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The purchase of an apartment is a joyful event for any person or family, especially if the apartment is located in a new house, has a convenient and comfortable layout. However, the majority of apartments in newly built houses are sold without finishing at all, or with an average quality finish that does not correspond to the preferences of its new owners.

We don’t have to talk about secondary housing at all, since in most cases it requires major repairs.

Not every family can afford to make repairs with their own hands, especially if the apartment requires not only refreshing the finish, but also replacing windows, doors, and electrics.

If you have decided to entrust the repair of an acquired apartment to a construction organization, then it is worthwhile to choose an experienced company with professional craftsmen or foremen, because if you take on the role of a foreman, and you will hire a construction team consisting of residents of neighboring countries to perform the work, then surely Soon, you will encounter the need for regular repairs, and you will hardly be able to save money this way.

If you want your home to be modern and comfortable, then you should definitely invite a professional designer who will develop several different design projects for your apartment, and you will only have to choose the most suitable option that matches your personal taste. Immediately it should be noted that good designers estimate their services quite expensive. But for the money invested in the design of an apartment, you get not only a picture of how your home will look after repair, but also a list of necessary works and materials, as well as their work and the time frame for its execution.

Most of the design projects of apartments involves redevelopment. However, before the walls are demolished, it is necessary to obtain a permit for this in the relevant city authorities and to legalize the redevelopment of the premises. It takes at least a month to collect all the necessary documents and permits, and if you don’t want to tinker with it yourself, you can also reassign such work for a fee to a construction company that repairs your apartment.

During repair, try to minimally interfere with the work of the construction team, otherwise, the responsibility for all defects will fall on your shoulders,and you will also have to redo the repair at your own expense. However, it is necessary to monitor the progress of the work, constantly checking the actions carried out by the builders with the design and estimate documentation prepared by the designer and the foreman.

The design of the premises will cost you 20-100 dollars per square meter, depending on the complexity of the project, and the cost of repairs will be 200-1000 dollars, depending on the level of future repairs. This price also includes the cost of materials.

Redevelopment of apartments is carried out when the existing location of the premises is not very convenient for the apartment owners. As a rule, redevelopment consists in enlarging the bathroom, demolishing the partition between the living room and the kitchen (kitchen-studio), expanding the corridors. Sometimes, one-piece partitions in apartments are replaced with decorative, transparent or niche ones.

When overhauling their apartment, many owners decide to replace old communication systems with new and modern ones, this also applies to radiators, plumbing and sewage pipes, plumbing and electricians, as well as installing underfloor heating.

When repairing an old apartment, it is often necessary to change the windows in it, from old wooden ones to modern metal-plastic, beautiful, durable, keeping the apartment warm and simple to use. If the apartment is planned to install an air conditioner, it is recommended to carry it out simultaneously with the installation of new windows.

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