New Chery 2018

Chery Automobile is a famous automaker from China, which produces a wide range of models that combine modern technology, stylish design and affordable price. We offer to find out what new company Chery plans to release in 2018, what will be of interest to these cars and when to expect them to appear in motor shows in Russia.

Brand history

Although the brand is quite young and has been on the market for just over 20 years, its model range includes:

  • compact city cars;
  • crossovers;
  • all-wheel drive models;
  • economical hybrids;
  • electric cars.

In an effort to supply cars to the European and American markets that are worthy of competing with the most popular models in their classes, Chery's leadership actively cooperates with major automotive companies, including: Fiat, Chrysler, Malcolm Bricklin, etc.

Today, the company exports cars to 69 countries of the world, is actively developing and building new enterprises, participates in international auto shows, introducing new models and prototypes.

About what new Chery will be on sale throughout 2018, we will discuss in this article.

Chery Tiggo 8

The most anticipated new product in 2018 was the Chery Tiggo 8 crossover, which was presented at the beginning of the year in Beijing. The new car is a serial version of the Chery Exeed TX concept introduced last year and is designed to create decent competition in the SUV segment.

Chery Tiggo 8

The exterior of the novelty turned out to be quite interesting. Large and powerful, the car combines the elegance of lines and the aggressive design of the front. Dimensions of new items are:


4,700 mm


1,860 mm


1 746 mm


2 710 mm


The appearance of the model is formed by:

  • a large grille, in the center of which is the emblem, supplemented by a narrow chrome strip;
  • LED optics;
  • aggressive air intakes in the front bumper;
  • stylish chrome elements;
  • two-color mirrors with duplicates of the turn signal;
  • aerodynamic shape of the roof, bevelled to the rear racks;
  • stylish design of the fifth door and rear LED lights, united in a single lane.
Chery Tiggo 8 front bumperChery Tiggo 8 rear bumper

The interior of the 2018 is designed in the same style as the Chery Tiggo 4 and Tiggo 5x models, although it received several design improvements. Provide comfort functionality of the new crossover will be:

  • digital dashboard;
  • modern display to work with navigation and multimedia systems;
  • multifunction steering wheel;
  • comfortable chairs with the ability to adjust a variety of parameters;
  • modern multizone climate system.

Interior Chery Tiggo 8

Final data on the possible configuration of the model yet. It is known that the model will be front-wheel drive, will receive two variants of the cabin (7 and 5-seater) and, most likely, will receive such power units:

engine's type




2.0 l

122 hp


1.5 l

152 l. from.

The range of possible transmissions includes 6-speed mechanics and a 6-band two-clutch robot.

New Chery Tiggo 8

More information about the technical equipment of the novelty can be expected in May of this year. The car will be presented at the 15th International Beijing Auto Show, which will be held from 04/25/2018 to 04/05/2018. We expect new more detailed photos of the novelty, as well as information about what the configurations and prices of the basic and “charged” version of the crossover will be.

Chery Tiggo 5x

As part of the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show, Chery’s company introduced the per-series concept of the new Chery Tiggo 5x, which should replace the Tiggo 5, which is currently sold in many countries around the world.

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