New minivans 2019 model year

At this class, many gave up, dubbing him almost disappearing. And in the updates of the model lines of famous auto-brands, his name is becoming increasingly rare. But, all the same, the buyer continues to vote with a blood dollar in his favor, not finding a worthy alternative to such a beloved minivan.

Maybe that's why the designers finally turned their face to him and offered in 2019 to update their fleet of cars with a whole bunch of models with excellent characteristics? After all, their practicality, versatility and endurance can be envied by many.

Well, we meet, among others, the brightest news. A spectacular offer from Volkswagen, of course, based on an electric car, an update of the famous Ssangyong Korando Turismo and an unusual rebirth of Mitsubishi Delica.

Of course, it will not do without a visit from a real guest from the future - the Chinese Iconiq Seven.

Mitsubishi delica

The previous generation of the model has been a success on the market since 2007, but, it must be noted, it is rather outdated.Therefore, the concept shown last year in Tokyo was more than expected.

Its spectacular design was perceived by the public very favorably, as were quite worthy characteristics of Delica by modern standards.

Exterior and design features

Fans of native technology Mitsubishi can take a breath - no advances towards the partner in the Renault-Nissan alliance is not observed. Only originality, only loyalty to traditions.

Outwardly, you will not immediately understand: in front of you a futuristic SUV or is it a minivan? But you shouldn’t be in a hurry to accuse designers of plagiarism with models that are so similar to the latest concepts of Toyota - this is for the best. The old-style exterior of the Delica no longer stood up to scrutiny.

Mitsubishi Delica new generation

In the database - all the same intelligent Outlander, the last fire, water and copper pipes. In addition, S-AWC brand four-wheel drive begins to hint at the true off-road features of the car. In length, it does not reach a bit to 5m, but the height will remain as comfortable as 1.8m.

Car interior and equipment

Despite the fact that the outside of the model seems very compact, inside the eight-passenger cabin is pleasantly spacious.

A classic trunk with the possibility of folding seats will allow you to carry a record weight of goodsand the chairs themselves are not only removed, but also move in convenient directions, and also have a lot of traditional adjustments.

mitsubishi delica characteristics

In general, it is worth noting, Mitsubishi in this regard is extremely pedantic - not much can argue with the interior in terms of ergonomics and thoughtfulness. A set of electronic assistants and entertainment on board promises to be the maximum for its class.

Model Specifications

The dynamics of the Delica movement and behavior on its road strongly resemble the Pajero Sport, although they are built on completely different principles. Among the same feature updates, the following should be noted:

  • innovative turbodiesel 2.3l and 170l.s. with MIVEC phase shifters;
  • AWC Transmission;
  • 4x4 wheel formula (instead of front-wheel drive, as before);
  • electronically controlled locking front differential;
  • multi-plate clutch on the rear wheel drive.
Mitsubishi Delica new generationMitsubishi Delica restyled2019 minivan in Russiamitsubishi delica characteristics
mitsubishi delica photomitsubishi delica PriceMitsubishi Delica 20192019 minivans

The final serial version will appear after the final tests and improvements of this year. But, fundamentally, most likely, nothing will change, because Mitsubishi is famous for its forethought, even conceptual versions.

Ssangyong korando turismo

Of course, this update is difficult to call a revolution. Nevertheless, the model significantly freshened, although it retained the SsangYong brand features.Teasers report that in the domestic market, dealers do not plan to work with it yet.

In other countries, Korando Turismo will come as Rodius or Stavic, and there she promises to be very popular.

Exterior and design features

2019 minivans photo

In terms of the exterior, a lot more body shades were offered, steel and original design are available, 18-inch wheels, with which the appearance of the minivan has become more complete. The rest of the cosmetic changes touched the grille, front bumper, hood and all the headlights.

Despite the elegant lines of the contours, the 2019 auto gives the impression of being rather massive, especially at the back, due to the very large tailgate with an almost imperceptible bumper.

The weight exceeds 2 tons, and the length was 5.1 m with a width of 1.9. In terms of ground clearance - everything is quite adequate to 18.5–20 cm. But, the model never even claimed to be all-road.

Car interior and equipment

minivans of all brands 2019

The layout is quite diverse: eleven- and nine-place variations are available, and the charged top one is designed for seven places. By the way, the latter is called Chateau and is different, among other things, by a high roof.

All rows can freely accommodate three passengers, the second and third being completely autonomous, due to which you can easily transform the interior of the Korando Turismo. A trunk with seats removed increases to an unprecedented 3.24 thousand liters in its class.

If you do not like the placement of passengers on the sofa seats, the central sections can be removed by equipping the passage between them.

volkswagen minivan 2019

Inside, everything remains almost the same, since the model is not so old. But, of course, multimedia has been fundamentally modernized, which is distinguished by an enviable democratic character - it is friends with both Apple and Android.

