Movie The Avengers 4 (2019)

In the modern world there are not many people who would not have seen an exciting film epic about the "Marvel" avengers.

At the moment, three brilliant films have already been released, such as Avengers, Avengers. Age of Ultron, Avengers. The war of infinity ”, and planned to release another picture, entitled“ The Avengers 4 ″. I would like to talk about it in more detail.

The idea of ​​all the films of this saga is that people with extraordinary abilities unite in one team. In case of danger, they must fight for themselves and for humanity in the most critical situations.

release date

The year of release "Avengers 4" will definitely be the 2019th, but there is no exact date and month. But in the UK, the film is announced from April 26 of the following year, in the United States - from May 2.

In our country, the show will be organized later, the exact date has not yet been scheduled, but there is every reason to believe that in the spring of 2019 we will be able to appreciate this picture.

Cast and filmmakers

In the fourth picture of the avengers saga, such world renowned actors will be removed as:

  • Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man, the genius inventor in an iron suit, which gives him superhuman strength. The main weapon is light pulses;
  • Josh Brolin - Thanos, a titan, a villain, invulnerable, immortal, has great strength. The ability to regenerate, the connection with cosmic energy;
  • Tom Hiddleston - Loki, Thor's half brother. Taken from the Norse mythology. Strength, endurance, immunity to disease and poison. Owns black magic, werewolf;

avengers 2019 team

  • Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk, a tremendous force that increases if the Hulk is nervous. Able to run fast, despite its size, invulnerable skin;
  • Tom Holland - Spiderman, superhuman reflexes and speed, big high jumps and more. Adheres to solids, rapid healing of their wounds;
  • Chris Evans - Captain America, metabolism, strength, immunity to disease, regeneration, has superior military skills;
  • Paul Rudd - The Ant Man. Can change the size of his body, telepath in relation to insects, the skills of a thief;
  • Chris Hamsworth - Thor, king of Asgard. An experienced warrior, strategist.Strong, smart, invulnerable, manages the weather.

They say that there are Inhumans in the picture. What role is assigned to them, so far.

the avengers 4 movie 2019

The film is directed by the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo. Their previous projects were the well-known comedies “Welcome to Collinwood,” “He, me and his friends,” as well as “The First Avenger. Another war "and" First Avenger. Confrontation ”- films about Captain America, and the well-known film“ Avengers: War of Infinity ”.

The script is taken from American comics, the creators of which were Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, known to the whole world as the fathers of many of the characters from the Marvel film universe. The plotting of the storyline was entrusted to Christopher Marcus and Stephen MacPhili, known for his work in films such as The Chronicles of Narnia (all three parts), The First Avenger, and also Thor 2. The Kingdom of Darkness.

The project will produce such famous Hollywood personalities as Victoria Alonso (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok), Mitchell Bell (Avengers: Era of Ultron, Spider-Man: Return Home), John Favreau and Kevin Faigi .

avengers 4 actors

Music for the new episode of "The Avengers" will be written by the wonderful composer Alan Silvestri, familiar to us from the first part of this film saga,as well as in such films: Forrest Gump, Stuart Little, Back to the Future - 1, 2 and 3 parts, “Night at the Museum” - 1 and 2 parts, “Mission Impossible” and many other films.

It is interesting to note that the two upcoming films about “The Avengers” are filmed on IMAX cameras.

Movie plot

The battle that ensued between Thanos, the owner of the Gloves of Infinity, and superheroes, goes beyond the limits of ordinary war and is gaining universal dimensions.

avengers 4 release date

In this action movie will be shown the latest episodes of the legendary battle, and who knows which side will be the victory. Who will live on Earth and rule the universe? Everything will be decided here, in the fourth part of the cycle, about the avengers.

Interesting facts about the film

Despite the fact that the project itself was launched in 2014, the shooting began only in 2017.

Marvel decided to leave the film without its original title. The reason is simple: the people working on it cannot yet give a name to their brainchild - there is no consensus.

avengers 4 trailer

The War of Infinity is the first project of the Marvel Universe, which will be divided into two parts.

There are rumors that heroes from the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in the picture.


Surely many of you are not eager to see the premiere of one of the largest films from the marvel film universe.This desire is completely justified - the star cast and the talented team of creators must unconditionally create a stunning project.

We will be able to see their creativity and fantasy very soon. Well, in the meantime, comic book fans should get ready for equally interesting and exciting pictures about superheroes, the show of which starts as early as 2018.

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