New form of FC Lokomotiv for 2018-2019 year

The champion of Russia FC Moscow “Lokomotiv” in the season 2018-2019 will receive a new form. The presentation took place at the “Russian Railways Arena”, where the team was awarded gold champions. How will the fans see their idols?

Home option

The home shape design for the Locomotive for 2018-2019 was developed jointly with the new technical sponsor of the team by Under Armor. It was decided to emphasize the success of the club last year and choose red as the main color as a symbol of real victory. By the way, red is a retrovariant. It was in the red sets that Loko once played against the top European teams.

Home form FC Lokomotiv for the season 2018-2019

Design solution - white and green inserts. If the white color accompanies Lokomotiv almost since its inception, then green came into the equipment of FC only in 2002. He was offered to his idols by fans who started to go to matches with red and green scarves. In the 2018-2019 season, the collar on the T-shirt will be white, and the cuffs on the sleeves and the decorative strip on the chest and back will be white and green.

Green is the color of hope. Apparently, this element designers decided not to deviate from the traditions and emphasize the plan to win Lokomotiv and this season. The number of the players is written in white. The sponsor's logo is located on the chest on the right, and the club itself is on the left near the heart. Do not forget about the team sponsor - the company Railways. Two big letters “R / D” in the middle of the T-shirt have become familiar to fans. Gaiters in this version are also red.

The shape of Lokomotiv 2018-2019 was not a delight among fans. From Under Armor, they expected more and wanted to see more green, which makes the clothes of their favorite club unique. In addition, the club's rival Spartak also plays in red, so when the teams meet on the field, there will be a solid red mash from both the players and the fans in the stands. The indignations sounded to the decorative elements, in particular, did not like the horizontal stripes, because for Loko the vertical stripes are customary. The design of the gaiters also remained unclear, as they could also be made red-green.

Guest form

The first option is a white set with red and green accents. Unlike the home form, the guestbook is more restrained.On the chest - red and green stripes. The cuffs are red, but the collar remains white. The number of the player on the back of the shirt is written in white, and on the shorts in green.

Gosteva form FC Lokomotiv for the season 2018-2019

Just this option has caused approval from the fans. In their opinion, the white set with Under Armor turned out even better than the previous ones with Adidas. The prospect of playing most matches in white gear is quite high, perhaps that is why the fans liked the snow-white set. Some already do not represent FC without white, because it was in it that most of the games played last season, as a result of which Loko became the champion.

Backup option

Returns purple color. In this form, Lokomotiv played in the Europa League in 2012. Season 2018-2019 - an attempt to blow up the fans who are accustomed to the classic colors of the team, and the players themselves. Surprise - this is exactly what is expected this year from Lokomotiv. The logo of the club in this version made a monochrome metal. Set diluted with white shorts. According to fans, the fallback turned out to be the most stylish of all the proposed ammunition.

The substitute form of FC Lokomotiv for the season 2018-2019

Workout clothes

And again red, only now without additional inserts.T-shirt fastens with a zipper. The shorts in the training kit are black.

Training ammunition of FC Lokomotiv for the season 2018-2019

Goalkeeper Kit

The goalkeeper will play in black. All logos and inscriptions on the T-shirt and shorts are made in white. The second variant of the goalkeeper’s equipment is green, as the fans of the club love.

Outfitting goalkeeper FC Lokomotiv for the season 2018-2019

All kits are made using HeatGear® technology. In this form it is comfortable to play in all weather conditions. Under Armor also designed clothing for the second team of the club, FC Kazanka. Their form has already been tested in matches and received high marks from players.

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