Mortgage lending programs in 2018

Today, there are dozens of mortgage lending programs. The general conditions do not differ much, but some banks offer a more favorable interest rate and a smaller amount of the first installment. However, you should not rush to the first profitable option, it is necessary to examine in detail all the conditions and choose only banks with a good reputation.


Sberbank offers five mortgage options, all of which apply only to objects located in Russia:

  • purchase of finished housing;
  • purchase of housing under construction;
  • purchase of a country house;
  • refinancing mortgage lending;
  • mortgage for the military.

Requirements for borrowers are hard to call strict:

  1. From 21 years old, while at the time of returning the loan to the borrower should be 45-75 years depending on the specific program.
  2. The presence of Russian citizenship.
  3. Total work experience of at least a year in the last five years and at least six months at the last place of work.
  4. Certificate of income for the last six months (not needed by the participants of the salary project of Sberbank).

In addition, the credit history and the involvement of co-borrowers are taken into account. All loans are issued in rubles, with a maturity of up to 30 years, except for a military mortgage (up to 20 years). But for it the minimum amount is not set, while for the rest of the programs it should be at least 300,000 rubles.

The maximum amount is not more than 80% of the value of the purchased object. The mandatory conditions also include the presence of the initial payment and insurance of collateral property. All of the above affects the final interest rate. In 2018, Sberbank issues mortgage programs at 7.4-10.9%.


Mortgage Borrowers Assistance Program

Since August 2017, Sberbank has been accepting applications for participation in the state program of assistance to mortgage borrowers, created specifically for those who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

A bank can reduce the amount of debt on a loan by 30% of the loan balance, but not more than by 1.5 million rubles.

Participate in it can:

  • war veterans;
  • persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities;
  • having a child up to 24 years old, studying at a school / university / graduate school;
  • citizens with dependent minor children.

There are a number of requirements for applicants for participation in the program:

  1. Restriction on the area of ​​the apartment.
  2. The average income for the last quarter is not higher than the sum of two living wages.
  3. Mortgage framed at least a year ago.
  4. The monthly mortgage payment during its use has grown by no less than 30%.

A complete list of requirements can be found.

VTB 24

One of the shareholders of VTB 24 is the state, so it can be considered stable and reliable and take housing in a mortgage, without being exposed to risks, as is the case with little-known credit organizations.

Among the main advantages of mortgage programs VTB, can be identified:

  • possibility of early repayment;
  • a wide range of interest rates, which depends on the term and amount of the loan, the size of the down payment, the availability of insurance and much more;
  • free account maintenance and application processing.

General conditions for obtaining a loan:

  • down payment of at least 20%;
  • Russian citizenship;
  • age of the borrower is 21-65 years old;
  • certificate of income;
  • insurance;
  • seniority not less than a year.

In 2018, VTB has five mortgage lending programs with an interest rate from 9.5% to 11.5%.

The name of the program Loan rate
"More meters - less rate" from 9.5%
Refinancing from 9.7%
“Victory over formalities” from 10.7%
Military mortgage from 10.9%
Ready housing from 11.5%


The Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) works with banks: AK BARS, Zenit, GLOBEXBANK, URALSIB, Otkritie, Rost and Primsotsbank. The loan is issued for a period of up to 30 years, while the age of borrowers must be from 18 to 65 years, and the acquired property becomes a pledge.

For various categories of citizens developed several mortgage programs AHML.


Under this program, you can buy a new housing, and in the secondary market, as well as pay off already taken a mortgage. The interest rate is 9-10%, and the down payment is not less than 10%.

Buying in new building

You can get a loan only for the purchase of an apartment in houses built after 2007. Rate 7.9-11%, and the first installment - from 20%.

For military

Soldiers can count on the rate of 9.75 - 10.75%, depending on the type of housing being purchased.

assistance program for mortgage borrowers

The program "Young Family"

The mortgage program "Young Family" is designed specifically for newly married citizens no older than 35 years.In order to receive a loan under the program, spouses must queue up for better housing conditions and have an income not lower than the subsistence minimum.

The size of the subsidy is calculated separately for each region.

All program participants receive a certificate for a grant, which is 30-35%. The remaining amount can be obtained in any of the banks that provide mortgages "young family."

To enter the program, you need to prepare documents that confirm the amount of wages, the amount of money in the account, business income (if it is carried out) and receiving alimony (in the case of an incomplete family). We also need documents on expenditures: the amount of alimony paid, loans, rent for housing and utilities.

We should also mention the program, approved at the end of 2017, it gives you the opportunity to get a mortgage at only 6%. Russian families can take part in it, in which the second, third child was born in 2018. You can use such a mortgage only for an apartment in new buildings or for refinancing an existing mortgage loan.

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