New 2018 Ford Transit Connect

The apparent compactness of this baby should not be misleading anyone - it is not classy capacious, let alone obedience on the road, economy and worthy of respect, as for a van, playfulness and you can add endless praises without end.

It is produced by the Ford division of Otosan in Turkish territory, to which the parent company once completely shoved the responsibility for the entire Transit series. That, in general, is completely logical, because its main consumers were and remain the markets of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

True, the compatriots of the Michigan brand are not denied the pleasure of enjoying this model, and it appears quite original in the home country.

The enterprising marketers of the group have come up with the idea to produce in Turkey options with windows and rear couches, automatically transferring a commercial van to the passenger transport class, thanks to which the 25% "Chicken Tax" on imported trucks is no longer valid.

But on the spot, all the excess from the car is dismantled and then put on other models, but the fact remains that altering the cost of a hundred bucks actually saves the company many thousands.For the rest of the audience, traditionally, both variations are offered: cargo (Cargo Van equipment) and passenger.

The first Ford Transit Connect of the 2002 edition in the model range was destined to replace the best-selling book of its time with Courier, and Peter Horbury personally worked on his design at that time. Since then, already managed to change for two generations and the car was completely unrecognizable. In 2019, it is worth waiting for an acquaintance with the next third generation.

New in design and exterior

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The body will be equipped, as always, with a pair of sliding side doors on the cargo-passenger compartment and opening rear full-swinging options, or their vertical counterparts. According to experts, the chassis should not undergo changes, since the designers from Dearborn, while better than what was put on the second generation, have not yet invented anything.

Externally, the car will give additional fog, and all optics in general will translate into LED rails. Compared with the second generation, the design will not change too much, continuing to move towards more modern forms by lowering the roof. But, by the way, the grille, as well as the bumper, will radically change.

Ford Transit 2019 new model

The rest is only minor cosmetics, and it is worth noting that in general, the appearance of the new product is more than harmonious, relevant and one that fits well into the solution of business problems and the daily life of a large family.

Interior design and equipment

The size of the updated version will also fit all three rows of seats in the passenger version. In this case, the rear sofa is fully foldable, so that the volume of the wagon part increases significantly.

The greatest changes are planned in the front of the cabin, where the entire center console will look completely different now, and the driver and front passenger will get a completely different shape and functionality of the seat.

Ford Transit Connect Feature

By the way, if even for the second generation, grumbling did not abate on the topic that the finishing materials in such a model could be better, now all critics will have to apologize to take their words back: the existing teasers on equipment sets show an extremely good and beautiful modern finish.

The equipment will be noticeably updated, and now there will be available the most modern version of Sinkovskaya multimedia, equipped with a 6.5-inch screen on a touch screen, as well as a new on-board computer monitor.

From assistants offered Amazon Alexa, an emergency braking system, intelligent speed control, as well as the option to detect pedestrians and interference on the road. On board and wireless charging station gadgets, and the Internet in the company of many other modern functions.

Specifications of the new Ford Transit Connect

New Transit Connect 2019

Ford Transit Connect is going to put the famous 1.5-liter EcoBoost in its latest edition, and besides it, the following is optionally offered in the database:

  • a choice of two-liter four-cylinder engine on gasoline or a 2.5-liter in-line gas installation;
  • six-speed mechanics or eight-speed automatic, depending on the type of motor;
  • length - 4.28 m, width - 1.795 m, wheelbase - 2.912 m, clearance - 16.7 cm;
  • weight - 2.14 kg;
  • luggage capacity - 1.5 cubic meters;
  • consumption - not higher than 3.9 l / 100 km in the combined cycle.

2019 ford transit connect technical specifications

It is expected that the safest Euro NCAP (five stars out of five!) Version of the van, like the pre-reform one, will continue the tradition of producing a hybrid version on its base, as well as a fully autonomous electric vehicle. The first option will be aggregated with a liter Eco-booster power plant and operate from a block of lithium-ion batteries.

Well, the update, apparently, should be very nice, so there is every reason to believe that it will finally be able to compete with classmates like the Nissan NV 200 and Mercedes-Benz Citan.

As for the rest of the analogs, neither the Opele, nor the Volkswagen or Citroen variations on the topic even look close, they do not even catch up with the American in their characteristics. And the awkward Skoda Roomster or Renault Kangoo, as well as the “simplicity” Peugeot Partner and Fiat Doblo, are even inconvenient to rank with the Ford Transit Connect.

While the pricing data for the third generation has not been made public, as well as the exact date of sales, we will know all this closer to the beginning of 2019.

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