New 2018 in Kostroma

The new 2018 in Kostroma is a wonderful opportunity to meet a wonderful winter holiday in the most ancient city of Russia. Every year, millions of tourists come here who want to explore original traditions, see unique architectural creations, taste the culinary delights of real Russian cuisine. This place is unusually beautiful in winter, when the frost is silvering the windows of houses, and the ice will forge nearby reservoirs. The fact that Kostroma is the birthplace of the Snow Maiden and is part of the “Golden Ring” of Russia, gives the city a special charm, mystery, originality.

What to do in Kostroma in the winter holidays?

Despite its rich history, Kostroma boasts a developed infrastructure and a huge number of New Year events. The list of the main options for meeting the main winter event in the city includes:

  • excursions;
  • mass folk festivals;
  • trip to places of entertainment, etc.

The new 2018 year in Kostroma is, first of all, a fairy tale, therefore, whatever the celebration option you choose, the atmosphere of joy, fun and mutual understanding will be felt everywhere.

Christmas tree in Kostroma

Interesting places of Kostroma

To visit Kostroma on New Year's Eve and not to visit the Museum “Terem Snegurochka” will be the main mistake of any tourist. Expositions dedicated to the grandfather of Santa Claus are located in a park called the Berendeyev Kingdom. Terem stands on the picturesque bank of the Volga, and the hostess herself, the Snow Maiden, greets all the guests. She tells amazing stories, introduces visitors to her fabulous friends, invites you to explore the magical objects in the Terem. Granddaughter of Santa Claus good-bye is showered with snow by many tourists, which, according to old Russian superstitions, should bring good luck in the New Year.

The main attractions of Kostroma, which is required to inspect every cultural traveler, are:

  • Fire Tower;
  • Ipatiev Monastery;
  • monument to Ivan Susanin;
  • Kostroma State Drama Theater. Ostrovsky.

Residents of Kostroma for the New YearIn addition to visiting these listed places, you can just walk around the winter city, feel the pre-holiday bustle, enjoy the frosty fresh air. In Kostroma, the flow of time seems to be slowing down, making it possible to reflect on eternal values ​​or recall pleasant moments from your own life.

Mass festivities - an inexpensive way to celebrate

Those who wish to meet the New 2018 in Kostroma cheap, it is best to go in the evening on December 31 to Susaninskaya Square. It will traditionally install a Christmas tree decorated with hundreds of lights, lanterns and toys. Nearby there will be a fair where you can buy jewelry, sweets, and other holiday gifts. On New Year's Eve, a cultural and entertainment event is planned on the square, including:

  • a disco;
  • contests with gifts;
  • bright long fireworks;
  • performance by local artists.

Among other interesting events that men will most certainly want to attend, it is worth noting the competition “Kostroma Snow Maiden”. The most beautiful, intelligent and charming women of the weaker sex will take part in this prestigious contest, and its winner will be honored with the title of the best girl in the city for a whole year. The venue of the event is still unknown, but local posters will probably tell where the competition will take place.


Where to go noisy company in Kostroma?

In the described city there are several wonderful restaurants where you can meet the New 2018 year with friends, relatives or the second half.The list of popular institutions includes:

  • "The Blizzard";
  • "Slavic";
  • "White sun";
  • "Old Marina".

Here you will be offered to taste such culinary delights, like pies, cabbage soup, okroshka, pies with filling, pickles, meat delicacies. Among the alcoholic beverages - brew, various beers and, of course, vodka. Booking tables in restaurants Kostroma should be in advance, otherwise in the New Year's Eve they may not be available. The average check in such institutions is 4-5 thousand rubles per person.

On the night of January 1, the nightclubs “Paprika”, “IKRA”, “Panther”, “Tunnel” and others will be opened for young people. In these institutions they will play their best DJ sets, popular artists, showmen, and humorists will perform. Information about the specifics of the entertainment program in the nightclubs of the city will appear on the official websites of institutions a few months before the holiday.

Kostroma for New Year

What do tour operators offer?

Kostroma is a popular tourist destination, especially during the winter holidays. Many companies sell vouchers, the cost of which depends on a number of factors (the “stardom” of the hotel, the distance of the move, etc.). On average, a 3-day ticket to this ancient city will cost between 15-20 thousand.rubles per person. For example, the Moscow company NISSA offers to visit Kostroma for 19,500 rubles, provided that they are placed in a double room of the Standard class. In a programme:

  • New Year's banquet;
  • holiday dinner;
  • drive to the moose farm;
  • City tour.

In general, the price of rest for the New 2018 in Kostroma is quite acceptable, so the whole trip will cost a maximum of 25-27 thousand rubles. For this small amount you will get great pleasure, a lot of pleasant memories and a desire to return to this amazing place again.

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