Muslim calendar for 2019 with holidays

The Muslim calendar is used in Islamic culture primarily for the annual determination of holidays, and in some countries it is considered the official secular calendar.

How to build a calendar

A distinctive feature of the Muslim calendar - it is based on the phases of the moon. As is known, the dates of the lunar and sunny months do not converge, therefore, a new Muslim calendar is compiled annually. In contrast to the Gregorian calendar, Islam is counted from July 16, 622 AD. This date is called Hijri Day.

On a note! Hijra is the most important event of Islamic culture, which means the day of the resettlement of Muhammad and the followers from Mecca to Medina.

Sunset over the mosque

Thus, according to the Islamic chronology, in the Muslim calendar of 2019 1440-1441 AH appear. It has 12 months. Dates of the beginning and end of each of them vary annually, taking into account the movement of the moon. A month lasts from one new moon to another, that is, 29 days 12 h 44 min 3.9 s.As a result, a month can consist of 29 or 30 days, and a full year lasts 354 days (which is 11 days less than the sun). Every day starts after sunset, not at midnight.

Muslim holidays in 2019

Since holidays are calculated in Islam solely on the basis of the lunar calendar, each year they fall on different days, so the calendar of Muslim holidays in 2019 differs significantly from the previous one. Another feature associated with the covenant of the Prophet Muhammad, who bequeathed not to recognize the celebration, sacred to other religions and peoples.

Important! Festive dates are calculated based on the astronomical lunar calendar. But there may be differences in dates depending on different interpretations of the appearance of the new moon. Accurate information is always provided by city mosques.

Muslim calendar for 2019

In January there are no Muslim holidays, so let's start the countdown from the second month.


8.02 - The suffering of Fatima is the first holiday for Muslims, celebrated in 2019. Fatima, the younger daughter of Mohammed, is recognized as the standard of a real Muslim woman.

7.03 - Night Ragaib (Night of Gifts) - the date of the marriage of the parents of Muhammad and the conception of the prophet himself.This night is considered the most favorable on the part of Allah.

03/14 - Hijra to Ethiopia.

March 20 is the birthday of Imam Ali, a faithful follower of the Prophet, his cousin and active participant in the battles of that time.

March 21 - Navruz (Spring Equinox) - praising the future harvest, in which large cheerful feasts are held with new dishes and certain products. You can not curse and remember past insults.

Nowruz (Spring Equinox)


3.04 - Isra and Miragej - recalls the journey to Jerusalem made by the prophet and his ascension to heaven. All worship performed gives the opportunity to be rewarded with a savab that can be earned over 100 years of worship.

April 20th - Night Baraat is one of the most revered nights when the Koran was transferred to the inhabitants of the Earth. On this night, it is possible to receive from Allah both absolution, deliverance from debts, and punishment and tribute for transgressions, therefore it is recommended to pray more, to reconsider our deeds.

5.05 - the beginning of Ramadan - the most respected month in Islamic culture, which requires special behavior and for Christians is not much like a celebration: you should follow a strict fast, help those in need, behave nobly and improve the lives of others to cleanse their body and soul.The ban on smoking and intimacy, meals and water during the day is imposed.

Another holiday of this day, Umra, is dedicated to the small pilgrimage to Mecca.

22.05 - The Battle of Badr - the first battle in the name of independence, which was won despite the large number of the enemy.

25.05 - Fatah Mecca Day - recognition of Islam in Mecca and the removal of pagan idols from the Kaaba temple.

26.05 - The suffering of Imam Ali, the follower and son-in-law of the Prophet, who participated in many of his battles.

31.05 - The Night of Power and Predestination is an important date, dedicated to the message of the first suras of the Koran to Muhammad. You should do penance, think about the future, review your bad deeds and offenses.

Night of Power and Predestination

5.06 - Uraz Bairam is a merry breakthrough holiday at the end of the strict fast of Ramadan. It is customary to prepare for it in advance: to buy new clothes and gifts for loved ones, to clean the house, to cook a festive meal, which treats both relatives and very strangers.

7.06 - The Battle of Uhud - the first, but also the last defeat among all the wars of Muhammad.

14.06 - Battle of the Hunane, mentioned in the Quran.

29.06 - The suffering of Imam Jafar, theologian and descendant of the Prophet.

4.07 - Treaty of Khudaybiya - the negotiation of Muhammad with Quraysh (628), on which Islam was recognized at the official level.


2.08 - the beginning of Zul-Hija, the 12th month, which imposes a ban on wars and blood feuds. It is recommended to pray a lot, repent and fast.

August 11, Arafat Day - instructs pilgrims who are in Hajj to gather in the sacred Arafat valley (which is not far from Mecca) and perform the rite of standing on a mountain. Believers are recommended strict fasting and reading of prayers to Allah, and the sins committed on this day are multiplied a hundredfold.

12.08 - Kurban Bayram - the main Muslim holiday of 2019, in which the rite of sacrifice is held: they slaughter healthy cattle and divide its meat into 3 parts, leaving one family, community and poor.

Kurban Bayram

13.08 - At-Tashrik Days - continuation of the celebration of Kurban Bayram.

August 19 is the Day of the Improvement of Religion (Qadir-Hum), in which you need to remember the most important events in the development of Islamic culture and read the Koran.

August 25 - Eid al-Mubahil is the day when Muslims negotiated with Christians.


1.09 - New Year Hijra, 1st day of the month of Muharram.This is not so revered Muslim holiday in 2019, so special ceremonies and a festive feast are not provided. Muslims attend mosques, read sermons about the prophet Muhammad.

Important! By the direction of Allah, battles and other conflicts are strictly forbidden during Muharram, and the whole month should be kept in good spirits, pray more and remember their actions.

7.09 - Hike to Khaybar, the result of which was the reconquest after a 30-day siege of a part of the oasis of Arabia.

9.09 - Imam Hussein's Tashoua - the day of his death in one of the religious wars.

10.09 - Ashura Day - is considered a day of mourning, sad music is playing everywhere. He is accompanied by a 3-day voluntary fasting.

30.09 - The beginning of the second month of the Muslim calendar 2019 - Safar, which requires conducting ceremonies and remain calm.

Muslim reads the Quran


19.10 - Arbain - commemoration of Imam Hussein who died in the throes.

26.11 - Night of the Hijri.

27.11 - The Day of the Death of the Prophet Mohammed - official mourning is announced, dedicated to one of the saddest events of Islamic culture.

28.11 - The suffering of Imam Ali Ar-Rida is celebrated by Shiites in memory of a descendant of Muhammad, who is considered to be among the great experts on the Koran.


9.11 - The birthday of the Prophet Mohammed (Mawlid) is one of the main Islamic holidays, when sermons and stories from the life of the Prophet are read everywhere, alms are given and other good deeds are performed.

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