New 2018 in Red Square

The center of New Year celebrations in Russia is traditionally Red Square. This action is monitored not only by those who came here on New Year's Eve, but also by millions of people on TV or online broadcasts on the Internet.

All those who have done this before, as well as many people for whom this will be the first time, strive to spend the old and meet the New 2018 in the central square of Moscow. While the organizers are preparing all the events, future visitors need to know what the program of the holiday will be and what points need to be taken to fully absorb the atmosphere of general fun.

New Year in Red Square

New Year's Event Schedule

Celebrations will begin a few days before the main holiday. Those who want to visit the center of Moscow and enjoy the numerous entertainment in advance, look at the festive illuminations and just relax, you can come to Red Square until December 31. These days there will be fewer people, which means that there will be more opportunities to relax and take a picture against the background of fairy-tale characters and festive decorations.

The main activities will be:

  • the opening of the fair and the rink - November 29;
  • a gala concert with the participation of stars - December 31 (from 22-00);
  • New Year's program - December 31 (from 22-00) - January 1 (until 2-00).

What will delight and amaze the guests of Red Square with the organizers of the New 2018 meeting this time:

  • The main symbol of the holiday will be installed in the center - spruce, decorated according to the design of the best designers of the country. Photos on the background of this tree will be an excellent contribution to the photo archive of each family.

Christmas tree on the red square

  • A rich program of events, the main characters and leading of which will be the traditional characters - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
  • A large-scale laser show was prepared with thematic plots and amazing technical innovations. It combined in itself the devotion to the old folk traditions and modern trends in the entertainment industry.
  • On the territory of the New Year's town there will be a fair where you can buy your favorite gift or something tasty for yourself or for the whole family.
  • Before the onset of the New 2018, visitors to Red Square will be able to see the broadcast of the President’s speech addressing all citizens of Russia.
  • At midnight, those present will be able to hear the chiming clock - the main attribute of the New Year. Most people at this moment make a secret desire that must be fulfilled over the next year.
  • Immediately after the chiming clock, the most ambitious and spectacular salute of the country begins. This fascinating spectacle lasts 10 minutes, painting the sky with unusual colors and all shades of the rainbow.

Fireworks on Red Square

Competitions and theatrical performances will be focused on different age categories. The smallest are waiting for meetings with the characters of Soviet, Russian and foreign cartoons ("Well, wait!", "Fixies", "Madagascar", "Ice Age", etc.). Of course, the children will be given a huge amount of gifts and surprises.

Adults will also be able to take part in competitions, see choreographic and theatrical performances, dance to modern music.

Skating rink on Red Square

Many people's favorite winter fun is ice skating. For those who want to ride right in the center of Moscow on a magical night, there is a great opportunity to do it at the rink.Its capacity does not allow to place everyone at the same time, but due to the fact that there are still a lot of entertainment, there are rarely anyone who lingers for a long time, so everyone who desires has time to ride a couple of dozen laps. On the rink also provides entertainment and theatrical performances with fabulous characters.

Skating rink on Red Square

More on the rink will be the performance of the most talented skaters of the country, the impression of which will be enhanced by illumination and special effects.

The cost of a ticket to the rink during the celebration of the New 2018 will correspond to the sequence number of the upcoming New Year - 2018 rubles. Concerning its acquisition, you need to worry in advance, as for the holidays tickets may not be available.

Rules and Tips

For those who first decided to celebrate the New Year in this way, you need to know how to prepare for the holiday:

  • It is important to dress warmly and pay special attention to children's clothing, since in the holiday atmosphere you will want to stay longer;
  • It is good to take snacks and warm tea in a thermos with you, because in cold weather, long lines are usually formed near the points of sale of such goods.

Tea in winter

  • It is important to ensure that a family or company can call each other, as the number of people in Red Square that night is always very large and the risk of being lost in a crowd is great.
  • It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks, cigarettes or pyrotechnics in pockets, purses or backpacks. At the entrance install metal detectors that do not allow to carry these objects unnoticed.

The discipline and calm will be watched by the guards, who will do everything possible to ensure that drunken people do not get into Red Square. Alcohol at the fair and in other outlets of the holiday town will not be sold, and in the whole city its sale will stop at 19-00, and will resume only the next day.

How to get to the holiday

On New Year's Eve, the city authorities will provide an opportunity to easily get to Red Square for everyone. Metro on this night will work longer than usual, namely - until 2-00 on January 1. Buses will travel up to 3 hours, but after a break of one and a half hours they resume their movement again.

For those who want to come on a holiday by private car, it is important to know that almost the entire center will become a pedestrian zone this night and will be blocked for traffic. Therefore, it will be necessary to leave your car in the parking lot far from the places of celebration.

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