Natural stone slate

Today, slate stone is considered almost one of the most fashionable finishing materials. It is worth saying that for the first time in the entire history of finishing material equated with precious stones and became associated with the symbol of wealth and prestige. The highest strata of society rushed for shale material, designers want to buy slate stone with the most unusual colors and textures. It can be said that now there is another fashionable whim in society, but, nevertheless, the stone itself is multifaceted and unusual. Stone and previously preferred, regardless of fashion trends.

Slate characteristics

Slate stones differ from other natural stones in their origin. They have a layered structure, which gives uniqueness to natural material. It is almost impossible to make the same interior or the same lining, so many are competing with each other: who, for example, has the lining of the wall made of the rarest and most unusual slate in the interior. The fashion for slate pushes for individuality.

Slate is different and one stone can be completely different from the other in appearance. Also, there are differences in the hardness of the rock, water absorption. The only, absolutely all shale solid layered structure. You can alsostone slate buyany size and color and it will be a really good material that will last a long time.

Slate offers many opportunities for creating creative designs. This, incidentally, also influenced the surge in popularity of the stone. Natural rock is durable and resistant to moisture. The color variety of shales is rich: from light to darkest shades. There are breeds interspersed with a certain color, with divorces, as well as in poisonous bright colors. Bulgarian slate is famous for cherry, green, peach shades. In general, the slate mined in different places will differ among themselves and not only in the color gamut.

Applying slate

Compared with other natural rocks, the stone does not cause a feeling of cold, for example, as granite. They can easily decorate the interior of the bedroom, which will be "warm" because of the color and texture.

Slates are popular both with designers and architects due to its properties, colors.Russian natural schists are hard, water resistant, not weathering resistant. Thanks to these properties, the stone can be used for cladding the facade, baths, fountains, baths and swimming pools.

The interior of the stone is popular because of the decorative properties. There are unusual rare colors that look incredibly beautiful in the interior.

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