Moscow Ring Road in 2018: construction plan

Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor for Construction and Urban Planning, spoke about what changes await the Moscow Ring Road in 2018. The complex of construction works will be aimed at improving the road situation on the road section and increasing the traffic capacity. The right to develop a reconstruction project was won in the competition by the company “Mosproekt 3”. At the moment, it is known that the contract value will be approximately 633.36 million rubles.

The reconstruction project includes not only the restoration of the roadway, but also the construction of additional doublers and racks, as well as the construction of pedestrian crossings. The corresponding official announcement has already been made on the portal of the Moscow building complex.

According to the deputy mayor, work to improve the road has been carried out for more than 5 years. During this time, almost all major interchanges were reconstructed. However, in 2018, the reconstruction of certain sections of the Moscow Ring Road, which had not been touched before, was planned.The town hall has already approved a plan for the reconstruction of the ring road segment. Starting from this year, preparatory activities will be carried out at the sites to be restored. In the city at the time of work there may be big traffic jams. However, this will be only a temporary problem that will go away after the completion of construction work.

What areas are subject to reconstruction?

In total, 3 main areas were allocated, where work will be carried out not earlier than next year:

  • Segment from Volokolamskodo Leningradskoye highway. In the plan for the construction of this section of the Moscow Ring Road in 2018, city planners plan to make a side passage from the outside of the road. The length of this segment will be 5.3 kilometers. In addition, a cardinal update of the junction with the ul. Freedom and reorganization of the overpass. It is supposed to introduce innovations in the scheme of arrivals and departures from nearby areas. The left turn turn will be extended from the Leningrad highway to the external Ring Road.


  • The next section to be changed is the section of the road from Ostashkovsky to Yaroslavsky highway.City planners suggest to rebuild the interchange, located at the crossroads of the Moscow Ring Road with Ostashkovsky highway. Additionally, a side drive is planned parallel to the ring road. The length of this segment is 5.1 km.


  • The road segment from Dmitrovsky to Ostashkovsky Highway. In this segment, it is proposed to introduce innovations at the interchange at the intersection of the Altufevskoe highway and the ring road. In addition, new sidebands will be arranged. City planners are also planning the construction of transition-speed lanes. Existing ground crossings for pedestrians will not be overlooked - it is planned to repair them. The length of this section is 9.3 km. The lords of urban planners include the release of this sector from traffic jams.


Ring Road in a new guise

As a result, it is assumed the device 5 lanes in both directions. The doubles will be constructed from one to three lanes, which will act in both directions.


In total, it is planned to build about 5 km of lateral passages, four new off-street crossings. Three existing transitions await their turn for repairs.In addition, 11 artificial transportation facilities will be arranged, some of which already exist, but are subject to restoration.

There is also a device for a new rain sewage system, as well as appropriate treatment facilities. The existing street lighting system will also be amended. Throughout the sections to be reconstructed, it is planned to install systems for fixing traffic violations, including modern surveillance cameras and other devices. In some places, install noise screens. Planned and reorganization of engineering communications, which fall into the construction site.

Before the implementation of the construction activity is expected to conduct a complex of design and survey works. Their number will include geological, geodetic, environmental and geophysical studies.

Why are changes to the Moscow Ring Road in 2018 required?

In the process of reconstruction, builders will remove all segments of the road, where traffic jams are most common. Congresses for the separation of flows of vehicles are necessary for more proper organization of traffic.

The deputy mayor of Moscow said that construction work on the highway and adjacent areas would increase traffic safety.


The Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) 2018 scheme will be changed in accordance with the principle of separation of the turning movement and cars leaving the adjacent areas from the transit flow. This measure will significantly reduce traffic jams in areas of entrances and exits to the ring road from residential areas and radial roads.


Also, during the reconstruction, only major interchanges will be left, reducing the number of entry / exit points on the Ring Road, if necessary. Entrances and exits as far as possible will transfer to the side doubles, while increasing the space between them.


It is not yet known how the new scheme will be perceived by drivers of vehicles. It is likely that some of them will have their own view on the reconstruction and a vision of the future traffic situation. However, it is still too early to draw hasty conclusions. It is also not known whether the financial investments spent on construction work will ultimately pay off. The reconstruction of the ring road will show whether the plans of city planners, drivers and pedestrians will be justified.

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