New threshold in an hour

May 15, 2009
Renovation of apartments

New thresholdTo remove the old threshold will need to make an effort. And then you can set a new, beautiful threshold.

If the threshold is not sufficiently polished and lacquered, then it quickly wears out and becomes unsightly. Another problem: if the edges are erased at the threshold, then you can inadvertently and slip. But all this can be avoided by repairing the old or making a new threshold.

Although there is also a third option: remove the old threshold in general, making the transition from one room to another smooth. We decided to replace the old threshold with a new one.

If the door frame and the threshold are old, then probably their vertical surfaces are connected by dowels. In new boxes, the threshold is often simply inserted, and therefore removed without difficulty.

  1. First, we cut the threshold from both ends (at a distance of several centimeters from the door frame). IMPORTANT! We move the saw parallel to the floor so as not to damage it.
  2. The remaining pieces of the threshold break out and cut out of the box with a chisel.
  3. It is also necessary to pull out the connecting pins from the box.After that, a place appears in the box to install a new threshold.
  4. New thresholdWe cut out the blank for the threshold of the desired length to insert into the door frame on both sides. We saw parts, each time trying on the box. Threshold must hold firmly.
  5. We jam the workpiece from below so that it fits snugly on both sides of the door jamb.
    Use plastic pieces or wooden wedges. The main thing - that the threshold was strong. But it can be glued to the door frame.
  6. In conclusion, we nail the rail hiding the gap between the floor and the new threshold. So that the threshold does not stand out on the floor and for protection we coat it with varnish.

Door without a threshold

If you do not want to change the old threshold to a new one, it can be removed altogether. We cut the threshold, but the parts that are left in the box are not removable, but simply shave flush with the surface of the door jamb. Then we putty and paint. If the floor in the adjacent rooms is not solid, then inside the door jamb, in place of the threshold, you can put a metal profile.

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