New cars 2018 model year

Many new and interesting things will bring us new cars in 2018. There are more models, competition between manufacturers is tougher and this is all on hand with you and us - consumers. It is we who decide to whom and for what we are ready to give our money.

Tough competition forces manufacturers to lower prices and strive to offer more than competitors. Let's look together at the most interesting offers of the automotive market in 2018.

Audi A6 2018 model year

Audi experts are preparing the next generation of their A6 in full swing. Spy photos have already appeared, in which the model passes scheduled running tests. The future new rival of the BMW 5 Series should go to sales points in the first half of 2018.

The fifth generation of the popular executive sedan will take a lot from the new A8. This means that we will see, as always, an excellent design, which critics and buyers have already appreciated.

At the same time, it will be a distinctive model with its own versions of the all-wheel drive Quattro, as well as the choice of its own practical accessories Avant or Allroad.

The design and exterior of the sedan

audi a6

As was said earlier, the appearance of the new Audi A6 was largely set in the same new A8. This model will be one of the first, on the appearance of which the new Audi designer Mark Licht worked.

We can expect that the German brand will go away from the current concept of “Matryoshka”, according to which all models are as similar as possible to each other, except for sizes. On the one hand, this concept was correct, because the entire model range was easily recognizable.

On the other hand, it became just boring and uninteresting, besides, it largely limited the flight of imagination of designers with which, unlike domestic specialists, the German creators are fine.

audi a6 2018

We will see the modified running lights. On the sides of the model can be noted slightly swollen wheel arches and clearly defined edges. We will also see a bright chrome element in the form of a strip on the back of the car. Avant version will be more, its rear window will become more steep.

Interior and equipment of the new Audi A6

Inside, we will also see significant changes from the current version of the A6. The architecture will be completely different. Let the brand and seeks to separate the A6 and A8 externally, the internal filling is weak.Most onboard technologies and autonomous safety systems A6 will receive from its older brother.

audi a6 2018 photo

The Audi MMI system with the scroll wheel will disappear. It will also leave most of the traditional buttons. All systems will be controlled via two touch screens, elegantly integrated into the center console.

Developers from Audi promise to implement the feedback function on the touch screens of the car. How this will be implemented for the first time on the automotive system is very interesting.

Specifications cars 2018

The A6 will be built similarly with the new A8 on the MLB platform. The difference between the current and the new model will be about 100 kg. In addition, this solution means that the new A6 will use 48-volt electrical system and electric turbocharging from the new SQ7.

audi a6 2018auto 2018 model yearauto models 2018audi a6
audi a6 characteristicsnew audi a6audi a6 2018 photoAudi A6 2018

In the SUV, its settings were aimed at improving performance, but engineers say that this turbocharger can also be customized to improve fuel economy.

The main emphasis is on a 2-liter diesel engine. Also, developers are counting on a good implementation of models with a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and a 6-cylinder diesel engine.Not without a hybrid version of the E-Tron with mileage up to 52 km only on battery power.

It is likely that Audi will abandon the manual gearbox in favor of the 7-and 8-speed automatic gearbox with double clutch.

Ford Focus 2018 model year

We are running too far forward, trying to talk about the new 2018 Ford, but this is one of the most popular models in the open spaces of Russia and therefore it is extremely interesting.

In the Ford model range, things are a little different from other manufacturers. If other technologies are moving from older models to younger ones, then the opposite is true. The younger Ford Fiesta will serve as the new focus on technology and ideas for the new Focus.

The design and exterior of the model

new focus 2018

We know that the exterior of the model will be the next evolutionary step of the current design concept, and not the acquisition of a completely new look. Ahead we will see the grille of the same type, while the rear lights are likely to get about the same horizontal solution as we can see on the Fiesta.

Apparently, Ford decided to move away from the “One Ford” concept, which was aimed at meeting the needs of the maximum number of potential customers. Of course, a new model is being prepared for worldwide sales,but it seems to be a priority for creators of European consumer preferences.

Most likely, the wheelbase of the new Ford Focus 2018 will be increased. This should be done in order to provide greater comfort for passengers in the back row. We also expect the release of a version of improved cross. This will help Focus compete with the Golf Alltrack and supermini class crossovers.

