New crossovers 2017 model year

Perhaps the most unusual and interesting phenomenon in the auto industry of the last ten years has been the emergence and rapid development of a completely new class of crossovers. For such a short period of time, this car class has turned from an almost imperceptible proposal into a dangerous competitor for station wagons, classic sedans and minivans.

This is quite logical, since the crossover combines all the most necessary features for a larger audience of consumers - capacity, high ground clearance, incredible comfort and the desired level of terrain.

And now, almost all manufacturers decided to revise their lines of "urban SUV", and have already presentednew crossovers 2017 model year.

Infiniti QX30 2017 will go to the world market

Most recently, there was a presentation of the new QX30 crossover from Infiniti, which was held as part of an auto show in Geneva and about a month ago in Los Angeles.

Infiniti QX30 2017

Despite the fact that Japanese developers have demonstrated only the commercial version of the car,even on the basis of this, it can be stated with great confidence that the new car will occupy a high place in the global automotive market.

Exterior design

Just want to note that the new crossover from Infiniti has a fairly presentable appearance. In the exterior, there is a bold and sophisticated style with a combination of sporting elements and smooth lines, which are designed to improve the aerodynamics of cars.

The car perfectly perceives any roadbed, as it is characterized by excellent stability, but at the same time it can perform the most difficult maneuvers in the process of driving.

Interior features

Salon crossover QX30 is fully consistent with its exterior. From the words of the manufacturer, it became known that in the global markets, this model will appear in a four-seater version, but it is also possible that some variations of the novelty will be equipped with a fifth seat. In general, the interior of the crossover is very stylish, made slightly in a daring style.

It is noteworthy that inside the car there are almost no straight lines, and leather plastic and metal parts are great for each other, reminding us that the QX30 is a modern machine, which is primarily aimed at drivers of the younger generation.

Also, the main distinctive feature of the novelty is a panoramic roof, made of glass, but will be available only in some modifications of the model.

Photo Infiniti QX30

new infiniti qx302017 Infinity Crossoversnew cars infinity 2017Infiniti QX30 Specifications
new infinity qx30 PriceInfiniti QX30 DescriptionInfiniti QX30 photocar models 2017 model year

Overall dimensions of the crossover

Japanese developers are positioning this car as a compact crossover, well, let's see this by reading its dimensions:

  • The length of the QX30 is 4450 mm;
  • Height corresponds to 1520 mm;
  • Width - 1810 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 180-190 mm, depending on the size of the wheel.

Technical characteristics of the crossover

The manufacturer did not announce official information about the power units, but according to analysts, the company plans to use the proven line of Mercedes-Benz GLA engines:

Petrol options:

  1. 122-hp 1.6-liter;
  2. 155-hp 1.6-liter;
  3. 211 hp two liters.

Diesel versions:

  1. 1.5-liter capacity of 109 hp.;
  2. 2.1-liter capacity of 136 hp;
  3. 2.1-liter capacity of 170 hp

Apparently, these engines will work in pairs with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Infiniti QX30 Crossover Cost

The manufacturer is not in a hurry to announce the price tag for this car, however, there is an opinion that it will not differ much from the price tags of previous models, which is about 1,500,000.

Updated Hyundai Tucson 2017

Hyundai Tucson 2017

A couple of months ago, a presentation of the new Huyndai Tucson took place at the Geneva Motor Show. I would like to say that the previous modification of this crossover was very much in demand on the world stage, for this the Korean company decided to improve it in order to start mass production again.

Appearance design

The exterior of the novelty can be described in just two words - sophistication and style. Also, it should be noted that the new product has many differences from previous models, but still has a bit of recognizable style, which will allow us to understand that this car is of Asian origin. Most critics argue that the look of the Huyndai Tucson has a lot in common with the design of the Santa Fe model.

Overall dimensions of the car

The new Tucson has not changed much in size:

  • In length, the car began to reach 4500 mm (+ 65mm);
  • The width became equal to 1850 mm (+30 mm);
  • The height of the novelty is 1650 mm (-20 mm).

New car interior design

I want to say that the interior is fully consistent with the highest standards in terms of comfort, free space and ergonomics.Maximum attention is deserved by the front row seats, equipped with a mass of adjustments and a heating function.

Rear-row passengers will also get comfortable and pleasant seats. In general, inside a new car is so comfortable that sometimes it even seems that four people can freely sit on the back seat.

On the front panel is a nicely located instrument digital shield, as well as a large screen, which is an excellent addition to the many other pieces of the interior of the new Tucson.

The capacity of the luggage compartment can be significantly expanded from 515 liters to an impressive 1500 liters.

Hyundai Tucson Photos

new hyundai tucsonnew cars Hyundai 2017new hyundai tucson PriceHyundai Tucson Specifications
Hyundai 2017 crossoversHyundai Tucson DescriptionHyundai Tucson photoHyundai Tucson 2017

Technical features of a car

According to preliminary information, the list of engines designed for Tucson 2017 will consist of several options at once. To begin with, I would like to introduce petrol versions that differ in 116-185 hp. (depending on the configuration).

Regarding the diesel versions, we can say that they are characterized by similar characteristics of petrol.

Of course, it is necessary to talk about PPC, moreover, the manufacturer will offer several options. For example, a new model can be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic.

