the car with a stylish look, and the distinctive features of the new items will be the front LED optics, smoothly turning into the grille. The crossover is built on the MLB Evo platform, which predetermined its impressive dimensions (length over 5 m, wheelbase - about 3 m).

Under the hood of the car will install gasoline and diesel engines with a capacity of 250-435 "horses." Also, the consumer will be available hybrid version of the Touareg hybrid. All power units by default will be combined with 8-band automatic and all-wheel drive system. The estimated cost of new items will be from 3.2 million rubles.


Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace - functional crossover

Volkswagen Tiguan

The list of new Volkswagen models would be incomplete without the Tiguan Allspace 7-seater crossover. Whether this car will appear in Russia is still a mystery even for the manufacturer, but in Europe sales will begin in the summer of 2017. The considered version is longer than its prototype by 215 mm (4701 mm), and the wheelbase has increased by 110 mm (2791 mm).The appearance is no different from the standard version of the Tiguan, except for the size, and the interior is still at the highest level.

The choice of the consumer is offered a line of three petrol and three diesel engines of 1.4 or 2.0 liters. The power units are equipped with either a 6-speed manual or 7-band automatic. For low-power motors, only front-wheel drive is provided, while on the other analogues there is an option 4 × 4. The estimated cost of new items will be from 1.8 million rubles.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Crafter - the second generation of the legendary van

Volkswagen Crafter

The updated Volkswagen Crafter van will go on sale in Russia at the beginning of this year, and the developers improved not only the aerodynamic drag (now this figure is 0.33 Cx), but also expanded the options for forcing diesel engines of 2.0 liters. Power units varies in the range of 102-175 liters. with., and the car itself is equipped with numerous security systems (ABC, EBD, EBA, Multi Collision Brake). The exterior and interior of the cabin are made in a spartan style, but you will not notice any unnecessary or unnecessary details.

Volkswagen Crafter

Thus, the new Volkswagen 2017-2018 year combines advanced technology, stylish design, excellent value for money.The German brand produces both low cost cars and a premium class segment, so a wide choice of models with different characteristics opens up before a potential buyer.

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