New 2019 in Goa

Holidays in Goa in January 2019 is distinguished by an affordable price, and tens of thousands of tourists come here for vivid impressions. The first travelers appeared in the mysterious Indian state only in the 70s of the last century, but after 10 years the resort was considered one of the most popular in the world. Today Goa boasts a developed infrastructure, equipped beaches, interesting sights and an atmosphere of endless fun, especially on the New Year.

Goa weather in January

Since Goa is in the subtropics, it is warm here for 365 days. At the beginning of the New Year 2019, the resort will be as comfortable as possible - the average daytime temperature varies between 28-32 ºС, while in the evening it is slightly colder (18-22 ºС). Unlike, for example, Thailand, the humidity at the resort is a maximum of 50-60%, making the heat tolerated by tourists easier.

Goa weather in January

The sea on Goa in January 2019 will delight with the breeze and comfortable water temperature (26-28 ºС). There are practically no waves near the coastline, which allows even small children to swim in the Indian Ocean.Rain at the beginning of the year at the resort is a huge rarity: little precipitation falls only at night or in the morning, and then it dries quickly. In other words, travelers will need light clothing, a bathing suit with a swimming mask with flippers, to celebrate New Year 2019 in Goa.

Christmas entertainment

Goa is one of the few states in India where Catholic traditions are strong. Long before the onset of the main holiday of winter, local shops, restaurants, churches and beaches are decorated with garlands with original illuminations. They also do not forget about the Christmas tree here, but because of the climate they decorate artificial trees or palm trees. As for the celebration options, for tourists they are as follows:

  • at the hotel;
  • on the street or square;
  • in restaurants, bars, cafes;
  • on the beaches or directly to the sea.

A popular option for celebrations is considered to be a hotel stay. In almost every department in the south, guests are offered a New Year banquet, the cost of which is already included in the package tour. If the institution specializes in accommodating Russian tourists, then Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, and folk tale characters will definitely appear at the party.

Want to see the Indian flavor - go out on New Year's Eve on the streets or squares of resort towns. Major celebrations will unfold in the state capital Panaji, where tourists can take part in processions, watch theatrical performances, enjoy fireworks and fire shows.

New Year on the streets of Goa

Numerous places of entertainment in Goa offer their entertainment program to visitors. Tourists are treated to Indian dishes, including curry with appetizers, spicy meat, Bombay potatoes, spicy cheese, and pilau. Entrance to discos and prestigious restaurants costs from 1 thousand rupees (about 900 Russian rubles), and tables should be booked in a few weeks.

Thousands of tourists go to Goa to celebrate the New Year 2019. To do this, the beaches of the resort are suitable, on which performances are organized, bonfires are built before dawn and fireworks are launched. Entrance to such parties, as a rule, is free, and drinks are sold in nearby cafes (shekas). If you are planning to celebrate New Year in Goa romantic, it is best to rent a boat or yacht, going to the open sea. It is such a pleasure not cheap (from 5 thousandrupees), but the resulting emotions forever remain in the memory.

North or South: what to choose?

Before you book a tour for the New 2019 in Goa, you need to know about the specifics of the holiday. Conventionally, the state is divided into two parts - the north and south. The sought-after recreation areas of the South are:

  • Colva;
  • Benaulim;
  • Cavelossim.

The southern regions of Goa are an island of luxury, after all, well-off tourists rest here. Accommodation in local hotels starts from 2.5 thousand rupees / day, while the level of service by the standards of India is quite high. It is better to come here for the New Year with the family or the second half.


Arambol: Goa

Northern Goa, like 40 years ago, is chosen by party-goers and hippies. The main resorts of the region were Morjim, Arambol, Anjuna and Calangute. The cheapest overnight stay here costs only 300 rupees, but guests will have to put up with unsanitary conditions, noise and grass lovers. However, you can only experience the ancient culture of India, as well as the diversity of its religious teachings, in the North.

Prices for Goa for the New Year

The main question that worries tourists going to visit Goa in January is how much money to take with you on holiday.Simplify the task of counting financial resources will help the information in the table:

Name of entertainment / service Cost of
Jet ski rental 800 rupees / hour
Massage from 1000 rupees
Yoga or Religious Practices from 300 rupees
Diving from 1500 rupees
Open sea fishing from 2000 rupees
Surfing from 900 rupees / hour

Very cheap at the resort fruits and juices. For example, a kilogram of oranges or bananas will cost only 30 rupees, and lunch in an inexpensive restaurant - within 200-300 rupees. In addition, in most hotels travelers offer excursions: boat trips (3 thousand rupees), a state tour (1.5-2 thousand rupees), a trip to Hampi or Mumbai (from 8 thousand rupees).

Cost of tours

The price of a trip to Goa for the New 2019 increases significantly in anticipation of the holidays. Some firms inflate the price list by 40-50%, as the number of people willing to leave the cold Russian winter at the end of December increases. The cost of a weekly trip to this resort varies from 80 thousand rubles for two, and this amount already includes:

  • flight and hotel transfer;
  • hotel accommodation 3 * or 4 *;
  • medical insurance;
  • Three meals a day;
  • New Year's banquet;
  • excursions.

Flight to Goa

The cost of a 7-day voucher in January with accommodation in 5 * hotels and the all-inclusive option starts from 120 thousand rubles for two. For example, the price of similar tours in Goa in February is reduced to 90-100 thousand rubles, which is dictated by the fall in demand for this area. For much less money there is an opportunity to meet the main winter holiday in Greece, Egypt, Turkey or the Maldives.

Thus, the New Year of 2019 in Goa is a wonderful chance to soak up the warm sunshine, swim in the Indian Ocean, and admire the unique nature of the region. After spending a few days here, you will fall in love with the beauty of the resort, learn the culture of the most ancient civilization, be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and good nature of the locals.

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