New Nissan Pathfinder 2017 model year

Nissan Pathfinder 2017hidden under camouflage has already been regularly noticed on US roads. Developers are still hiding the rear and front area of ​​the body, and also do not want to demonstrate the upgraded rear-view mirrors.

Despite this, you can see another fake lattice of the radiator, modified lighting and modified bumper. All features of restyling will be discussed in detail in this article.

The appearance of new items

Model Pathfinder 2017 fully corresponds to its name (in translation from English - “pathfinder”) is a real pioneer in terms of tasting the stylistic decisions made by designers from Japan at a certain time. Here and in the fifth generation of the car, the creators have paid maximum attention to the body.

Under the camouflage, it is noticeable that in front of the car has a V-shaped falshreshhetki radiator. Also, the front and rear body kit got a relief structure. Fog lights got a serious change, there most of their appearance began to resemble the appearance of an aggressive crossover.

A similar situation occurred with the headlights: the design team of the company decided to retouch their exterior parts, but insiders also note that Nissan engineers tried their best to change the insides of all the lighting engineering.

new pathfinder

In addition to external modifications of headlights, they increased in size. With regard to the fog lights, we can say that they are almost invisible. Of course, they attract attention, but getting used to this innovation at first will be difficult.

By the way, in size and increased the bumper of the car. Well, in general, the appearance of the body has become aggressive because of the acquired massiveness.

Interior features Pathfinder 2017

First of all, I would like to note that the interior decoration is modernized even better than the exterior. In general, the interior has become more comfortable and spacious. Journalists note a large color palette with attractive colors for the organization of the appearance of the interior, as well as high-quality materials used in the decoration.

Nissan Pathfinder 2017 interior

In the functionality of the interior, Japanese engineers will not offend either the passengers or the driver. Just want to say that all the seats in the car have a heating function.The same function is present in the steering wheel and rearview mirrors.

Climate control is created here in a unique way, fulfilling its functionality in three directions at once. The soundproofing in the car has been improved, thanks to which all external noises remain overboard.

Very interesting in the new and modern system, showing a panoramic view. In addition, there is the technology of opening the tailgate through the electric drive. The cabin has 13 speakers, which are located around the perimeter and together constitute a high-quality Bose speaker system. There is also a Bluetooth module and several USB ports. The navigation system has been upgraded based on user suggestions.

Technical features of the crossover

Nissan Pathfinder

Despite the increased overall dimensions of the body, the total weight of the machine has decreased markedly. About 230 kg of discarded mass allowed the car to behave perfectly on the roadway and demonstrate a peak power of almost 270 hp.

In addition, insiders claim that Pathfinder 2017 model year will consume much less fuel. The profitability indicator is fixed at 30%, compared with the previous version.

Pathfinder 2017

Upgrading engines did not end there.A team of engineers modified the transmission, they also added stability to the body prone to buildup, equipping it with rear springs and stiffer shock absorbers. Steering should improve with the change in steering calibration, which is 11% sharper.

A tandem of modern powertrains, a new transmission, as well as a reinforced hitch mechanism, increased the car's traction capabilities. The updated model is able to tow a trailer equipped with brakes weighing up to 2,720 kg, whereas the previous version of the car handled only 2,270 kg.

Home sales in Russia and the cost of cars

engine pathfinder

Looking at all the acquired opportunities, the thought arises that the price tag for a new product will be much higher. In fact, the fifth Pathfinder will be offered in the domestic market at the same price as the current generation. Analysts suggest that the price range will be from 2.6 - 3.6 million rubles. At this price, the car will be offered in the domestic market from next year.

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