Movie Captain Marvel (2019)

“Captain Marvel” is the first Marvel film, where the female character will be the central character of the kinocomix. The debut of Carol Denvers - is the real name of Captain Marvel - will take place in the blockbuster "Avengers: War of Infinity."

On the screens, viewers will be able to watch it in 2018. The film has been in development since May 2013. This will be 21 pictures of the cinematic universe of Marvel.

At first, the film was planned to be shown on July 6, 2018, but it was later announced that the release of the film was scheduled for March 8, 2019. Note that this date for North America, in Europe and in other countries of the film will be released later.

The plot of the new film

Unlike most of the projects of the Marvel studio, the plot action in this fantastic action movie will take place in the past, namely in the 1990s.

We are awaited by the appearance of a young Nick Fury, in whom both eyes will be sighted. The main anti-heroes of the picture will be skrulls - these are intergalactic humanoids that can turn into living organisms and objects.

Carol was promoted to Major US Air Force, then she began working on Nick Fury before the explosion of the psycho-magneton device, which triggered Danvers - a hybrid of man and Kriya.

Picture production

captain marvel movie 2019

Already in March 2013, it was known about the upcoming screenplay for the film. According to the producer Luis D’Espasito, the studio has long been considering the possibility of taking a superhero picture with women in the lead roles. In October 2014, the creators announced a preliminary release date (July 6, 2018) and since then it has already been postponed several times.

In early 2017, it became known that Marvel would start shooting his “brainchild” only in January 2018, which means that waiting for the premiere may be delayed.

The main stage of filming will take place in Fayette County, Georgia. It may be involved and other locations located in the United States. The film "Captain Marvel" is created in the format of IMAX.


Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Brie larson- Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel

Filmography: From 13 to 30 (2004) - Six Chick; Bastion (2011) - Helen; Macho and Bothan (2012) - Molly Tracy; The Passion of Don Juan (2013) - Monnic Martello; Girl without complexes (2015) - Kim; Shootout (2016) - Justine; Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Weaver et al.

Samuel L. Jackson- Nick Fury

Filmography: Jurassic Park (1993) - Ray Arnold; Coach Carter (2005) - Ken Carter; The Unthinkable (2010) - H; Arena (2011) - Logan; The Avengers (2012) - Nick Fury; Oldboy (2013) - Cheney; The killer's bodyguard (2017) - Darius Kincaid et al.

captain marvel trailer

Ben mendelsohn- the leader of the skrull (the name in the film is unknown)

Filmography: Beautiful Kate (2009) - Ned Candell; Professional (2011) - Martin; Casino Robbery (2012) - Russell; Two mothers (2013) - Herald; Exodus: Kings and Gods (2014) - Hegep governor; Walk through Mississippi (2015) - Jerry; Una (2016) - Ray et al

Jude Law- Mar-Vell

Filmography: The Rippers (2010) - Remy; Anna Karenina (2012) - Alexey Karenin; A side effect (2013) - Dr. Jonathan Banks; Black Sea (2014) - Captain Robinson; Spy (2015) - Bradley Fine; Genius (2016) - Thomas Wolfe; King Arthur's Sword (2017) - Vortigern et al.

Director and his creative team

captain marvel

The director of the film - Anna Bowden. A rather recognizable personality among foreign cinema. Throughout her career, Anna managed to make some good pictures and won the Gotham award.

Among the most recognizable paintings should be highlighted "Sugar", "Walk through Mississippi", "This is a very funny story."

Along with Bowden, Ryan Fleck is also in the director’s chair.She and Anna have been working together for a long time, and thanks to this creative tandem, the world saw the above films.

Writers - Nicole Perlman ("Guardians of the Galaxy", etc.), Meg LeFov ("Good Dinosaur", etc.) and Geneva Robertson-Dvoret ("Lara Croft", "Sirens of Gotham City", etc.)

The film was produced by Kevin Faigy, who previously worked on "Doctor Strange", "Avengers", "Thor" and other exciting films.

Interesting Facts

captain marvel movie 2019 actors

  • For the consent to become a film director, Angelina Jolie was offered $ 20 million.
  • Brie Larson is not allowed to talk about the appearance of his heroine.
  • Captain Marvel was to make her debut in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Brie Larson announced her appointment to the main role on Twitter, posting her photo and recording below him: “Call me Captain Marvel.”
  • The film will go away from the script comic, as the story is similar to the fate of the Green Lantern.
  • Captain Marvel is the strongest superhero of the film universe.
  • In April 2017 at the NBC Olympics, one of the competitors, America’s skier athlete Micaella Shiffrin, dressed in Captain Marvel’s ski suit as part of the cross-promotion of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

What to expect from the new film?

captain marvel movie release date

What do we have on the basis of the above? We are waiting for a debut in the Universe Marvel wonderful American actress Brie Larson. We will be able to see young Nick Fury without a blindfold familiar to all fans of superhero films.

We will also see a film with Jude Law in a completely new role for him. I wonder if his partner in the film Sherlock Holmes, better known to all as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., has to be invited to play Judah for the role of Mar-Vella?

Do not forget about Ben Mendelsohn. He will play a role he has never played before. It will be interesting to see how newcomers can handle their tasks.

Perhaps the only thing that causes no questions is the directors of the film. Bowden and Fleck made lots of good movies. And the most important thing is that they have been working together for a very long time, so that with mutual understanding they should be fine.

Producer Kevin Faygi has been spinning alongside Marvel for the first year; he has a lot of great films to his credit. Of course, all those who are related to this film, expect tremendous success. Perhaps this is the film that has no right to misfire and low ratings.

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