Movie Top 3: Ragnarok (2017)

Marvel's universe boasts highly successful projects that collect millions of fans from their screens. Motion picture “Thor” became one of such cash works and surprised with the first-class quality of shooting and amazing special effects.

Noticing the frantic popularity of the film, the creators decided to make a sequel - “Thor: The Kingdom of Darkness”. She turned out to be no less in demand, therefore, based on the comics about Torah, Kevin Figi decides to create another film - a sequel called“Top 3: Ragnarok”.

release date

The network has been rumored for some time about the start of filming the third part of “Torah”, but I would like to note that, according to official data, their launch is scheduled for June 2016. For all this time, directors, screenwriters, cameramen and other creative personalities involved in the process will have to do a tremendous amount of work.

After all, the allegedWorld premiere date is scheduled for July 24, 2017and in Russia and other CIS countries the film will be shown on November 3, 2017.

Cast and creators

Kevin Faigy, a rather successful and famous person in the world of cinema, volunteered to produce the project. Under his command, films such as “Iron Man 3” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” were shot. For a very long time, they hid the name of the director in order to stir up even greater interest in the film.

But more recently it became known that the director's chair was occupied by Taika Wititi (“The Real Ghouls”, “The Boy”, “The Eagle Against the Shark”). The script for the third part of the “Torah” will be written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle.

Top 3: Ragnarok Cast

Regarding the cast, the audience will again see familiar faces on the screen, because Chris Hamsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) will be filmed in the sequel.

The plot of the movie

Actions in the picture will unfold after the events shown in the second part of the “Torah”. The viewer will show Asgard, which is on the verge of destruction. Ragnarok is coming. In Scandinavian mythology, this very word means the End of the World. What caused this frightening event can only guess. But Thor is sure that his brother Loki could not be here.

It is unlikely that the main character will act alone. Of course, he is still a brave and strong man, but the decisive battle, as a rule, turns out to be fierce and exhausting. Therefore, most fans believe that another character will appear in the film - Hulk.

It is with him that Thor will unite and overthrow the enemy - the fiery demon Surtur. This monster has a goal not only to destroy Asgard, but also all nine worlds. Let's hope that Thor has accumulated enough strength to prevent the curse from coming true.

Interesting Facts

Top 3: Ragnarok release date

  • Rumor has it that a hangman Skurj and Amor (a Charmer) will appear in the 2017 film. With her, Loki has a love line. To the aid of the Torah will come not only the Hulk, but also Baldr and Beta Ray Bill.
  • “Ragnarok” has several interpretations. This word can be understood not only as “The End of the World”, but also “Twilight of the Gods” or “Fate of the Gods”. According to one of the myths, the Universe and humankind were destroyed, along with them such key figures as Thor, Loki, Odin, Sol, Tyur, Heimdall and even the etuny monsters (Hermundand and Fenrir) died. A new cycle in history is about to begin for the children of Odin, the Torah and the Salt.
  • The picture is based on the Torah comics, where he learns about the possible destruction of Asgard and decides to prevent a catastrophe.
  • According to Kefin Fige, the third part will be the base for the storyline of the film “Avengers: War of Infinity”, which is scheduled for 2018-2019.
  • According to the comics, Ragnarok is a Torah cyborg clone. Its creators were Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Hank Pym, who made a clone during the Civil War. The real Thor died in battle.
  • Many more characters were represented in the comics: the one-armed Tyr (patron of military valor), Fenrir, Yermungand. The last two heroes are the sons of Loki. Fenrir once wants to kill Odin, but will fall from the hand of the character’s son, Vidar. And Yermungand is so big that it can surround the planet and even bite itself by the tail. He lives in the ocean and when he comes out on dry land, the sky and the world will die. Thor will kill this son, but he will also die, having passed nine steps from the released snake venom.
  • The film is the fifth chapter of the Third Phase in the Marvel fictional Universe.
  • The action in the film will unfold after the events shown in the film “The Avengers: Era of Ultron,” released in 2015.
  • According to rumors, Natalie Portman will no longer take part in the shooting.
  • This film will be a jubilee for Chris Hemsworth - he will play the Torah for the fifth time (“Thor” 2011, “The Avengers” 2012, “Thor: The Kingdom of Darkness” 2013 and Avengers: Era of Ultron ”2015).

Anyone who is looking forward to the release of this adventure tape, must hold his breath, because very soon you will be able to admire the magnificent storyline, exciting battles and beautiful characters that will be shown in the frame.

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