By the way, there is a voice control on board as well as a rich set of electronic assistants. And, of course, traditional leather trim is in place.

Model Specifications

Motor decided not to change - the old diesel 178 hp. and 2.2 liters is still quite competitive, otherwise the following deserves attention:

  • box - seven-speed automatic;
  • switchable drive modes (full / rear);
  • climate control, heated seats;
  • EBD, ABS, electric mirrors, cruise control, modern navigation system and keyless ignition, parking sensors, etc .;
  • engines: petrol V6 for 3.2 l and 220 hp, diesel for 149 hp and 2l.
2019 minivans photoKorando Turismo 2019 photoSsangYong Korando Turismo 2019minivans of all brands 2019
volkswagen minivan 2019the best minivans 20192019 Chinese minivansnew minivans 2019

Fuel consumption is declared quite economical, as for this class, - 11-12l / 100km in combination control mode. The remaining details will show the official testing of this year.

Volkswagen I.D.Buzz.

Can the all-wheel drive minivan be powered by an electric drive? The Volkswagen designers responded to this question with a very successful novelty, offering us an extremely cute, embodied the best traditions of the auto brand electric car.

Exterior and design features

vw minivan

Externally, the car is a bit similar to the equally successful Multivan of the same manufacturer. But, with an impressive nearly five meters in length and almost two meters in width, it does not seem cumbersome at all.

The thing is that in its exterior it is very difficult to find at least one straight line and a sharp corner - a minivan, as if “flowing” from the front bumper to the rear, providing more than decent aerodynamic characteristics. And the stylish, rather unusual in design, I.D.Buzz discs only underline this futuristic concept.

According to rumors, it is on this version that the sensational MEB platform will be tested, promising to become native to more than thirty new electric cars planned for development at Volkswagen.

Car interior and equipment

Volkswagen I.D.Buzz. 2019

The fanaticism of the Germans of recent years regarding the automation of management could not help but reflect here - the car is literally crammed with all sorts of helpers and autopilot. It is interesting that the steering wheel “hidden” in the center console testifies to the activation of the autopilot.

A comprehensive system of control and rapid response has become the embodiment of the latest technologies in the field.

Seven-seater minivan is pleased with the spaciousness of the cabin and a very well thought-out layout. For example, when the autopilot is on, you can turn all the seats facing each other, including the driver’s, and have a kind of picnic on the built-in refrigerator. It is important to note that all seats can move around the cabin.

Model Specifications

vw i d buzz 2019

  • battery pack for 111kW (placement - in the bottom);
  • power 163hp;
  • Acceleration to 100km / h in 5 seconds, maximum speeds - 160km / h;
  • charge enough for 500km.

Other parameters in the announcements of the manufacturer have not yet skipped - perhaps this secrecy is explained by the fact that the model has not even started the stage of active testing.

vw minivanvw i d buzzvw i d buzz 20192019 minivan review
vw i d buzz Pricevw i d buzz photoVolkswagen minivan 2019Volkswagen I.D.Buzz. 2019
2019 minivan rating2019 model minivansauto minivanvw i d buzz specifications

Iconiq seven

Its design involved the Arabs, the engineering part - the Italians.At the last Shanghai showroom, Iconiq Seven became a real sensation. What is so special about this electric car and why is everyone waiting for this miracle of the Chinese auto industry?

Exterior and design features

The sizes - classical in the class, 4,9m. Height - quite comfortable 1,86m. As for the design, Iconiq Seven is made in the best traditions of technicality, with its futuristic "folds" on the sides, chopped and torn lines, as well as giving the impression of a very fast and predatory front.

Iconiq seven price

Instead of the usual rear-view mirrors, there is a video camera, and although this has hardly affected the overall width, the manufacturer should put a plus for the originality. True, the wheels, as for such a large model, are too small.

Car interior and equipment

Three modifications of the model, differing by the degree of “charge”, were proposed at once. According to the Chinese, one of them is the version for "government organizations, taxis and rental agencies."

new Iconiq Seven

The other two (Premium and VIP), already demonstrated, are quite suitable for family use. In the first, six-seater, rear row passengers will be entertained by huge monitors mounted in the seats, and the sky will be visible through the glass roof.

The luxury version instead of sliding doors is equipped with swing doors, the back rows are only two seats, but with the right to be called truly royal due to the incredible number of adjustments and additional functions. The materials are naturally expensive.

Model Specifications

At the moment, not much is known:

  • charge enough for 400km;
  • 224hp motor
big minivan2019 minivansIconiq Seven 2019Iconiq Seven Photo
Iconiq Seven Specsnew Iconiq SevenIconiq seven priceminivan minibus

The rest of the technical characteristics of the Chinese are still kept in the strictest confidence, the only thing that is known is that by 2020 the models promise a full-fledged autopilot, but for now you can enjoy the advanced list of assistants and other useful electronics on board.

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