As a result, we can safely say that the new product fully complies with the mass of generally accepted European environmental standards, as well as safety.

The cost of new items

Start of mass sales of the new car is scheduled for early next year, and customers from Russia will be able to get a novelty only at the end of 2016.

Presumably, in the markets of Russia, this car will fall with both diesel and petrol engines. There is also information that a manufacturer from South Korea decided to assemble this model in St. Petersburg.

Features restyling crossover Kuga 2017 from Ford

Everyone knows that the Ford Kuga (the name is common in the CIS, for all others - the Ford Escape) is a popular, sought-after car on a global scale.

Ford Kuga 2017

In order to further maintain such high demand, the manufacturer from America decided to make a small update.

Kuga Appearance Design

Analyzing the exterior of the novelty, it should be noted that the grille has become more attractive and is perfectly combined with the original lanterns. Special attention should be paid to the front bumper, which has acquired a chrome finish.

American engineers believe that chrome elements in the exterior of the car is an indicator of sophistication. The new Kuga is also distinguished by the presence of aluminum parts, which, of course, affected the total weight of the car.

The side of the crossover stands out overall wheel arches, as well as a beautiful roof rack, which has switched to a new product from previous cars.

Interior features new items

The salon of the new car corresponds to the style that was chosen by the company for a long time. In spite of this, the interior decoration has increased in its volumes, it has become more ergonomic and roomier than its predecessors.

The functionality of the model also increased. The updated Kuga stands out for its modern “tidy” and comfortable steering wheel with a large number of functions. Seat trim is amazing. All seats are equipped with many adjustments, as well as a maximum degree of comfort.

Salon cars changed, but the minuses are also present in it. For example, to control climate control, the driver will need to bend forward much, and the interface of the multimedia complex is almost invisible on a small screen.

Already in the basic version, the car will be equipped with a rear-view camera, a sound system for six speakers, an outlet and a parking assistant.

Ford Kuga Photos

new ford kuga Pricenew Ford Escapenew cars ford 2017crossovers ford 2017
Ford Kuga Specificationscrossovers 2016 - 2017Ford Kuga photoFord Escape Description

Overall dimensions of the model

The novelty practically did not increase in size:

  • The length of the machine is 4600 mm;
  • The height of the new Kuga is 1710 mm;
  • The width of the new items corresponds to 1840 mm;
  • Base wheels - 2700 mm;
  • The capacity of the luggage compartment - 440 liters.

Specifications Ford Kuga 2017

The manufacturer decided to continue using the well-proven lineup of power units and on the new car:

  1. 185-hp 1.5-liter engine;
  2. 245 horsepower engine with a capacity of two liters.

Presumably, the new car will have a petrol power unit with a capacity of 2.5 liters and a capacity of about 168 hp. There will also be offered a 240-strong turbo version, designed for "top-end" modification of the model.

The updated crossover will receive a front-wheel drive system. As an option, a system will be available that monitors the "dead" zones, as well as a tire pressure sensor and pre-heating. The car will be equipped with an automatic six-speed transmission.

The cost of the updated Kuga

The novelty will not be available soon, but today we can say that the price tag for it will not be higher than 30,000 USD.

Toyota pleased the public with its small update for the crossover RAV4

Toyota RAV4, a medium-sized Japanese crossover, was first introduced at the 2016 New York Motor Show in a modification of 2016. After half a year, the model appeared in Russia, setting a pre-order from mid-October.

Toyota RAV4 2017

Restyling on the exterior of the crossover was not significantly affected, the car is still recognizable, but more recent. Profile has not received updates, in principle, as the size of the wheels and wheels of cars.

Appearance of new items

Changes received optics. The rear and front headlights are more pronounced than the previous model. The headlights are equipped with xenon lamps, parking lights, “feet”, and daytime lights use LEDs in their design.

Restyling touched the grille and the rear and front bumper, slightly updating them.

The tailgate now opens up. For a status crossover, this has long been the norm, but this model has acquired this chip just now.

Interior and overall dimensions of RAV4

Similar to the exterior, the interior has not received a dramatic change. However, I want to say that the used finishing materials have become much better.Based on the wishes of customers, the developers used a more pleasant material for trim, changed the trim around the dashboard.

The elegant MID - display, which increased to 4.2 inches, displays all the information about the current state of the car. A new multimedia complex has been added to the salon.

The salon has become more spacious due to the use of seats with thinner backrests, as well as due to the increased overall dimensions of the car:

  • Length - 4605 mm;
  • Height - 1670 mm;
  • Width - 1845 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 197 mm;
  • Base wheels - 2260 mm.

Photo of Toyota RAV4

new cars toyota 2017Toyota crossovers 2017new Toyota RAV4Toyota RAV4 Specifications
new toyota rav4 PriceToyota RAV4 photoToyota RAV4 DescriptionCar 2017

Technical characteristics of the crossover

The power plants of the car, which will be completed with modifications for domestic markets, are presented in three versions:

  1. Petrol two-liter power unit with a capacity of 146 hp equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. As an option, you can order a four-wheel drive system and a continuously variable CVT;
  2. A 180-hp 2.5-liter engine that communicates with the front wheelset using an automatic six-way gearbox. In this design, the car has four-wheel drive;
  3. Diesel, 2.2-liter version, generating 150 hp, equipped with a six-way manual transmission.

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