National Anti-Corruption Plan 2018–2019

The national anti-corruption plan is a set of tasks and goals in the fight against the main criminal ailment of today's officials - bribery, and not only. Such a plan is approved by the head of state - the President. The previous plan was developed for 2016-2017, the new one envisages the organization of work for 2018-2019.


In the National Plan, the President sets the following tasks:

  • The government;
  • The head of the presidential administration;
  • The General Prosecutor’s Office of the country;
  • The Attorney General;
  • other government agencies and officials.

After the period specified in the plan, i.e. in December 2019, government agencies and officials indicated in the text are required to report on the work done and the execution of all items.

National Anti-Corruption Plan 2018–2019

What are the main objectives of the National Anti-Corruption Plan in Russia?

The main task is known - to reduce the number of facts of criminal encroachments of corruption.It would have sounded too loud, proclaiming the main goal of the complete eradication of corruption, since crime cannot be completely eradicated. Moreover, at a time like this. Nikita Khrushchev said in his day that he would personally shake hands with the last criminal. Despite such pessimism in the science of criminology, the state at this time launched a real war against corruption.

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The main goals and objectives of the Plan:
  • organization and conduct of anti-corruption measures by state authorities;
  • the formation of a negative attitude towards bribery among state officials and other citizens, a massive explanation of criminal law norms providing for responsibility for receiving and giving a bribe;
  • organization of timely and objective inspections for each corruption fact;
  • round-the-clock provision of a helpline as a means of quickly obtaining information by officials about criminal offenses of a corrupt nature;
  • qualitative research and analysis of citizens' appeals;
  • holding meetings, seminars and round tables on the topic of combating corruption, the exchange of best practices between the territorial bodies of the state;
  • collection and compilation of information from the media and other official sources on the facts of corruption;
  • organization of work on the submission of civil servants information about their expenses, income, and also regarding their family members: spouses and children under 18 years of age.

The income information is presented annually in the past year. For certain categories of employees established their terms:

Officials Timing
President, Chairman of the Government, members of the Government, employees of the Presidential Administration, Secretary of the Security Council of the country Until April 1
Other civil servants, municipal employees, employees of the Pension Fund, companies of compulsory medical insurance - all those listed in the List. Until April 30

Candidates for appointment will fill out certificates as of the 1st day of the month preceding the date of submission of the application for appointment. It is necessary to approach the filling of certificates with full responsibility. Any mistake, a typo can lead to the onset of serious consequences, even dismissal and dismissal.

National Anti-Corruption Plan 2018–2019

What's New in Anti-Corruption Policy Today: Latest News

Speaking about the presentation of information about the incomes of officials, a new item was added to the forms of certificates about the values ​​alienated in the past reporting year. So, when presenting an apartment to someone, the employee will have to report this fact in writing in the certificate. The same applies to the sale of the car.

In 2018, the powers of criminal procedure officers were expanded. If a civil servant is suspected of bribery, they themselves, without the permission of the court, now have access to information about the accounts and deposits of the person, through the Rosfinmonitoring services. This privilege will allow in the shortest possible time to react to the facts of corruption and, if possible, to prevent them.

The national plan for 2018–2019 contains guidance on the fight against corruption for all branches of government. Each government body, department, court and institution, on the basis of the National Plan, develops and complies with its internal plan during the prescribed period. The fight against corruption is a common cause of state authorities and Russian citizens. Only thanks to the vigilance of each person, the timely and honest reaction of officials to the problems that have arisen, the interaction of all forces and means can success be achieved in this important state matter.

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