New buildings in Yekaterinburg from the developer 2017-2018 year

The benefits of acquiring an apartment in the new building of Yekaterinburg from the developer in 2017–2018 are obvious. The city is growing, developing all the time. Buying a property in a clean and well-maintained area allows you to find housing for your family. Plus, this is a competent investment in the future. Over time, an apartment in a new house will increase in price, and you can sell it much more expensively than its original value.

Is it profitable to buy a new building in Yekaterinburg from the developer in 2017-2018?

There is a category of people who buy apartments in new buildings, not intending to live in them. Accommodation will never be over. Renting an apartment will bring a stable monthly income. So over the years you will be able to return your money invested in real estate and make a profit. Today, the purchase of such housing is more profitable than ever.

Plus, apartments from the developer will be much cheaper than buying property through an intermediary.Developers do not inflate the cost to make a profit for intermediary services. Often, housing is bought during the construction phase. So you can buy it even cheaper than the finished apartment.

new building in Yekaterinburg

The advantages of apartments in new buildings

Buying a property in a new building has several advantages over a similar purchase on the secondary housing market. In the use of the new owner receives a completely new apartment in which no one had previously lived. No one did substandard repairs. Engineering communications, wiring, sewage and water supply do not require major repairs and urgent replacement. After all, their use begins only on arrival of new tenants. In addition, the cost of an apartment from the developer is lower than from the owner (and even more so, an intermediary) in the secondary market.

New houses are built with the observance of innovative technologies. As a result, new owners get comfortable housing with reliable systems. The apartment with a modern layout and a spacious kitchen, bathroom and bathroom is much more convenient than the "Khrushchev".

In modern homes, they lay electrical networks that are designed for a heavy load.You can safely use all electrical devices and not worry about failures, overvoltage and circuit. New apartments do not clog up drains, there are no old leaking pipes. There are far fewer risks of flooding the neighbors, or the likelihood that the neighbors above will flood you. In such apartments there are light and spacious entrances and well-designed elevators.

As a rule, wealthy wealthy people buy apartments in new homes. This means that in the new apartment you will have adequate peaceful neighbors. Often, housing complexes hire a concierge.

Also near the houses or in the same building provide parking, spacious courtyards, buildings in Yekaterinburg

The main advantage of buying an apartment in a new building is the absence of a dark past. From a legal point of view, such an apartment is clean. New owners are free from trouble. More often, housing in a newly built building is cheaper than an apartment on the secondary housing market.

During the construction of modern insulating materials and technologies, so you can significantly save on heating.

List of the most popular residential complexes in Yekaterinburg

Apartments in new buildings of Yekaterinburg with the delivery in 2017-2018 have already been on sale. Real estate developers offer potential buyers excursions, during which you can learn the details, consider the quality of construction, the dimensions of housing. Future owners can evaluate the infrastructure, transport interchange, the presence of a number of schools, hospitals, supermarkets, playgrounds, parking lots. Below are the most popular LCD in the city.

  • Contemporary. Monolithic brick buildings. Construction is made on a turnkey basis, that is, after the acquisition, the buyer receives an apartment with a layout, communications, electrical wiring, doors and other benefits of civilization. In such an apartment requires only cosmetic repairs. A square meter in such a house costs from 57 thousand rubles. One-room apartment - from 2 090 000 rubles. District - Kirovsky. The developer is Stroytek company.
  • Woods. Monolithic building in the Leninsky district, the construction of which is engaged in the company Atomstroycomplex. They promise a turnkey finish with a fairly budget cost per square meter - 50 thousand rubles. The cheapest one-room apartment here is from 2,450,000 rubles.There are also two and three bedroom apartments for sale, which will cost more. Residential complex is located in the Verkh-Isetsky district.
  • Currant. The buyer can buy a house in a monolithic reinforced concrete house for 45 thousand rubles per square meter. The developer Atomstroycomplex promises to make a turnkey finish. There are no one-room apartments for sale. Buy a two-room offer for 2 980 000 rubles, a three-room - 4 020 000 rubles.

new building in Yekaterinburg

  • The first Nicholas. The aforementioned LCD surrenders in 2017. The first Nikolayevsky partially surrenders in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Located in Zheleznodorozhny district. Monolithic buildings are being built by Uralenergostroykompleks. She offers buyers apartments with a fine finish. Price per square meter starts from 50 thousand rubles. The cost of one-room apartment - from 1 520 000 rubles. Also sell two and three bedroom apartments.
  • New World. Low-rise residential complex, which was built on the basis of gas and oil concrete structures. The first part of the company "Logic Development" passed in 2016. They promise to pass the next one in 2017. Located in the area of ​​Aramil, 15 minutes from Ekaterinburg. The cost of a meter is from 37 thousand rubles. They promise only a fine finish.However, the buyer can choose the plumbing, lighting and interior design. Also allowed to offer their own options. On sale only one-bedroom apartments cost from 776,000 rubles.
  • Northern Lights. Atomstroykomplek. Is building a 27-storey monolithic gas-and-ash concrete house. The house is located in the northern part of the city in the Ordzhonikidze district. In this area there are shopping centers, schools, institutes and other benefits of civilization. Apartments are offered with finishing turnkey. The cost of a meter of housing starts from 80 thousand rubles. The first part is planned to be delivered at the end of 2016, the second - in 2017. For sale only one and two bedroom apartments. Price - from 4 and 5 million rubles, respectively.

new buildings in Yekaterinburg

This is not a complete list of LCD in Yekaterinburg. New houses are regularly built here. They are located in areas with developed infrastructure. Comfortable apartments in which it is a pleasure to live is a reasonable object for investment activity.

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