New 2018-2019 Ford Kuga

Since the good old Ford Escape (aka European and Chinese Maverick) went on a well-deserved rest, many copies have been broken around his successor. The European Ford Kuga (the name Escape is still used for North America) was perceived ambiguously.

  • On the one hand, he took a worthy place in the series of Nissan X-Trail, Toyota RAV-4 and other compact crossovers. At the same time, Ford’s manageability genes created a competitive advantage for the Kouge (after all, it was created on a Ford Focus trolley).
  • On the other hand, from the brutal "almost SUV", similar to the 3rd generation Explorer (where is this Explorer now?), The last of the Mohicans, it turned out a massive (if not Shirpotrebovsky) crossover.

Both points of view are fair, but marketing research shows a manifold increase in sales after a change of platform and body. As the second generation is gradually losing popularity (against the backdrop of bright models of competitors), the new Ford Kuga 2018/2019 was released. Even in the photo you can see that only the sidewalls of the body remained old.

Pleasant to the eye changes

Such a successful restyling has not been seen in the compact SUV segment for a long time. The new body actually changed only from the facade, but how? The six-sided grille has already been tested on the restyled models of the concern, and on new cars, such as the B-MAX. But the effect of changing the appearance on the Kuga, it seems, surpassed the expectations of even marketers. It seems that before you just a new car.

  • Ford Kuga 2019 Photo
  • Ford Kuga 2019 Photo
  • Ford Kuga 2019 Photo

In the appendage to the brutal grille, set really distinctive and beautiful lights. Of course, this is just bi-xenon, in this segment of the LED and laser spotlights there is no place. But the virtual value of the Ford Kuga 2018/2019 has already increased (in the eyes of envious), while the real price remains the same (an increase of 20 thousand looks ridiculous). Fog is also new, along with a decorative frame.

The food has hardly changed, except for minor cosmetic adjustments of the bumper.

Ford Kuga 2019 Salon Photos

Go to the salon

Visual changes in the eyes do not catch, although announced a long list of innovations. In the top configuration there is an eight-inch screen multimedia system SYNC-3. It is already tested on the Lincolns, qualitatively Russified,and navigation works without glitches. Interestingly, conflicts with connecting multiple wireless devices are also eliminated. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included in the basic package, as well as the necessary pre-installed applications.

  • The main focus of the developer Restayl placed on the pleasant things. For example, the electronic handbrake is now activated by a button.
  • And here is another nice “bun”: the head restraint is regulated by the back of the head. You just need to press his head to him, and set the direction of movement. The pillow itself will take the desired position.

In general, the quality of the cabin remained the same. The materials are not top, but everything is done neatly.

Ford Kuga 2019 photo interior

Technique: new or old?

Chassis and all-wheel drive system remained the same. Replaced only electric power steering: it is light, but it feels very accurate and with intelligible feedback.

Two engines:

  • Good old aspirated 2.5 liter capacity of 150 hp left "as is."
  • But the 1.5 liter EcoBoost its 182 hp gives unexpectedly willingly and honestly. A good boost setting does not allow turbo pits to form, and the work pressure is not felt.

When will the new 2018-2019 Ford Kuga be released?

Localized Russian production has already been launched, test drives are rolled back. The new platform is not expected in the near future - they are not looking for good from the good. Perhaps next year a turbo diesel will be presented to the domestic consumer, but there is no official confirmation yet.

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