Interior and equipment of the new Ford Focus

new cars in russia 2018

Even less information on the interior design of the Ford Focus 2018. We can say that we should expect the same rational layout of the dashboard and center console, which shows the Fiesta.

Buttons will become smaller, and most functions will be controlled via an 8-inch touch screen. A screen with a diagonal of this size can get all the configuration, except for the top, in which the screen of the infotainment system will be even larger.

Specifications cars 2018

The engine range will be based on the EcoBoost 1-liter gasoline turbocharged engine. We will see units with a capacity of 99, 123 and 138 liters. from. The most popular version of the diesel engine will be 1.5 liters, with a capacity of 84 or 118 liters. from. A high-performance 2-liter TDCi is also likely to be offered.

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Ford Focus 2018ford focus in a new bodyford focus 2018 photonew cars 2018

It is possible that the new 2018 Ford Focus will be one of the 13 electrified cars that the company’s management promises to produce before the end of the decade. The Global C-car platform on which the model is based was originally designed to take into account the possibility of using hybrid power plants or all-electric power.

Having decided to take this step, the Focus would be able to compete with the VW e-Golf and other similar cars (Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro).

Porsche Cayenne 2018 model year

Past the Porsche Cayenne 2018 is impossible to pass. This model is currently no longer the best-selling Porsche, but has managed to win the respect and sympathy of motorists in Russia. The company's efforts in the 4 × 4 segment were not perceived by all the fans by all means.

Nevertheless, in 2016 alone, more than 70,000 cars were sold, which is about 30% of the total number of sales. Let the smaller Macan sell even better - the Cayenne remains one of the most profitable models of the brand.

Porsche Cayenne 2018

The first serial Porsche Cayenne saw the light in 2002 and since then it has become a cult car not only in Russia, but also in many other countries. It must be said that for Porsche, this model has become somewhat symbolic.

The company has not produced cars with V8 engines since 1995, when the Porsche 928 was discontinued.The return of technology was triumphant and was the impetus for further technical development.

The design and exterior of the crossover

The updated look of the 2018 Porsche Cayenne borrowed some features from the younger Macan. The changes are completely minor, which can be called an adjustment rather than a real restyling. The shape of the head optics has changed.

New cars 2018 model year

Additional edges appeared on the hood. The rear lights are interconnected by a luminous stripe. This is all about what can be said. The car, no doubt, began to look a little better and more modern, but this is the same Cayenne, which we know and love.

Interior and equipment of the new Porsche Cayenne

Unlike the exterior, the cabin changes will be global. We will see a completely new design of the front panel and center console. The design echoes the style used for the Panamera. All displays received feedback function and are distinguished by high resolution, speed and color reproduction.

The quality of materials as always at a high level. The interior of the Cayenne still feels "thoroughbred" car and its belonging to the class "luxury".

porsche cayenne 2018 photo

The interior design has become more sustained.It may not be so bright and unusual, but more solid and respectable. Buttons became less, and together with them went the association with the cockpit of a combat fighter. Maybe enthusiasts will not like this, but people are calm and businesslike.

Specifications cars 2018

Engines Porsche Cayenne 2018 will remain virtually unchanged. These will be 6 and 8 cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. Engineers can be expected to tweak engines to improve fuel economy and increase power.

New cars 2018 model yearnew porsche cayennenew carsporsche cayenne sales start
Porsche Cayenne 2018porsche cayenne 2018 photoNew carsnew cars of 2018

The car was built using the MLB Evo architecture from the Volkswagen Group. The same solution applies to the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga. The new platform is easier and thanks to the use of aluminum parts, the Cayenne 2018 has dropped an additional 100 kg of weight.

Basic equipment will cost the buyer 68,800 dollars. It will be a car with a diesel V-shaped six. If you want not just the Cayenne, but also the fact that it personifies to the fullest extent, then be ready to pay at least $ 125,000 for the high-performance version.

Not cheap, but for the money you get one of the fastest cars in its class. A hybrid model is expected.She will probably follow the path of the Panamera and become the most powerful version of the model.

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